Unitarians, Jehovah's Witnesses and Others 


The Bible clearly states that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; which is where the apostasy of Jehovah's Witnesses, Unitarians and others that think along similar lines deny!
Reading and listening to their weasel words is like reading Genesis 3:4 and Satan's words to Eve; "Ye shall not surely die" (KJV), after God had said the opposite only a short time before! 

The interesting point of Satan's attack on Eve, is that Satan wanted to bring mankind low (out of the special relationship Adam and Eve had with God); see:  Eve and Adam.  

Satan also wanted to do the same with Jesus just after His Baptism by John the Baptist; and showed his power with his temptation of Jesus; and offered Him "all the kingdoms of the world", if He would fall down and worship him (Matt. 4 and Luke 4).  This action by Satan also confirmed that at that time (and the present) he was/is "the prince of this world"; as both Paul and Jesus acknowledged!
Jehovah Witnesses and Unitarians et-cetera, have different teachings on Satan; even though the Bible is clear on his origins, his fall, and his purpose now and in the future. See: 
 Satan's Motivation:  Satan's Origins;  The Father of Lies  and Worship of Satan.   

That means that some in their teaching do not believe that, Satan tempted Eve!  Some teach that evil is in man from the Eden stage, but not by Satan!  This confusion means that many believe that God introduced temptation and evil; which means in their teaching that God created evil, with all its consequences!
That of course does not hold true to Scripture; so that all their teaching is not valid to the Bible; so where does that leave their teachings but in the rubbish tip of the worst of the h
eretical sects and false Churches, and false Christ's that Jesus warned about during His first Advent on Earth, (Matt. 24:4; Mk. 13:6 and Luke 21:8)! 

As well as denying Christ's Deity, they deny also the Deity of the Holy Spirit.  They protest that they "praise and worship God as other Christians do".  However; as they deny the Holy Spirit's Deity; and as God is "Spirit" (Jn. 4:23); and "all that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth"; (Jn. 4:24); they cannot worship Him, as they deny Him!  Therefore; if they think they worship the True God (1Cor. 8:4); they are deluded; and using false Scripture, which is often the case (their own translations; corrupting the main points of God's Truth throughout)!
This places these people and especially their leaders in the same category as the "false shepherds of Israel"; and as per. Scripture prophecy means that they have severe judgement to look forward to; when Christ Jesus begins His clearing to Truth from "the lie of Satan"; at the beginning of His Reign on Earth; see:

Organisations that deny the Deity of Christ Jesus. 

Mormonism - Latter-day Saints

Founded By: Joseph Smith, Jr., 1830.
Mormons believe that God has a physical, flesh and bones, eternal, perfect body. Men have the potential to become gods as well. Jesus is God's literal son, a separate being from God the Father and the "elder brother" of men. The Holy Spirit is also a separate being from God the Father and God the Son. The Holy Spirit is regarded as an impersonal power or spirit being. These three separate beings are "one" only in their purpose, and they make up the Godhead.


Jehovah's Witnesses

Founded By: Charles Taze Russell, 1879. Succeeded by Joseph F. Rutherford, 1917.
Jehovah's Witnesses believe that God is one person, Jehovah. Jesus was Jehovah's first creation. Jesus is not God, nor part of the Godhead. He is higher than the angels, but inferior to God. Jehovah used Jesus to create the rest of the universe. Before Jesus came to earth he was known as the archangel Michael. The Holy Spirit is an impersonal force from Jehovah, but not God.


Christian Science

Founded By: Mary Baker Eddy, 1879.
Christian Scientists believe the trinity is life, truth and love. As an impersonal principle, God is the only thing that truly exists. Everything else (matter) is an illusion. Jesus, though not God, is the 
Son of God. He was the promised Messiah but was not a deity. The Holy Spirit is divine science in the teachings of Christian Science.



(Philadelphia Church of God, Global Church of God, United Church of God)
Founded By: Herbert W. Armstrong, 1934.
Traditional Armstrongism denies a Trinity, defining God as "a family of individuals." Original teachings say Jesus did not have a physical resurrection and the Holy Spirit is an impersonal force.



Founded By: Dr. John Thomas, 1864.
Christadelphians believe God is one indivisible unity, not three distinct persons existing in one God. They deny the divinity of Jesus, believing he is fully human and separate from God. They do not believe the Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity, but simply a force—the "unseen power" from God. 


Oneness Pentecostals

Founded By: Frank Ewart, 1913.
Oneness Pentecostals believe that there is one God and God is one. Throughout time God manifested himself in three ways or "forms" (not persons), as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Oneness Pentecostals take issue with the Trinity doctrine chiefly for its use of the term "person." They believe God cannot be three distinct persons, but only one being who has revealed himself in three different modes. It is important to note that  Oneness Pentecostals do affirm the deity of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Unification Church

Founded By: Sun Myung Moon, 1954.
Unification adherents believe that God is positive and negative, male and female. The universe is God's body, made by him. Jesus was not God, but a man. He did not experience a physical resurrection. In fact, his mission on earth failed and will be fulfilled through Sun Myung Moon, who is greater than Jesus. The Holy Spirit is feminine in nature. She collaborates with Jesus in the spirit realm to draw people to Sun Myung Moon.


Unity School of Christianity

Founded By: Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, 1889.
Similar to Christian Science, Unity adherents believe God is an unseen, impersonal principle, not a person. God is a force within everyone and everything. Jesus was only a man, not the Christ. He simply realized his spiritual identity as the Christ by practicing his potential for perfection. This is something all men can achieve. Jesus did not resurrect from the dead, but rather, he reincarnated. The Holy Spirit is the active expression of God's law. Only the spirit part of us is real, matter is not real.


Scientology - Dianetics

Founded By: L. Ron Hubbard, 1954.
Scientology defines God as Dynamic Infinity. Jesus is not GodSavior or Creator, nor does he have control of supernatural powers. He is usually overlooked in Dianetics. The Holy Spirit is absent from this belief system as well. Men are "thetan" - immortal, spiritual beings with limitless capabilities and powers, though often they are unaware of this potential. Scientology teaches men how to achieve "higher states of awareness and ability" through practicing Dianetics. 

"New Age" Religion: 

And of course the New Age movement; which may be combined with any or all of the above, due to the nature of their "Organisation". 

For more information see:  Prophets, Prophetesses, Shepherds and Teachers and Sheep and Goat Judgement.  


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