Note:  Here we should remind ourselves as per previous comments there is much dispute about the term Earth (Greek Ge, country, Earth, ground, land, world), which leads to the constant question as to whether the events related refer to Israel only or the world's Nations or both.  Context often gives sufficient clue for conclusion as to appropriate meaning, however not always.  It is the writers opinion that it is sometimes very difficult to differentiate as to exact meaning, which often results in different opinions depending on depth of knowledge of Scripture generally, and prayerful effort.  As can be seen in Chapter 13 there is a clearly logical possibility that both country and world are right at different times. 

If the opinion is held that "The Day of the Lord" is not just one day, but a period of time (which is the writers view); then quite easily there could be an overlap of the wrath of  God on Earth, and the "Jacob's Trouble" imposed on Israel by Satan.  Some commentators opine that the 3½ year Tribulation on Israel is simultaneous with God's wrath on the Nations, and also that this may be "The Day of the Lord!"  

Special note (July 2015 and Aug. 2018) on v16(b). 


V.1   And the 5th angel sounded, and I saw a (a)star fall from Heaven unto the (b)Earth; and to (c)him was given the key of the (d)pit of the abyss.

(a)  "Star";  The  4th angel Chp. 8:12, gave dire warning.  This "star", seems not to be in the same rank as the trumpet sounding angels, (some commentators think this is Satan; but he is hardly likely to imprison himself)!  Also, all these events are Heavenly events, and servants; however the "star", in the translation is Str. 792, with roots in 4766, 4731 & 2476, with the meaning of "positioning", "strong", "steadfast", "sure", "solid", "to stand", "appoint", "bring", "establish", "Covenant", "hold up", "set up".  These qualities do not, to the mind of the writers describe the great Enemy of Almighty God, and clearly relate to a reliable, faithful and loving servant!  Also, this angel is entrusted with the “Key” of Satan’s future prison!  

A further comment on the word “fall” (or KJV “fallen”), is that Strongs number 4098 has one meaning amongst others of “to bow down”; which to the writers is the pertinent meaning here, i.e. the angel is bowing to the wishes and order of Jehovah; (in the contrary to Satan in his fall)!

However, it/he, is deported to:

(b)  Earth for a specific purpose, and awaited the blast of trumpet of the 5th angel within the 7th seal, therefore all he is about to do is pre-determined, by Almighty God (Jehovah Zebaoth)!

(c)  "Him"; male gender!

(d)  "Pit of the abyss"; the "key", given to this male personage/servant, which unlocks, a place of  hitherto untold terrors.  One has to remind oneself frequently that these are under the control of Jehovah Zebaoth, (God of all the world’s people), and have been released by the "Lamb".  For them to be released on mankind generally indicates the utter depraved level that humankind has reached in all aspects, and particularly in the rejection of Jehovah, Christ and Israel.

It should be emphasised here, that in the opinion of the writers; these horrors are not destined for Christ’s Body, the true Church; but for rebellious mankind that is still alive.  See later comments and earlier comments re. the “translation” (removals) from Earth. 

V.2   And he opened the pit of the abyss; and there arose a (a)smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of  the great furnace; and the (b)sun and air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.  

V.3   And there came out of the smoke (c)locusts upon the Earth; and unto them was given power, as the (d)scorpions of the Earth have power. 

(a)  "Smoke"; ominous omen.  Remaining humans will be terrified of this omen. 

(b)  "Sun - darkened"; as usual this terrifies the population, and as in the Lord's words in Matt. 24:29 & Joel 2:31; and elsewhere, are the definite signs of the events prophesied. 

(c)   "Locusts"; always associated in Scripture with plague, terror, invasion, often of Israel due to their lack of fidelity to Jehovah in the Old Testament accounts!  In this case these things appear to be released on Gentiles worldwide; and are God’s retribution on rebellious mankind.  

(d)   "Scorpions"; known worldwide for its obnoxious appearance and its venomous sting, in some cases fatal.  In this expression, they are as numerous as a scourge of locusts, which when flying can blot out the light of the Sun!  And when feeding, leave no food behind!  

V.4   And it was said to them that they should not (a)hurt the (b)grass of the Earth, neither any green thing, neither any (b)tree; but those (c)men which have not the seal of God upon their foreheads.  

V.5  And to them it was given that they should (d)not kill them, but that they should be tormented (e)five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when it striketh a man. 

(a)   "Hurt"; clearly, their purpose is to hurt and terrorise.  (Grass however is the most basic source of life support)!

(b)   "Grass"; "tree": Locusts leave nothing green or edible behind.  We know from earlier passages that only 2/3 of trees remain.  The grass by now clearly had regenerated, whereas trees take many years.  This may give a clue to the time intervals between the trumpet sounds.  (Greek for “Earth”, can mean country, land, place etc.  Here from context the whole Earth is in prospect)!

(c)   "Men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads".  This intended to show that the object of the assault are all mankind (some say Israel only) other than the 144,000 Jews of the 12 tribes of Israel Chp. 7, and those that resist the mark of the Beast!!  

(d)   "Not kill"; "torment": The fact of the order to torment only and not to kill, clearly shows an attempt to coerce and punish the recipients; and for them to ask the question; why? 

(e)   "Five months"; the number 5 in Scripture represents grace!  Some would find that ironic, however, the coercive attempt is towards accepting all the message of Jehovah to mankind in the Bible; to show that after all God does exist!.  

V.6   And in these days shall men seek death and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and (a)death shall flee from them.  

(a)  "Death shall flee from them"; one of the supreme arrogances of man is his delusion that he controls his destiny and the things in life that affect.  In this verse suicide is not possible, as Jehovah Zebaoth has the only right and power to give life, and to remove it, (Job 1:21).  Normally now men and women do not welcome death, but such will be their discomfort, that they will seek it.  The current arrogance is that people should control their own decease, and that there is nothing after.  The events of Revelation will clear away that myth, and re-establish the knowledge of God Almighty, and His order on Earth; which has been under attack by Satan and his forces since Eden; (and almost certainly prior to Eden in Heaven and elsewhere).  

V.7   And the (a)likeness of the locusts were like unto horses prepared for war; and on their heads (b)crowns like gold, and their faces as the faces of (c)men.   

V.8   And they had hair as (d)woman, and (e)teeth of lions. 

(a)  "The likeness"; much commentary on Revelation attributes allegory to these and similar verses.  The actual full meaning will not be known until the events.  However, much may be gleaned now, otherwise it would not be written, as is the case of the 3rd woe.  They are "like horses prepared for war", i.e. they have warlike purpose, as they are "out of the abyss", the assumption is they are servants of Satan, (see v11) (demons), their role is to torment for "5 months only".  

(b)  They have "crowns" i.e. authority to act from higher auspices.  

(c)  They have "faces of men", so they may be recognisable as humans!  (Possibly male and female). 

(d)  "Hair as woman"; either perversely attractive, or against the natural order of man/woman; 

(e)  "Teeth of lions", (Satan described by Peter as "a roaring lion").  

Clearly for 5 months very dangerous, powerful beings, designed for torment of ordinary human beings, possibly under the control of Satan.  Whether they link to the later satanic tyranny of the "mark of the beast", time will tell.  They may be spirits, entering men and women, as shown by the Gospel accounts, or they may be actual beings.   Whichever; they drive men and women to desire death; but for 5 months God will not allow that to happen (see: V.6a).  

V.9   And they had (a)breast plates, as it were of iron; and the sound of their wings, was as the sound of (b)chariots of many horses running to battle. 

(a)  "Breast plates of iron"; indestructible protection.  There is the possibility that as iron is mentioned, that modern armoured vehicles are being described; or that as “occupying spirits they have a Satan backed immunity during the 5 months of their power"! 

(b)  "Chariots", "sound"; the frightening sound of this multitude will be part of the total terror.  Again some Commentators feel that this verse refers to modern warfare and armaments; but the “occupying Satanic spirit” possibility, with the accompanying “atmosphere” that evil can generate may be the reality.  

V.10   And they had tails like (a)scorpions, and their sting was in their tails; and their power is to hurt men 5 months. 

(a)  Scorpions are ranked in Scripture alongside serpents (Heb. NACHASH) (Deut. 8:15).  They are to be feared and avoided, as the "fiery serpents”.  Used as a form of torture (1Kings 12:11-14) & (2Chron. 10:11-14).  A multi-tailed knotted and leaded whip also called "the scorpion", used on our Lord (Matt. 27:26).  In this torture, the victim is tied naked to a short post in the ground by both hands and both feet.  They were then lashed with the scorpion, which often laid bare the rib- cage, many people never recovering.  

In our Lord's case, the strips are borne for many (Isa. 53:5) & (1Peter 2:24).   

They are objects of fear, (Ezk. 2:6).  Scorpions related to the power of the Enemy and to spirits, see (Luke 10:19); and above comments!  

V.11   And they have a king over them, the (a)angel of the abyss, whose name in (b)Hebrew is ABADDON, in the (c)Greek APOLLYON. 

(a)   "Angel of the Abyss"; is their king, the fact that he has a Hebrew name indicates his antiquity, and the fact of his activity against the Jews in earlier history.  His Hebrew name 

(b)   "ABADDON"; means destroyer, or destroying angel; or destruction.  

(c)    His Greek name "APOLLYON"; means destroyer or SATAN.  

V.12    One woe is past; behold, there come two woes yet more.  

V.13   And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard one voice from the four (a)horns of the (b)golden Alter which is before God. 

(a)  The Alter has 4 horns, the number 4 denotes reference to material creation (App. 10), pertaining to Earth, "to things under the Sun", and things terrestrial.  Its combination (3 + 1) and (2 + 2), 3 denoting "completeness", and also "Resurrection"!  One denotes "unity and commencement", which was illustrated in Genesis, and will be again in the future Ages.  (2 + 2), 2 denotes difference if in disagreement.  However, if in agreement "testimony is conclusive", (App. 10).  As it is obvious that the Father (Jehovah) and the Son (Christ) are in agreement, the one voice corresponds interestingly to the oneness of Zech. 14:9!   

Coming from the Incense Alter, (see next comment) adds huge force to the coming events.  So the Earth number 4 (horns) on the incense Alter, embodied for the Jews in the past the Atonement, and in the future Resurrection and new beginning.  The fact that this Alter was positioned in the Tabernacle and later the Temple "in the Holy Place", with the veil between it and the "Most Holy Place", and also that incense was offered twice daily (frankincense and myrrh), (symbolic of the future death of Christ); and also that the "prayer of the saints", was intermingled with the incense (Rev. 8:4), illustrates graphically the sanctity to the Father of this whole symbol.  It is a fact that the future Millennial Temple will not have an Incense Alter (Ezk), as God is dwelling physically in Jerusalem therefore contact will be local!  It is also a fact that Christ and the Father (Jehovah) are to together in the future Temple, "and their Name shall be ONE"(Zech. 14:9).  Since Christ's death, the veil between the Holy, and Most Holy Place has been removed, which is still the condition of this Age in which we live, and in Heaven, the Golden Alter is "before God"!   We see from V.13, that the voice from the horns is one, which the writers think is the voice of the Father and Son in unity.  We see that from the following verses that instead of Atonement, refuge and help, the horns (which also denote power)! are about to order an event! 

(b)  This "Golden Alter"; (see notes Ch. 8 V.5) is of the Heavenly original of the Tabernacle copy.  The horns on the copy received the once a year sin Atonement by the High Priest (Ex. 30:10).  The one voice of the horns is almost certainly the ultimate sin offering of the "Lamb of God".  They originally represented help, refuge and atonement (Ex. 25:2, & Ex. 27:2-3), but as shown below and above something has changed.  (See:  The Kingdom Age:  &  The Jewish Temple's Purpose and Meaning).  

V.14   Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, (a)"Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river (b)Euphrates".   

V.15   And the (c)four angels were loosed, which had been prepared for the hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, in order to (d)slay the third part of men. 

(a)  The four angels bound; these angels may not be of Heaven, according to some commentators, but of the fallen ones of earlier Ages, described in Scripture.  We know from various references that many angels are bound for later judgement by Jehovah / Christ, (2Pet. 2:4), (seeAngels and Demons!).

These four however are bound "on the Euphrates", for a special purpose.  All of the fallen angels (those that followed Satan have the purpose of destroying humankind from Adam), and in this case in point, their great malevolence maybe held in store by God for His purpose.  However, they are probably angels of service to Jehovah, who have been holding back great forces of evil.

As we have seen earlier, the great sacrfice of Jehovah in Christ has brought to naught all the workings of Satan, and the great symbol of that work is the golden incense Alter, which is "before God",  (V.13).  That great completed work brings for the second time the release of the wrath of God on the Nations of the world (Rev. 14:19), which could not have been previous in time until Christ Jesus had died and Risen!  The Son had to become The Atonement for many, the number of the Gentiles had to be complete in the Body of Christ, (Rom. 11:25) (some pre. Acts 28:28, some post Acts 28:28 with differing inheritance) (Acts 15:17) & (Rom. 11:25). Heavenly Creation had to witness the Perfect Love of the Father in Christ, (Eph. 3:10).  All of this brought to culmination the perfect order from the horns of the Golden Alter to release the angels, and the wrath of Jehovah God to Earth, on unrepentant, and evil mankind. 

Many people are disturbed by the thought of a loving God releasing such horror (wrath) on the Nations of the world.  Many teachers try to reassure people that Israel is the intended target.  

In the opinion of the writers that is not correct understanding, in the light of the rest of the Bible; the fact is that God will punish the Gentile Nations.  Also, many teachers do not believe the Bible anyway, and teach a mix of tradition and their own opinion.  They would accuse the writers of the same.  However, we trust the Bible and the Holy Spirit alone, and will not write or say anything regarding Scripture of which we are not truly, and prayerfully convinced.   

In that understanding, the Words in Jer. 46:10 says explicitly, referring to the Revelation period, "this is the Day of Jehovah Zebaoth (this title of God only used in the Bible when He is dealing with the whole of His Creation), a Day of vengeance".   In verse 46:1 the meaning is clear, it is against the Gentiles. 

The Gentiles in point here in this reference in Jer. 46 are the adjacent Gentile Nations who have been so problematic for Israel historically.  Genetically and in terms of opposing Religions, these Nations in effect have spread to most parts of the world and therefore the Wrath of God will be worldwide.

As is seen in current events [2010, 2014, 2015, 2017 & 2018], the smallest news item or trouble in Israel has repercussions worldwide; so that the inevitability in the minds of the writers is that the effects of action on the adjacent Nations by Jehovah Zebaoth effects the world as we know it by transferred consequence.

Some teachers sincerely confuse the Satanic oppression of Israel with the above, as the writers believe they are partly simultaneous.  The point is that Jehovah Zebaoth's Day (Rev. 1:10) (God of all the world, dealing with the world) has not yet taken place 

All of Revelation was given to John who was "in the spirit in the Lord's Day, (Rev. 1:10), so that detail links to Jer. 46, and many other references to "The Day of Jehovah", in other places in Scripture. 

This Age has the immeasurable privilege on offer of trusting in Christ alone for Salvation (Acts 4:12), and being preserved from the wrath to come. 

(b)  Euphrates; this river has much history with Israel's past, and will be its Eastern border in the future (Gen. 15:18).  It is also in part the site of Israel's past exile (Babylon).  The area between the Euphrates and the river Nile in Egypt, (which will be Israel's Western border in the future), is / was the home of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaims, Amonites, Canaanites, Girgashites, and Jebusites.  Most if not all of these peoples were / are the descendants of Nephilim, (Gen. 6:4).  See: Nephilim;  &  The Great River Euphrates: Rev. 9:14-16 .

It is significant that the future Israel bordered by the Nile and Euphrates was / is the area of the world most densely populated by Nephilim, and which if they still exist, will not be eradicated until the return of Christ (Zech. 14:21), (Chp. 14:1(b) & 2:20, and notes). 

(c) The release of the four angels, within the 7th seal and the sixth trumpet heralds the start of great turbulence. 

(d) "To slay the third part f men"; on the assumption that these events are consecutive, and using our earlier theoretical number model, we have from Ch. 6,V.8,  a remainder of 9,750,000,000.  Also in Ch. 8. V.11, "many men died"; here theoretically we can allow the number to round off at 9 billion.   

Returning to the above, the number further reduced by 1/3 leaves 6 billion.  That is the approx. figure of 1999.   It is stressed that the above are example only, as nobody knows the time of commencement of the events of Revelation, but, the numbers are large!  A 1999 Cornell University study projects the world population by 2100 at 12,000,000,000 (12 billion) people, and much suffering as a consequence.  However, the UN has also studied the situation and its lowest projection is 7.5 billion by 2040.  (This projection is clearly wrong, as in 2018 we are over 7.5 billion).

V.16   And the number of the (a)armies of the horsemen were (b)two hundred thousand thousand: I heard the number of them. 

(a)  “Armies"; these armies (plural), have to be from more than one Nation.  The Euphrates river has Nations on both of its sides that historically and currently are hostile to Israel.  The Caucuses Nations, Persia (Iran), Turkey (Asia Minor, half of which (west) was Ancient Greece), Syria, etc. may all be involved.  However, there is speculation that Nations such as India, China and others may be involved, they certainly have the populations; although historically are not foes of Israel, and not listed in Scripture, as are the others, however, financial motivation may intrude to link them to the named Nations!  (It is possible that “Elam” is a figurative representation of Nations East of the Tigris; as it was originally in Persia (Iran); and its influence on Paganism spread eastwards in Ancient times)! 

The religions of these Countries are all descended from Babylon, except for Islam, which whilst revering "the people of the Book", deny Christ’s Deity.  However, the Caucuses, and others from the north together with the "Assyrian", area of old maybe the boundary. 

(b) "Two hundred thousand thousand"; the literal wording from the Greek is "two myriads of myriads".  The Oxford English Dictionary defines myriad as 1) "an indefinitely great number".  2) "Ten thousand".  If we use the latter, i.e. (10,000 x 10,000) we have 100,000,000 x 2 = 200,000,000.  Such a size of a multiple army is hard to imagine.  The population requirement alone, to say nothing of the economics and logistics drains the imagination.  At present (Aug. 2018) there are only two countries in the world capable of producing such numbers, China and India, however, see note on (a) and below (Aug. 2018).  However, the Bible states these future facts, therefore they are accurate; and will happen! 

(NOTE July 2015 & Aug. 2018): Since the first writing of www.revelationsmessage in 2003, the "Arab Spring" of 2009 has occurred; and now there exists the militant Islamic grouping of "Islamic State (ISIS)"; who at this present time are intent on taking over both Iraq and Syria (Old Babylonia).  This is one of the most serious organisations that has emerged overtly in this troubled area ("Prophetic Area  of the Bible”); and is showing strong intent to establish its “Caliphate” there.

(Aug. 2018 NOTE)  Since the above note, ISIS seems to have been defeated in Iraq and Syria (Old Babylonia), but some of its people have merged into other Western Countries, where they are active in acts of Terrorism.

Of late, Russia, Syria, Iran and others have merged their efforts, with the intention of establishing a “Caliphate” based on Jerusalem, according to Erdogan of Turkey!  He has even said that he is in active negotiations with Israel’s enemies to co-ordinate that effort!

They are being increased in numbers and supplies from all over the world; where-ever Islamic populations are established.  The 'Western' Governments are at present carefully attempting to isolate and control these events; but are probably underestimating the determination and force which exists in Islam for this ISIS effort despite the many public denials; as they do not understand Islam, and the effect on its people from birth, (at least that is the impression they are giving at present). 

As regards verse 14; the mention of the Euphrates, (which is the Eastern boundary of the future Israel, Exodus 23:31; Gen. 15:18 and Josh. 1:4); may well indicate that all the Nations East of that great river, all the way to Indonesia and the Philippines, who are Islamic who’s populations have exploded in recent years; are the ones described as "released"; which would make a huge invading force eventually; with the sole purpose of Israel's annihilation! 

If this is correct, it would correspond with Rev. Chapter 13, and the emergence of the two great "beasts"; or entities!  (See link: The Great River Euphrates:).  

V.17   And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of (a)fire, and of (b)jacinth, and (c)brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of (d)lions; and out of the mouths issued (d)fire and smoke and (c)brimstone. 

(a)  "Fire"; Holy Fire is a sacred subject, as mentioned earlier, it destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, it shrouded God when He met Moses in the desert.  It killed Aaron's sons, who dared to disobey Jehovah.  It lit the Sacred Fire for Sacrifice in the Tabernacle and Temple.  It consumed the oxen in the contest between the priests of Baal and Elijah.  It is located in the presence of the Father on the Holy Alter, it is almost certainly the source of the future Lake of Fire, reserved for Satan and his angels and followers.  It therefore follows that Satan will produce a counterfeit for the purposes of his terrors. 

(b)  "Jacinth"; a yellow / orange gem stone. 

(c)  "Brimstone"; 1) sulphurous smoke / fire.  2) Stone burning.  It is of interest that all the above describe the "breastplate".  Scripture's first mention of it is Ex. 25:7, just after Moses 40 days and nights with Jehovah on top of Mount Sinai, and it is placed over the heart (on the breast) of the priest.  It was covered with 12 precious stones, one for each tribe of Israel, and folded like a pouch, to hold the Urim and Thummim, (of which was derived the will of God).  

In later description, the great Apostle Paul shows the need for "the breastplate of faith and love", (1Thess. 5:8).  It is not therefore surprising that Satan's agents should produce in their terrors an anti- thesis.  

The demonstration of Jehovah in the breastplate is love for Israel, (later also for His Body), His Will to Israel (Urim and Thummim), and always it covered the heart of the anointed high priest (symbolic of the future Great High Priest – Christ).  

In the case of the Acts period Christians, no priest was needed or allowed, which caused great consternation among the Jewish Priests and hierarchy.  Every individual stood before Christ alone, which contrary to current teaching in many groups is still the case.  Therefore the breastplate is of "faith and love".   

In the Satanic vision, the breastplate is of pain, torture and death, instead of the life and hope of Christ. 

(d)  "Heads of lions"; again we refer to 1Peter 5:8, where Satan is likened to a rampaging lion, looking for prey.  The intention here is the total contribution to the terror image.  

V.18   By these three was the third part of men (a)killed, by the (b)fire, and the (b)smoke, and the (b)brimstone, which issued out of their mouths. 

(a)  Killed; see note V.15. 

(b)  See notes V.17.  

V.19   For their power is in their mouths, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads; and with them they do (a)hurt. 

See V.17 and notes.  

V.20   And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues, yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not (a)worship (b)demons, and (b)idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:   

V.21   Neither (c)repented they of their (d)murders, nor of their (d)sorceries, nor of their (d) fornication, nor of their (d)thefts. 

(a)  "Worship"; the rebellion of man against God, opens him / her up to Satan's infiltration and control.  The will of the individual is given over to Satan, the mentality clearly declines, so that the God given mental power is focused on anything other than the TRUTH.  The worship which should be directed to the Almighty is then given to Satan and his agencies, (demons).  There is little doubt that the demons then empower people, and they are given a false sense of worth, status, entity and power in their mundane existence. 

(b)  "Demons", "Idols"; The source of all the false Religions in the world is Satan.  He originated the practices, the use of images (idols), to give the counterfeit to the "One True God", which Israel should have evangelised worldwide.  (See: Mystery Babylon: & Babylon). 

The demons are the helpers, servants and perpetrators of all this activity, and in many cases they not only affect, but enter into a person, and take control.   At that level, as shown in the Gospel accounts, release and cleansing is a Divine prerogative, which entails the sincere will of the individual to effect release, and is not a subject to be played with, as many groups and people are doing.   (SeeAngels and Demons!).  

(c)  "Neither repented they"; terrible happenings have taken place up to this point, and yet the remaining population will not repentor have remorse. There can be little doubt that the source of the events will be known.  It will be common knowledge that the real God, "Jehovah Zebaoth", is extending His righteous wrath on the Earth's inhabitants, because Bibles are everywhere, people are talking about Christ, His Return, His Love, and there will be many happenings, in the land of Israel, to say nothing of the strangely immune group of Jews (144,000) that appear to speak and act with impunity! 

However, the world's peoples will not repentThis outstanding characteristic is already very wide spread in the world.  People, even children, will not admit to faultwhich stops the process of self-examination, which can lead ultimately to Salvation in Christ.  Paul's comments on this to Timothy (2Tim. 3:1-9) concludes in V.9, (see:  Apostle Paul:) "but they shall proceed no further".  As in the case of Jannes and Jambres (Ex. 7:1) & (2Tim. 3:8), so will be the case for mankind that will not bend the knee to Jehovah / Christ. 

(d)  "Murders", sorceries", "fornication", "theft"; these are the usual manifestations of the great Enemy Satan.  They are now universally spread in the world and these and other signs are those described by Paul the Apostle to Timothy, related to the "perilous times". 

Of special note is the word “sorceries”.  For the first time, in the NKJV of the Bible; the word is translated “drugs”!  This with reference to “NU – Text” and “M – text”.  This latest translated word gives special meaning to the times we are living in (2018); as drugs are one of the main usages of Satan world-wide in enslaving people to his will, and taking control of their minds and bodies!  Once Satan controls people in this way, all other of his evil ways follow; and people en-mass are now under his control world-wide, and have little hope of turning to God in Christ! 

However, Almighty God will leave open for them the possibility of His Salvation for as long as possible, (Rev. 14:6)! 


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