Why Lucifer became Satan!

An important comment is needed at this time, as there is so much non-understanding, and miss-understanding on the very important point regarding the origin of sin, death, and degradation and ruin in the Universe! 

The Bible (the authentic Word of God); speaks of “the Mystery of Iniquity” (2Thess. 2:7); but what is taught in Churches and “Christian Groups” does not give understanding to people, and usually makes them feel more guilty and confused, and increases the weekly take in the “collection”; instead of knowing their true position in Christ Jesus; if He is in their hearts! 

Many priests and teachers labour the fall of Eve and Adam, and state correctly that their fall instigated death into the Eden Creation.  What most teachers do not show (even if they know it) is that the originator of all sin in the Universe, is Lucifer (now renamed Satan which means “Adversary”)! 

Lucifer’s sin was to rebel against his loving Creator and his desire became “to be as God”; i.e. to usurp God and to take God’s position in the entire Universe.  

What is not taught, is that Satan did not have a tempter to take him to oppose God; he rebelled by his own willand by his own pride (Ezk. 2813-16), and because of that he cannot be redeemed!  He is unswervingly opposed to his loving Creator, Almighty God (see: Ultimate  Love)! 

However, that is not the case with Adam and Eve, as they were tempted by Satan to eat of the fruit of one tree in Eden which had been forbidden by God; “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” (Gen. 2:16-17).  (See: Eve and Adam).  

This places all humanity following Adam and Eve in the position of being tempted by Satan to sin in their life time; which all people will! 

However, Almighty God in the form of Christ Jesus has made a way of escape from the consequences of sin (death) which He imposed in Eden!  He (in the form of Jesus the Christ) deliberately placed Himself between death and Satan; and became “The Sacrificial Lamb” of God for the purpose of saving from death all people who by ‘their free-will’ look upon Him as their Saviour, by the Salvation offered on the Cross of Calvary, in approx. AD 30 (Matt. 27:32-56 & see Old Testament precursor example; Num. 21:8-9)!  

Satan cannot be saved in the Love and Grace of God, because he became Evil and developed evil continually deeper and deeper on Earth; and constantly tries to blame Almighty God for evil; in the minds of humans worldwide!

He has even been joined by many of God’s angels, (one third of all Heavenly Creation); who will all be judged by God in the future; in his evil effort; (see: Satanic SPIRITUAL Strongholds!). 

A major strategy of Satan over the history of mankind, is to use false objects of worship and myths to bring them low, and keep them low, and therefore to exclude them from God’s plan of Salvation in Christ!

In this planning and effort, aided by his demons etc., he uses false religions, secret Societies, etc., to try to block out God’s Truth from mankind!

This was the purpose behind the selection of Abram in Ur, who would eventually produce the Nation of Israel; who even in their failure and dispersion, fitted the long term Plan of God!  (See: "Why Israel"? ).

A comparatively recent development in Satan’s organisation is the now worldwide grouping called “New Age”; which has spread its tentacles into mainstream Religion of all Denominations, and most if not all secret Societies.  It teaches that “Salvation” is not needed (therefore voids God and Christ’s Plan and Works); and that Satan is “misunderstood” and abused, and they are working to rehabilitate him.

They teach that there is “no death”, only transition to “other states”; in the “Age to Come”; with “elevation” to higher levels for the “blessed”!

Much information can be gleaned on Google; and Inplainsite.org./html/new age.html.

So; a major part of the outcome of Christ Jesus’ self-sacrifice as the “Second Adam” (1Cor. 15:22), is the defeat and demise of Satan (Rev. 20:10), which is where all the trouble started; and by whom evil, sin, and death entered the human world. 

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