The elect

The Elect  (Revelation Chp. 7 ) 


Extracts and comments taken from Revelation Chp. 7:3


V.3  Saying, "Hurt not the Earth, nor the sea, nor the trees, till we have (a)sealed the (b)servants of our God, in their foreheads".

(a)  "Sealed"; in Matt. 24:31, an account is given of the collecting of "the Elect".  This may refer in part to the "sealed", but certainly refers to Jews who receive the Word during the "Great Tribulation".  This reference to "sealing" is to "servants" of special order.  The reason for the sealing is to protect from harm during the Tribulation period, which has its precedent in Num. 31, where 12,000 (one thousand from each tribe) were called by Moses to war against the Midianites, and not one man was lost (Num. 31:49).  Also particularly in Ezk. 9:4, where prior to the judgement and dispersion of Israel by Jehovah, and also His departure from the Temple, Jews who mourned and regretted the sin of Israel were marked  for protection!

This  protection  during the service (possibly evangelism of the Kingdom Gospel) they are to perform on the Earth.  They will clearly have success, as is shown by the results, see (ref. Rev. 7:9-17).  The fact that these are a distinct group of Jews only, and that as shown peoples of many Nations are before the throne in this vision drawn out of the Tribulation; is a clear definition between the Body of Christ which is made up of all peoples, in the Age prior to the Revelation period, and the group in V.9. 

(b)  In Scripture, servants are always of Israel, Isa. 49:3.


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