How can we ascertain a tongue speaking that is propelled by the Holy Spirit?



There are many people who think they are able to “speak in tongues” in the same way as was evident in the Acts period!

What is the evidence that is the case?

There is no doubt that in Acts 2 the Holy Spirit was visited on the Jews Gathered in Jerusalem!

The events of Pentecost, recorded in Acts, seem to many to be an event at that moment that applied to Christians. That is the way the Churches of the world teach the event, with variations.

Many Charismatic Groups in particular, however, (Pentecostals etc.), claim the Powers then given, as their own, and for use today in the same way as then!  Both these teachings are clearly wrong and do not stand up to scrutiny.  The Groups that teach such will not easily allow detailed examination of their claims under controlled conditions, but hide behind the comment that "only believers have the faith to discuss or practice such things"!

Whilst the leaders have sufficient adherents and funds, they can continue this teaching, but the writers have found that they do not welcome questioning or challenge to their teachings.

The Scriptures they use to justify their claims are in the Bible, and the writers and others have tried to apply them, when at a relatively naive stage of Scriptural understanding, but found that they did not work!  (See: A WALK OF FAITH ).  The subject is covered in detail in: GIFTS AT PENTECOST .


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