Extracts and comments from Revelation Chps. 2 & 3


I know thy (a)works, and love, and service, and (b)faith and thy patience, and thy (a)works, and the last (a)works to be more than the first.  

(a)  The emphasis here on works, shows that in the "Day of the Lord" (Isa. 66:18), the Lord has commissioned the 7 Churches Ecclesia (Jews) to do the work given originally to the Patriarchs, and latterly to Israel at Pentecost, and removed from them at Acts 28:28.   

(b)  “Faith"; Comp. App. 150 11 1; "Divinely implanted principle".  


(a)Become watchful, and strengthen the (b)remaining things, that were ready to die: for I have not found thy (c)works (d)perfect before God.  

(a)  Implying they had been careless, see Matt. 24:42; remembering that Jesus was speaking to only Israel at that time.  (For knowledgeable Christians, they too need to “watch”, the world events, especially the Middle East).  

(b)  Clearly the remaining values are precious to Christ, and linked to the Covenant they have with Jehovah.  

(c)  Works again emphasised, (as opposed to Grace now, which applies until the end of this Age/Dispensation).


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