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Zion  (also transliterated SionTzion or Tsion) is a place name often used as a synonym for Jerusalem.[1][2] The word is first found in Samuel II, 5:7 dating to c.630-540 BCE. It commonly referred to a specific mountain near Jerusalem (Mount Zion), on which stood a Jebusite fortress of the same name that was conquered by David and was named the City of David. The term Tzion came to designate the area of Jerusalem where the fortress stood, and later became a metonym for Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, the city of Jerusalem and generally, the World to Come.

In Kabbalah the more esoteric reference is made to Tzion[3] being the spiritual point from which reality emerges, located in the Holy of Holies of the FirstSecond and Third Temple.

The most commonly known term is “Zionism”, which refers to 19th Century movement for the migration of Jews worldwide, back to the land of Palestine (Biblical Israel); see the following Wikipedia extract.

The term "Zionism" coined by Austrian Nathan Birnbaum, was derived from the German rendering of Tzion in his journal Selbstemanzipation (Self Emancipation) in 1890.[13]Zionism as a political movement started in 1897 and supported a 'national home', and later a state, for the Jewish people in Palestine. The Zionist movement declared the re-establishment of its State of Israel in 1948, following the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine. Since then and with varying ideologies, Zionists have focused on developing and protecting this state.

While Zionism is based in part upon Torah mitzvot linking the Jewish people to the Biblical land of Israel, the modern movement is largely secular. Indeed, until 1967 the Tzion of the Tanakh (the Old City of Jerusalem) was not even within the boundaries of Israel (although Mount Zion itself, was).

The modern Jewish opinion of the site is shown in the following Wikipedia extract:

Today, Mount Zion refers to a hill south of the Old City’s Armenian Quarternot to the Temple Mount.  This apparent misidentification dates from the Middle Ages, when Christian pilgrims mistook the relatively large, flat summit (the highest point in Ancient Jerusalem which has since been identified by archaeologists as the Roman Fort of Antionia) for the original site of the Jewish Temple. The Dormition Church is located upon the hill currently called Mount Zion.

However, whatever the various adoptions and annexations of the term by humans and by the Enemy, only what Almighty God’s Plans and actions mean from Scripture have any lasting veracity and effect for human kind, and God’s Plans of Redemption for both his people Israel and His Son’s people, the Body of Christ!

As has been seen from the extract at the beginning above, the battle is spiritual between the Almighty and Satan; and therefore what God states, Satan will counterfeit, hence Satan’s Mount Hermon (Sirion, or Sion, a Nephilim area Deut. 3:9)!

The fact remains that in the culmination of the Great Tribulation (Rev. 7:14), God states that “for Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace” (Isa. 62:1), and also at the time of His vengeance against His, and Israel’s enemies it will be “the year of recompense for the controversy of Zion” (Isa. 34:8, 63:1-6, 2:10-22 & Rev. 19:11-21)!

The “controversy” God referred to, is that which has been under way since He cursed Satan in Gen. 3:14, and promised him that he would be defeated in Gen. 3:15, by none other than the “woman’s seed”!  That seed was Mary the mother of Jesus, God’s “Only Begotten Son”. That Promise, and the ones that followed in Israel’s history; regarding Israel’s glorious future, the Promised Land borders, Jerusalem, and their future standing in the world; are all part of the “controversy” which Satan constantly ferments!  All these will be resolved in the final actions of Jehovah Zebaoth in Christ Messiah Jesus: see: Wrath of God;


The following is an extract from www.revelationsmessage.co.uk. Chapter 14:1.

V. 1   And I saw, lo, (a)The Lamb standing on the (b)Mount Sion, and (a)with Him an (a)hundred forty and four thousand, (c)having His name and (c)His Father's name written (c)on their foreheads.

(a) "The Lamb"; unfortunately, the Church of England again diminish the original in the Authorised Version, by changing to "a Lamb", which could mean anything!  The intent of the Holy Spirit was/is to convey "The" Lamb, (Str. Interlinear number 721).  The origin of the meaning through various levels is, "a male, strong to lift or raise".  It is interesting that the Authorised renders, "a Lamb", the N.I.V., the Lamb both with a capital L, but both without the definite article The Lamb.  The Interlinear has Lamb without the definite article, but in the vernacular Greek used, the word (721) means the above.  There is only One, which is The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the World, (John 1:29 & 36); and Who also was found worthy to open the seals of the scroll in the sole timing of Jehovah Zebaoth (Rev. 5:9).

"With Him an hundred forty and four thousand"; (see: Rev. 7:3-8) (144,000), the number we know is made up of 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel (12 x 12,000).  The number 12 in Scripture means "Governmental Perfection", (App. 10 Comp.).  Here there is 12 x 12 = 144, which could indicate extreme governmental perfection (or ultimate governmental perfection), which can only mean Government by Almighty God is about to begin.

This therefore confirms that which was stated in Chapter (1:10) "in the LORD'S DAY", (as opposed to the day of man, which is the present case).  An interesting aspect to this grouping is that they are "With Him"!  They are all male (Rev. 7:4, where the Greek word "Huios", is son, or male, [Str. 5207]).  There is a parallel to be drawn with King David's "Adullam", group (1Sam. 22:1, 1Sam. 23:13, 1Chron. 11:15 & Micah 1:15), so called, being a cave in enemy territory (Nephilim), and just prior to David attaining power.  But certainly a parallel can be drawn with David's early companions in arms (1Sam. 21), in light of V.4(a) where ceremonial cleanliness in David's men was required to be allowed the priests bread!  (Shew bread) (1Sam. 21:1-6).  It is clear from our Lord's statement in Matt. 12:3-6, when the Pharisees criticised His 12 disciples He referred them to 1Sam. 21:4, and by implication to Exodus 28:36-38, Lev. 15:15-30, and Lev. 24:9, which confirms the priestly function, the separation, and the (Holiness = separation) of the Names on the foreheads of the 144,000.

The Lord's statement about Himself in Matt. 12:6 - 8 stated the Truth about His person, and the importance of the grouping, of Himself and His disciples, (see Rev. 14:4, and compare with 1Sam. 21:1-6).  The importance of being in a state of ceremonial cleanness for a priestly function, such as that by David, and his men; our Lord and his disciples and in Rev. 14:4 by the 144,000 with The Lamb, is essential in the plan and work of Jehovah Zebaoth towards the undoing of the work of Satan in the Garden of Eden and Satan’s original rebellion.

This shows that a great work is about to be accomplished with Christ leading the change/battle!

Eve's was the first sin in this present human Creation, Gen. 3:13, but Adam's is the responsibility, Gen. 3:17, (as that is the order of things God required); so that the persuasive effect of Eve upon Adam, and the weakness of Adam regarding Eve must be dealt with for the re-establishment of the order of Jehovah Zebaoth to be established upon the Earth; which Satan successfully reversed at the Garden of Eden!  See: Eve and Adamand see note V4.

The Apostle Paul's teaching on this subject showed the mind of Christ as regards the male and female roles, and will be the case in the Millennial period.  This is mentioned only to illustrate the Lord's statement above re. Himself and His disciples, and the ceremonial cleansing of the 144,000 male servants.

When the Lamb and His 144,000 start their work all the order will start to be established, as it is in Heaven, i.e. first Jehovah God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, second man, third woman, then children, followed by animals.  (This not to be confused with the position of men and women in Christ, who are ‘one’ before Him).

The Davidic example projects through to Rev. 14:1, where the "end time", grouping of Christ and His representative 12 (12,000 x 12) are stated, preparing and prepared for the purpose of Jehovah Zebaoth about to be enacted.  As we know from Scripture that Christ is "great David's greater Son”, (Num. 24:17, Zech. 6:12-13, 2 Peter 1:19 & Rev. 22:16), and in Rev. 14:1 is here poised for action to take Jerusalem and rule.

The Davidic account in Sam., Chron., and King's is significant, which of course His Greater Son will perform perfectly, to His Father's Will.  In Matt. 12:6, Jesus refers to Himself as "greater than the Temple", meaning that He is the Anointed One, The Christ, The One who is to come.  Here, Jehovah Zebaoth in Christ is about to change the whole world, starting in Jerusalem.

(b)"Mount Sion"; Sion, or Zion (both spellings are used) is synonymous for or with Jerusalem, (one definition of "Zion," is "Stronghold"). There is dispute as to the actual location of Zion.  In the Old Testament, it is the easternmost of the two hills of ancient Jerusalem, the site of the Jebusite city captured by David in the 10th century B.C. (2Sam. 5:6-9).  Also certainly refers to "the stronghold of Zion", (2Sam. 5:7) taken by David and established as his royal capital.  

Josephus possibly/probably mistakenly, identified Zion as the western hill (1st cent. A.D.), this opinion remained until 19th/20th century, when the eastern hill was re-established (modern Ophel).  It was not included in the 16th century fortifications; and it is not known if Herod used the original Temple site, when he rebuilt and raised the Temple by 30 ft!

The actual site has huge significance for the future, as is seen from this verse alone.  It is the true site of the "shining forth in Glory", (HEB. YAPHA) of the Promised One (Deut. 33:2) which corresponds with "Maranatha" (1Cor. 16:22).

The Law was given by God Almighty on Mt. Sinai (“HOREB”), the Law and the Prophets will be fulfilled by Messiah/Christ Jesus at His return (Deut. 33:2).

The antithesis to this from Satan was/is Sion (Deut. 4:48), (Mt. Hermon) which was/is a sacred site to Satanic paganism, propagated by Canaanites (Nephilim), (Num. 21:33 & Deut. 3:1-13).  The Nephilim were of large stature, 9' to 13' or more tall, and the tomb size is shown in Deut. 3:11, and testified in Deut. 3:13, "the land of the giants".  The certain fact that they had spread from Babylon is shown by the tombs of the Marduk kings in Babylon, which were of the same size as Deut. 3:11.  Babylon as is well known was founded by Nimrod, whose father was Cush and grandfather Ham!  Nimrod was "great in rebellion against God", (Gen. 10:9), (the word "before", Str. Hebrew 6440 can be either; "the face that turns", is from the Strongs number 6437, "to turn", "to face up to", "to turn aside / away", "turn the back", "turn the face", "turn the self", or as chosen by the translators, "before".  Both are prepositional, but the context of Nimrod's story gives the sense, i.e., he was a great rebel against Jehovah, and in great sin in his life in the face of Jehovah.  He and his mother were founders of false "religion" in Babylon.  (Nimrod's mother is reputed to have altered the "Heavenly message", and created the Zodiac/Nimrod/Nephilim & Connections: Rev. Chp. 14:1(b), of which there is a copy in the Temple at Dendera in Egypt.  She is also reputed to have treated Nimrod as her husband sexually)!  Babylon became the fountainhead of Satanic opposition to Jehovah God, until its destruction, and the removal of its priests to Pergamos (Anatolia).

It was inevitable that the  Nephilim;/giants would resist the children of Israel (Jacob), when they started their conquest of "the Promised Land".  By that time the Nephilim had blended into other tribes and peoples, and a thorough mix had been established.  For that reason Jehovah forbad Israel any inter-marriage with the Canaanite tribes (Canaan was the son of Ham and uncle to Nimrod Gen. 10:6), which would have thwarted the Messiah line from Genesis. 

Nephilim are the fruit of "the sons of God", (ha-Elohim = the Creator), or fallen angels (Gen. 6:4) & (Rev. 12:4 & 9) which have mated with "the daughters of men", (Gen. 6:2), and had they succeeded in spreading their seed totally in men/Israel, the promise of Messiah (Gen. 3:15) could not have happened, and Satan would have had the victory.  (There is much debate and varied opinion, as to whether the resultant Nephilim/giants are of "sons of God", or fallen angels.  The Interlinear Hebrew uses the word "God", in the delegated sense [Str. 430], which should be spelt with a small g (god), which can mean an "authority", lower than Elohim [God], which brings in to play; angel, created being, etc.  The Interlinear Hebrew for "the son", (Str. 1121) (BEN) is the word "family builder", which implies just that possibility in these "sons of God")!

However, the result is evil.  Therefore is not of the will of Almighty God, but does show the fact of the FREE-WILL of the created being, whether "sons", or angels.   In the view of the writers the Hebrew Interlinear "son", which is followed by most of the translations, except Moffatt (James) is certainly correct; as they were not led by the Holy Spirit in their act of procreation but by the spirit of the Enemy of God, Satan!  That is in contrast to Rom. 8:14, which confirms that those led by the Holy Spirit ("Spirit of God"), are "the sons of God"; so that God in Christ has created a pathway contrary to that of the fallen sons of Gen. 6!, which allows fallen human beings to become "sons of God", by their own will, in the acceptance of Christ, as Saviour, (Jn. 1:12), (Rom. 8:4 & 19), (Phil. 2:15) & (1Jn. 3:1 & 2). 

Genesis 6:4 shows clearly that after the flood destroyed all the Nephilim infiltrated humans, leaving Noah and his family only; there was at a later date a further eruption of Nephilim “and also after the flood”.  These are described in detail in Num. 13:33, and in the book of Joshua.

It is notable that on a number of occasions the Divinely ordered task of annihilating the Nephilim was not completed i.e. Josh. 11:22, 13:13, 16:10 & 17:12 and elsewhere.  That the task was probably never completed is implicit in the renewed warning to Israel regarding the forbidding of intermarriage with the local tribes, Josh. 23.  It is almost certain that both King Saul and King David also did not eradicate Nephilim, as both failed to obey the commands of Jehovah.  Although David’s heart was directed correctly, as Scripture records as he slew Goliath (a Nephilim), that is probably symbolic and prophetic regarding The Son of David’s action when He (Christ) returns to Earth.

Whether or not physical Nephilim survive until this day in smaller form is unknown, and impossible to determine at the present time. However, when we recognise that the Nephilim purpose was to thwart Jehovah’s plan of Salvation for Israel and the world, the fact that “great David’s greater Son", "the Second Adam”, Christ has appeared, died the death of the cross (Gal. 3:13), and risen, shows the utter failure of the physical Nephilim.

We know now that in this Age (of Grace), the battle is spiritual (Eph. 6:1).  Those who truly wish to embrace God and Redemption can only do so through Christ (Acts 4:12) and that through faith only (Gal. 2:20) & (Gal. 3).

The Nephilim were/are the Satanically inspired fruit of fallen beings, who attempted to thwart the physical birth of Christ/Messiah.  The current attempt of Satan is twofold;

1) To thwart the spiritual birth of the Body of Christ (Christians true), which Body must be complete prior to the Lord’s return (and, in the opinion of the writers, probably during Israel’s Lo-Ammi state), which confirms that now is a spiritual warfare.

2) To thwart the promises of Jehovah Zebaoth to Israel.

To that end spiritual forces are arrayed against mankind (Eph. 6:12) (particularly Gentiles since Acts 28:28). These Satanic forces are the equivalent of the physical Nephilim, and as deadly.  

As the Nephilim were/are a mixture of human flesh and Satanic spirit, the same applies today, and are described in the Gospels and other parts of the New Testament (Matt. 10:1, Mk. 1:27, Mk. 3:11, 5:13, Mk. 6:7, Lk. 4:36, Acts 5:16, 8:7 & Rev. 16:13).  

It is a sad fact that people have high regard for wizards, mediums etc., (Acts 8:11 and Acts 8:9-24), but as the Holy Spirit shows in Acts 8:21-24, there is only one way of escape for such people, Simon had to acknowledge his error, repent of it, and request prayer for release. That was prior to Acts 28:28, and as shown below, there is a change.  Therefore, it is incumbent on Christians to be wary of all humans, to attempt to determine their true condition, many people are difficult to assess as regards their true position re. our Great Enemy, whether they are his by default or decision!

The definitive text on this subject is Leviticus 19:31, "regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards to be defiled by them": Dr. Bullinger's comments on this verse is crucial. "Familiar spirits are evil spirits personating dead humans, and attach themselves to mediums or those that give their wills to them".  Once that exposure takes place, the only way of escape for the individual is:

1) acknowledgement of the fact of possession,

2) a genuine desire for release,

3) their own prayer for the power of Jesus The Christ to remove the possessing spirits.

People who take these steps are usually ill, disturbed, and sometimes violent, or a combination of these expressions, but the result is wonderful release. There are groups in the world that say they can do the releasing for a person, this is certainly false, and puts the subject person into greater bondage, human and Satanic. That particular power ceased at Acts 28:28, when the Administration (Age) changed, due to the final rejection of Christ by the Jewish hierarchy.

The great danger and tragedy with young people and children, is that Satan can begin the ensnarement and possession by various means (such as Ouija Boards, drugs, people and perversions of all kinds etc.), which/who are empowered by him (Satan, as prince of this world).  These people then go on into the world, taking their places in society, and by their own problem backgrounds create and expand the problems mentioned.  Others are cognisant agents of Satan, who can rally others when required.

The last verse of the book of Zechariah is conclusive, "there shall be no more Canaanite in the house of Jehovah Zebaoth".  Also, in Zech. 13:2 idols, prophets and unclean spirits are banished (presumably to the same abyss as Satan).  This takes place after the return of Christ/Jehovah, and as the Millennial Kingdom is established.  It is considered (Ency. Brit. N. p. 232) that Christ the "Nazarene", is also under a Nazarene/Nazarite Vow, yet to be completed when the Canaanite is eliminated.  

The Holy Spirit through John is lucid on the Antichrist, and particularly 1Jn. 2:18-28, see also (2Thess. 2:3-12), (1Jn.4:2-3), (1Jn. 4:6), (1Jn. 5:19) & (2Jn. 7), where "the last time", (i.e. this last Age time) is described in detail.  In both 1 and 2 John, the conditions described are recognisable now by true Christians.  The spirit of Antichrist is in every part of human life, and its profanity is evident continually around us, in all media, communications and contact, and unfortunately in false christian teaching world-wide. 

NOTE (31/7/17) 

The Ottomans Turkey were part of the German 'Axis' in the 1914-18 war, and as their southern flank, was crucial to the outcome.  Allenby gave his support for the state of Israel together with Winston Churchill, and T.E. Lawrence.  It is not generally known that Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), was so involved with this effort, as so much of his life is unknown, due in part to many of his roles for the Government. Government Papers released so far show his very active role in attempting to establish a 'State of Israel with Churchill and Allenby'.  Allenby commented that "without Lawrence's efforts with the Arabs during the 1914-18 war, we could not have won"!

The historian Sir Martin Gilbert stated of Lawrence "he was a serious Zionist".

Thus the 1914-18 war paved the way for the 1948 League of Nation's sanction of the 'Jewish State', and the events still current leading from the temporal State, to that of the one of prophecy!  

Note April 2020

Zion, is at the forefront of world politics and since 2018, and the USA established its Embassy in Jerusalem, all Israel’s enemies have raised their efforts to frustrate and stop any further progress in Israel’s National Establishment.  To this end, the PLA (Palestinian Authority) have secured the UN, and the International Court of the Hague, to try to frustrate all Israel’s legitimate purposes by a so called “International Law”; totally ignoring the 1920 San - Remo agreement and protocol; and the UN’s 1948 sanction of the State of Israel.

The eventual outcome of this impasse can only be when the last 7 years of Gabriel’s Prophecy to Daniel, see: The 490 years Prophecy given to Daniel by Gabriel has elapsed, and Messiah Christ Jesus has dealt with all Israel’s enemies, prior to His Millennial Reign on Earth (see: Isa. 34)!


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