Note:  Here is the remarkable vision to John, of the beginning of the end of 'Man's Day', as regards control of the Earth.  The following Chapters show the progression through the 'measuring' of the Holy Place of Jerusalem; the two witnesses of God; the Trumpet of the seventh angel etc., and on to the 'Lord's Day', properly translated; 'the Day of Jehovah', in Chapter 19.  

The angel described below has a special message, as in V1 “the rainbow” is on his head.  This speaks of God’s promise to the world re. the “flood” of Noah.  The fact that his feet are of “fire”, on land and sea; is a reminder of God’s statement reference His future destruction of the perverted world and people; 2Peter 3.   


V.1   And I saw (a)another might angel coming down (b)from Heaven, clothed with a cloud: and (c)the rainbow upon his head, and his face was as it were (d)the Sun, and his feet as pillars of (e)fire:  

*Note.  At this stage the 6th angel of the 7th seal has sounded, one woe is past, the second is in progress, and a third is yet to take place.  The 3rd will not commence until the 7th angel sounds (Chp. 11:14-15).

(a)  "Another"; not one of the 7 trumpet angels (App. 124:1), but clearly of special symbolism. 

(b)  The fact of "from Heaven", "clothed with a cloud"; suggests special message purpose (Dan. 7:13).  

(c)  "The Rainbow"; AV. has "a", Comp. Bible & Darby "the", which is correct.  The other places in Scripture that a rainbow is mentioned is Rev. 4:3, which refers to Gen. 9:13, which is God's promise to Noah (Vs. 8-17) that He would never use water again to destroy the Earth's flesh.  In Rev. 4:3, we have sight of Jehovah God in Heaven with the symbol of His promise "round about the throne".  Almighty God goes to great length in emphasising His integrity, in any promise or Covenant that He makes.  The ones made in Holy Scripture all relate to Israel, with oblique, and direct reference to the "Nations", future blessings through Abraham, (Christ), (Isa. 60:3).  This whole Chapter probably relates to the later Covenants to Israel by Jehovah God, and to their near fulfilment.  These relate to Jer. 31:31, and elsewhere, and are regarding the new Israel, the Nation in its Promised land borders, with a “New Heart”, and with "Peace and Security"!  

(d)  "The Sun"; speaking of shining truth and light.  

(e)  "Fire"; usually speaks of cleansing, judgement and destruction.  In 2Peter 3:7, he reminds us that the next annihilation of the ungodly will be by fire, and it will be similar in conditions on Earth as in the days of Noah", Matt. 24:37 and Luke 17:20.  Here the feet of the angel are “pillars of fire”, one on Earth, one on sea (next verse)! 

It is clear from 2Peter 3, that this is talking in the context of “the last days”, (V.3).  He goes on to give the information in V.7 of the day of Judgement and perdition of ungodly men". 

In 2Peter V.12 he refers to “the day of God”, some relate this to Rev. 1:10, others to Rev. 20:11, and the last Judgement by God of all the people who ever lived. 

It is the writers view at present (2018), that Peter is referring to Rev. 20; and just prior to the “new Heaven and a new Earth”, of Rev. 21:1.  This would correspond to 2Peter 3:10-13.  

It is therefore logical that the destruction of Earth and Heavenly fire is just prior to Rev. 21:1.   

V.2   And having in his hand a (a)little scroll opened: and he set his right (b)foot on the sea, and his left (b)foot on the Earth.

V.3    And he cried with a (c)great voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he cried, (d)the seven thunders spake their voice.         

(a)  "Little scroll opened"; this little scroll, clearly contains the details of why this angel has been sent.  

(b)  The foot on sea and Earth, both of which are "pillars of fire", (V.1), seems to clearly state that the contents of the scroll relate to both Earth and sea (i.e. the inhabitants or users of both).  See note 1(e) above.  

(c)  The "great voice", i.e., very loud and powerful, is meant to draw attention to the actions of the angel, and the contents of the open scroll, and to show Almighty God's intention to take control of Earth!  

(d)  "The seven thunders"; not just thunder but "the seven".  The definite article means the specific thunders, seven being the perfect number.   Thunder reference in Scripture has various meaning, but in this case the reference in Job 26:14 may give a clue, i.e. "Lo, these are parts of His ways: tis but a whisper heard of Him? but the thunder of His power who can understand"?  These 'thunders' are seven declarations probably re. the direct control that will start from Heaven, shortly; and endure for 1000 years.   

V.4   And when the seven thunders had spoken, I was about to (a)write: and I heard a voice from (b)Heaven saying “(c)seal up those things which the seven thunders spoke, and write them not".  

(a)  "Write"; John clearly understood the 7 thunder voices, and was entrusted with the instruction, but would have been probably a little puzzled as to the prohibition, which certainly relate to Israel's then vacillation re. Jesus as Messiah.  The logic here is that of the conditional will of the Sanhedrin, which, in the event rejected Jesus at Acts 28:25-28; and as a consequence, Israel became “Lo-Ammi (not My people)!  As Revelation was given and written by John in approx. AD 55 in our opinion, had the Sanhedrin accepted Jesus Messiah, all of Revelation would have enacted.  It is well known that most academic opinion is for a writing of approx. AD 96.  However, later scholars are now of the AD 55 approx. opinion. 

(b)   "Heaven"; not from the angel, but from The Throne!  

(c)   The utterances not to be disclosed!  This is clearly one of those sets of knowledge which Jehovah Zeboath will hold to Himself, until an appropriate time, sufficient for human readers to know that they have been made, and under the auspices of Covenant (rainbow).  Because in V.1, the rainbow is seen there is the implication that “Covenant” (i.e. promise from God); is the subject.  The “little scroll” of V.2 opened probably relate to the events to follow on the Earth re. the Gentiles Nations, and Israel.  The fact of the “rainbow” and the promise of God not to destroy humans with water again; implies destruction by fire and other means, (see note V1 (e)), but not water, as happened to the Nephilim polluted humans of Noah's day.  The details are shown in Chps. 15 and 16, and relate to the events leading to Christ’s Second Advent, and His rescue of remnant Israel on Earth. 

V.5   And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and the Earth lifted up his (a)right hand to Heaven. 

V.6   And (b)sware by Him that liveth for ever and ever, Who created Heaven and the things therein, and the Earth and the things therein, and the sea, and the things therein, (c)that there shall be no more time.    

(a)  "Right hand"; in the understood order of special announcement.  

(b)   The angel here affirms the Might of Creator God, in His unique, exclusive and inimitable power, using the wonder of His Creation power, to solemnise the statement.  

(c)  "No more time"; i.e. no more time given; or no more delay.  This emphasises a juncture in the dealing of Jehovah Zebaoth with the Earth.  The statement also emphasises the magnanimity of God in forbearance up to that point; in that He had given so much time to the Earth to repent, and for Satan to have his way, with the peoples of the Earth, and the systems that control and regulate human life, at the present time.  

V.7   (b)But in the days of the voice of the 7th angel, when he is about to sound the trumpet, (a)the mystery of God shall have also been finished, as He hath declared to His own servants the prophets.  


Special Note:  This angel has not yet “sounded” until Rev. 11:15.  This point is when many Bible students think that the “Rapture” takes place, and that “the 7th trumpet” is “the last” of 1Cor; and 1Thess. 4:16-17!  If they are right then the “Rapture” is mid-Tribulation! 

(a)   The mystery; declared to the Prophets.  When our Lord walked the Emmaus road with His disciples, unrecognised; He spoke about Moses and the Prophets and how they declared the things that should take place regarding Christ (Luke 24:27 & 44,45).  There is much as yet unknown in this mystery, but a major part of its completion is the return of Christ in Power and Glory.  This cannot take place until the enemies of Christ "are made  His footstool", and as the order of Melchizadek", He becomes the Great High Priest of His people Israel, (Heb. 5:5-10), (Psm. 110), (Matt. 22:44), (Mark 12:36), (Luke 20:43), (Acts 2:35) & (Heb. 1:13).  Also all of Hebrews 7.  This is the process now underway in Revelation, and as we see in Rev. 19:11-16, Christ's return in power.  

(b)   "The  days", not just a day, but  a period of time when each angel will hold sway for the purpose of God's actions on Earth.   

V.8   And the voice which I heard from Heaven speaking with me again, said, "Go and take the book/scroll which is open in the hand of the angel which stands upon the sea and Earth".  

V.9   And I went with the angel, saying to him, "Give me the book".  And he said to me, "Take it, (a)eat it up; it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey".  

(a)  This phase, "eat it up"; is a Hebraism, and means receiving knowledge (Comp.).  In this case the angel bearing the Covenant sign (rainbow) round his head, straddling land and sea seems to clearly show by his burning feet that Heavenly dealing is taking / about to take place on land and sea, i.e. the whole Earth!  The "open book", is certainly the detail of the dealing, and although welcome to the believer and future Israel, (sweet), is so terrible as to be painful to the senses and sentiment (bitter), but clearly there is yet more to this understanding!   

V.10   And I took the book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.  

V.11   And he said to me, (a)"Thou must prophesy again concerning many (b)peoples, and Nations, and tongues, and kings".  

(a)   John is here told that he has specific tasks to perform re. God's message to Earth and his people which certainly means the rest of Revelation from Chp. 10 onwards to the end of the wrath, the detail of which had made his belly bitter!  

(b)  "Peoples, Nations and tongues and kings”.   Again clearly showing that the whole world is involved!  This statement goes against the majority of teaching, that only Israel is involved!   This is a teaching by some religious officials that seems designed to keep the "flock" placid; and to stop the truth of prophecy an Revelation from spreading around the world, (see: Gross Neglect by Church Teachers and Leaders of Coming Events:)  


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