Extracts and comments from  Revelation Chp. 3:18 (a) (b)



I council thee to buy of Me (a)gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment that thou mayest be clothed and that the (b)shame of thy nakedness be not manifest; and (c)anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. 

(a)  This reminiscent and comparable to Mal. 3:3, Hos. 2:18 and Hag. 2:8. The clear instruction in V.18, is to reverse their abject poverty and inability to "see", by purchasing the True gold, (wealth) of Christ, who is the “gold tried in the fire”!  The question is begged, what do they use to purchase True gold?  (See Chapter 18).  Much effort is exerted by mankind in obtaining wealth (gold) as this gives a security and power of sorts. The whole world system is geared to that effect by the "god of this world".  The security is illusory and short lived.  Christ exhorts them to look to Him for the True security and empowering, and He gives the “true gold”, His empowering spirit which He is ready to give them by their request and faith!  (See Chps 2 & 3 exhortations).  Their forefathers refused to do that, and instead relied on themselves, their idols and even the surrounding tribes; including their enemies at times!  Moses and other prophets and leaders did, avail themselves of the “True Gold”; See Heb. 11.  The Greek word used can be interpreted "to buy", or “redeem”. 

The pressure at that time by the Enemy will be so great, the very act of faith of obeying the exhortation will affect the purchase from Christ, and is the constantly repeated  exhortation "to Overcome".  It is clear that in each of the narratives of these 7 "Churches", groups, the main elements used against them by Satan are the same as used against their forbears, who failed miserably.  Their redemption when He (Christ) appeared, they rejected.  The same rejected One (Christ) is here restating the commands given by Jehovah to the forefathers, with His request, to Overcome, as did He V.21. 

The contest at this stage has reached a fine point, and the 7 Ecclesia groups, with Christ amongst them in Spirit, is re-enacting the Age old battle with the Enemy, in a very much shortened time scale. 

These future facts, underline and emphasise the gift which is now available in this Age of Grace, to all who will accept the Father's love in Christ's work on the cross of Calvary, (John 3:16 and Acts 4:12); which is the "True Gold"! 

(b)  Jer. 13:25-26 & Hos. 2:3, etc.


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