The Way; The Truth; The Life! 


These words uttered by Jesus to His disciples and recorded in John 14:6; are some of the most profound in depth and meaning in the whole of Scripture, and they give the clues to those who will look and seek, to the meanings for Jesus’ Earthly life in the flesh, which have many more objectives than most Churches and people know or teach!

He made the statement in response to the narrative of John 13!  In that Chapter in v1, Jesus “knew” that His “hour” was come, when He would be arrested, tortured and crucified; (vs 31-32).  He made it clear that He had stated such would be the case to “the Jews”, in v33; 4:22; 18:20; and 36.  Jesus was also pointing to prophecy regarding Himself, with pertinence to the Jews (in their fallen and disobedient state), as had been prophesied in Deut. Chps. 28-30), and to all mankind in all events into the future.

Also, and particularly, regarding Satan as the "prince of the Earth" (John 16:11); and his original rebellion against God the Father; he was about to be judged for that rebellion, and the effect it has had on God's Creation since!  (See: Satan's Origins;).  The certainty of Satan’s demise is recorded in Gen. 3:15; and confirmed in Rom.16:20, where the translation in the AV showing “bruised”, should read “utterly crushed in pieces”; (Comp. Bible page 1693).  (See: Satan's Demise!).

This latter point is of particular importance; as Jesus was the only person who in human form (flesh), had successfully resisted all of the whiles of Satan's temptations (Luke 4:1-13), which is why He is called by Paul "the last Adam" (1Cor. 15:45); where the first Adam failed, the “last Adam” succeeded in resistance to all that Satan could try to tempt Jesus with!  This point proves beyond doubt that Jesus was completely human at that time; otherwise Satan would not have attempted to pervert Him (Heb. 2:18 & 4:15)!  It was necessary for Jesus to undergo full temptation as a complete Human being; to know completely the situations and dilemmas that humans experience, and to therefore be the “substitute” for those people who take Jesus as their personal Saviour.  Also; to be the Instrument of His Father, Who will eventually with full justification destroy Satan and all his demons (Rev. 20:7-10); as the fulfilment of the prophecy of Gen. 3:15!

The marked difference in Jesus’ temptation by Satan, and that of the first Adam, is that Satan spoke directly to Jesus, not through a woman.  Eve’s misquote of God’s instruction, (Gen. 3:3) allowed Satan to change the words of God to “surely though shalt not die”; which when Eve followed by Adam, ate the forbidden fruit, introduced death into the world; by God’s declaration in Gen. 2:17.  When talking to Jesus, he could not pervert the words of Scripture; as Jesus' replies show!

Many people and teachers have assumed that Jesus (and Paul) were anti-female, by many of the Bible narratives. That is not so, as the many Gospel accounts show.  Jesus could not be; He is the Creator and sustainer of all that exists, in all physical and spiritual Creation (Col. 1:16)!  The notable difference between Eve and the women of Jesus in the New Testament is that the latter all had open acknowledgement of who He was/is, and respected carefully His Word/s, and acknowledged His authority; which extended to His order!

In the modern world in which we now live; because of the suppression and abuse of women by men for many Ages, which gave rise to the “Feminist Movement”; many women understandably cannot accept the above statements.  However, in time, when the next serious prophetic events are in progress; the Holy Spirit will show the truth of His meanings to them!

Jesus responded to Satan by unerringly accurate reference to God’s Word; which Satan could not pervert as he had with Eve, and accepted by Adam.  Adam could have talked directly with God (which was his then privileged position) which he chose not to do, but followed the example of Eve (Gen. 3:6).  In so doing Adam lost his privileged status with Almighty God, as first in God’s order; and his and Eve’s immortality; but became the instrument of the introduction of death to the human race thereafter.  That condition changed at the advent, death and resurrection of Jesus; who is the fulfilment of God’s promise in Gen. 3:15 (which has yet to reach conclusion)!  

Jesus made it clear that what was to happen to Him, affected all people; and that no coercion was to be involved regarding God to man; but that the most valuable gift of God to man, and Satan (their free will) was being brought into play!  See: John 3:16;  3:36; 5:24; 6:4-7; 8:24;14:6; Acts 4:12; Romans 6:23;10:9; Eph. 2:8 & 1John 5:12 etc.

Scripture refers in 1Cor.15:45 to Jesus as “the last Adam”.  Paul is describing in vs 42-47 the stages that the flesh body must go through to become a "spiritual body"; which is only possible for those that in their "natural body" take Christ Jesus as their Saviour; and in v47 states clearly that He (Jesus) gives the Spiritual Body eventually!

We know from the first book of the Bible, that in Adam all die.  (See: Eve and Adam).  ICor.15: 21-22 tells us that in Christ shall all be made alive (some to eternal life, some to the judgement of the "Great White Throne" Rev. 20:11-13).

Many people are confused as to why He used the term “Jews”, as He and His disciples, other than Luke were Jewish.  However, the John 18:36 reference clearly shows that He referred to the ruling Jewish Elite (the Pharisees; the Sanhedrin); who were not adhering to the Biblical, Torah of Moses and Ezra; but to their own modified writings, but as defacto rulers of Israel, carried the responsibility to rule and teach their people from the True Bible, not their own version; which the people followed!  (See: Jewish Scriptures:).

The Essen’s objected to the Pharisees changes and interpretations of the true Torah (the Biblical Torah given to Moses) and resisted, starting in approx. BC200.  Jesus, (together with John the Baptist; and later the Apostle Paul) had forcefully resisted and criticised the Pharisaic teachings (giving many examples of their perverted teachings such as the "Rich Man and Lazarus") during His 3+ years Ministry; and had openly shown that the Scriptures/writings they used, were not God given. (See: Lazarus And The Rich Man).

That was why they refused to recognise Him, and His evidential miracles, which had been prophesied in Isa. 35:5-6; Isa. 6:10; Jer. 5:12; Ezek.12:12; Matt.13:15; Mark 8:18; Acts 28:27 & Rom.11:8.  Instead, the Pharisees plotted to kill Jesus in cooperation with the hated Romans, Matt. 3:6-17; 12:14; Mark 3:5-6 & John 11:45-57, etc.  The Pharisees are the forefathers of modern day “Jewish Orthodoxy”; which is still the most influential Group in Israel!

Dr. Christian David Ginsberg made a special study of the Essens, and came to the interesting conclusion that as they seemed to disappear in approx. AD20-40; “and that they probably had joined the new Sect of the “Christians”, whom they were in line with spiritually”.  (See: Josephus: His Ref. to Jesus, "The Wonder Worker":).



What did Jesus mean by this statement; to what was He referring?  In the immediate context He was speaking to the Jews around Him, as He had stated that "I come only to the lost sheep of Israel" (Matt.15:24).  So, at that moment in time, He was on the threshold of stating His Messiah-ship; and therefore His King-ship of the Jews; as God's Anointed (Christ)!  This was the very claim that the Jews rejected, and in collusion with the occupying Romans, arranged His execution!  The fact He was executed has led many people (not only Jews) to believe that Jesus was an imposter.

That conclusion is in error, and means they are not aware of the important criterion in prophecy, that the Jews must accept the Messiah sent by God the Father, not a man of their own criterion and fabrication.  The writer has been in correspondence with devout Orthodox Jews in various parts of the world, and they are of one opinion, their messiah will be an ordinary man of exceptional talent, who will be able to champion their cause in the world, and not a personage of Divine origin!  This plays right into the hands of the coming Antichrist of prophecy.  This obdurate opinion has been formed over many centuries, and reinforced by their revered sages from the Old Testament “Torah”; which as Dr. David Ginsburg discovered had removed most of the Christology!  (See: Dr. David Ginsburg:).

The fact remains that Jesus the Christ is the only way for them (and all mankind, no matter what claims other religions make) to be Redeemed (Acts 4:10-12)!  (See: Acts 4:12).

The fact is that in the future the Jews as a Nation (remnant) will acknowledge the evidential miracles that are foretold in prophecy, and that Jesus performed to prove His identity in His 3+ years in the flesh!  However; that recognition and acknowledgement of Him will not happen until the events of Zech.12, and will be followed by great distress and mourning when the Jews realise what they did to their Messiah and their God (Zech.12:10-14)!

Because of their rejection of Him in His Flesh in approx. AD30; after His resurrection, He arose to the Father's right hand until “His enemies are made His footstool” (Psm.110:1 & Heb.10:13).  As is evidenced in Acts 2:14; 22 and 36, the Holy Spirit’s effort with the Jews was continued by especially Paul right up to Acts 28:25-28; after which the Almighty stated that the Salvation would now be proclaimed to the Gentiles; "and they will hear"!

It is notable that in the reference to the risen Christ Jesus in Acts 7:55, Stephen states that He was standing, not sitting.  This has been construed (probably correctly) that Jesus could have returned soon after, had Israel repented their rebellion, and recognised their Messiah.  This idea is given veracity by the fact that the Holy Spirit’s efforts through the Apostle Paul with the Jews did not cease until Acts 28:25-28, approx. 30 years later.  This has been commented on because of Jesus’ prayer for His people on the cross; “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”; which is construed probably correctly as giving the Jews more time; and to hear the very lucid explanations that the great Apostle Paul would give.  However after Paul’s rejection by all the main Synagogues, the last being Rome, the Jews were made “Lo-Ammi” (not My people); until the events of prophecy are again in progress.  (See: Apostle Paul:) 

Christ now therefore awaits the time when He will return to Earth to save the remnant of His people, which is detailed in the events of Revelation.  (See: 

We are now therefore at the stage on Earth awaiting the time when Christ Jesus will return to fulfil and complete the Commission that His Father gave Him.

- For Christ Jesus to collect His Body, Christians True.  (See: The Rapture Those Taken and Those Not.).

-To save the remnant of Israel.  (See: Jeshurun (the ideal Israel): Rev. Chp. 12).

-To destroy and Judge the enemies of Israel.  (Matt. 25:31-46)  (See: The Sheep and Goat Judgement).

- Christ Jesus to initiate the Millennial Reign on Earth for one thousand years.  (This is the “Kingdom Age” which He preached frequently, and to which the “Lord’s Prayer” is relevant to)!  (See: The Kingdom Age: ).

-To make Israel (the ideal Jeshuran) “a Kingdom of Priests unto God in Israel.  (See: A Kingdom of Priest unto God ).

-To live and Reign in Jerusalem for 1000 years.  (Rev. 20:6).  (See: Millennial Purpose).

-To hand back to the Father the finished work.  (1Cor. 15:24).  (See: Messiah and the Kingdom (Millennial)).

- For Satan to be judgementally destroyed due to Jesus' worthiness as the Perfect Sacrifice for Sin and rebellion; especially the original rebellion of Satan, prior to the Creation of Adam.  (Rev. 20:10).  (See: Was Satan Bound at the Cross of Calvary?).



The question as to “what is truth” has been debated by people for all time as we understand time.  Many famous and ordinary persons have used the lack of a firm basis or definition of truth in many instances, to try to obtain advantage in the many affairs and disputes that humans are involved in.  The stage has now been reached that it is considered “smart” to out-manoeuvre an opponent, by fair means or foul; and the Courtrooms of the world are full of such instances continually!

There are now many pathways that open up to people who have no scruple as regards truth, and they will lie, fabricate, and generally put great effort into their objective, with no regard for honesty; and it seems without any feelings of guilt in their deceptive ways!  The worst cases seem to leave the persons believing their own lies, which can only mean they have suffocated at some stage the God given conscience that all babies are born with!

For people who have never committed themselves to Christ Jesus, their actions are more in keeping with the “god of this world” (see: Angels and Demons!), and “Mystery Babylon” (see: Mystery Babylon:), as he is “the father of lies”; and was called such by Jesus, and has been since his rebellion against God the Father (see above link).

For Christians to lie is to grieve the Holy Spirit, (Eph. 4:29-31) and to give pain to themselves, until they correct their deliberate error!  If they do not do the right thing; they cannot make progress in understanding God’s Word and meanings, and they will suffer the rebuff of the Holy Spirit; who will not let them forget that they have an account to settle with God and man!

All true Christ-Ones (Christians true) have some account to be settled, as we sin in many ways without knowing it.  But those are dealt with when we meet Christ at the “Bema”.  The unknown sins and errors can be dealt with by contact with the Risen Christ Jesus regularly in our lives (foot washing); and any known and deliberate sin or error can be forgiven by request to Christ, after it has been dealt with and corrected!

The major problem for mankind (who are not Christian), is what is their irrefutable standard to which to refer in cases of need?  Many people do not even believe there is such a standard!

Jesus in John 18:37 stated to Pontius Pilate “that He had come into the world to bear witness unto the truth” (which was/is the Father), and went on to say that “all that were of the truth would hear Him”!  Pilate’s reply in v38 was; “what is truth?”; which is very prevalent now in the world.

Here is the irrefutable standard that is sought by people of goodwill; but it is only available in truth, to those that “hear His voice”, v37!

At the present time God speaks through His Word, and His Holy Spirit.  In the New Testament there are many confirmations of this:

John 1:1; “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”.

John 1:14; “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us”.

From these two verses it is seen that “the Word” and God are One; in v3, that the Word Created all things; and that in v14 “the Word was made flesh”; ie Jesus!

These short statements prove Jesus’ Divinity; His miracles proved His Messiah-shipHis Resurrection His destiny as Priest King of Israel and the world!

So; returning to “Truth”; why do Christians trust the Bible as “The Truth” in all matters?

By the fact that Jesus quoted it against Satan during His temptation; and Satan could not reply or refute the rebuke against him that the Word gave/gives!

This means that Christians have a sure and sacred guide for life, and life’s problems; as the Word, the Bible, is Christ; and they “hear His voice”!

There are of course many religions in the world, and some people will die for their chosen god.  This is particularly evident in the many conflicts worldwide at present (2015).  Most if not all pagan religions originated in Babylon and spread worldwide.  Others, if not of Babylon physically, are developed by “Mystery Babylon”; which is ruled by the “god of this world”!  (See above link).

One of the most pernicious falsehoods now present in religions, is that of "false Christ teachings".  In many respectable Churches, developments have taken place which do not correspond with the true Christ Jesus of the Bible!  The Pastors, Priests, Vicars etc. are not teaching the Truth of the Bible and the true meaning of the Words of Jesus; so it can be truly said that they are teaching "false Christs"; warned against by Jesus, (false teachings are not the same as Jesus' warnings about false Messiahs; which applies to Israel).  This means they are doing the work of  "the prince of the power of the air".  

So the choice must be made by people, even if they have been born into a pagan culture, as to whether they truly believe what they have been inculcated into!

The Holy Spirit of God Almighty is abroad in the world at this time, and has been since Christ Ascended into Heaven nearly 2000 years ago; He is called by Christ Jesus “the Spirit of Truth” (John 16:13); and He will guide any person “into all Truth”, if they will ask!

So; Jesus made the true statement that He is “Truth”; and any person on Earth, no matter what their heritage background can come to Him; and in confidence know that Christ Jesus is from that moment their Saviour; and they can expect Him to raise them to “life eternal” in the future!



When Jesus used the term “the life” about Himself (John 14:6), He was speaking to Thomas and His disciples; and was reassuring them that they were not to be abandoned, relative to His comments in Chapter 12 and 13.  There, He had outlined that He was to leave them for a special duty/ Baptism; which was to be critical relative to the saving of the Nation Israel (eventually); the judging of Satan (12:31); and the “drawing of all people to Him” (12:32).

He was of course referring to His impending crucifixion, when He would lose His flesh life.  He clearly therefore was not referring to His flesh life in His statement in John 14:6.  The continuation of His statement in v6 is the clue to the greater meaning; “no man cometh to the Father, but by Me”!

To the serious and devout Jew, the most desired condition was/is to be close to God; and at their best times in the history of Israel was apparent.  However, their devotion and commitment to God the Father was not continuous, and led eventually to the Syrian and Babylonian exiles. (See: "Israel; My Firstborn son").

Their yearning for closeness to God did not cease as they left behind the restoration period under Ezra and Nehemiah, but their Scriptures were altered from those given to Moses; and the references to the promised God given Messiah diminished!  (See: Changes Made To The Old Testament ).

This meant that after a few hundred years of tampering, the promise of Messiah in the Torah was diminished in word and teaching (see above link), leaving the ordinary Jews in a state of ignorance as to the Truth; and the Pharisees in powerful control of people and their substance!  When their teachings were challenged by John the Baptist and Jesus, (and later the Apostle Paul); the Pharisees plotted to kill Jesus.  Yet; even in this evil plot, (under Satan’s control); the hand of Almighty God used the events of Jesus’ death to gain the victory over death and Satan!

The concentration here on the Jews, is because they were/are the people of God at that time (now set aside for a period of time; “Lo-Ammi”, not My people; Hos.1&2); (see above link).  This point is made because many/most people in the world do not understand this fact.

As mentioned earlier, Jesus stated more than once that He was sent only to “the lost sheep of Israel”.  This statement has particular importance, as they, as God’s chosen people (Duet. 7:6-9), and therefore to whom all the promises of God applied/ apply (see the prophets); were in the position of seeing God’s promise of Messiah fulfilled; but again as per. Deut. Chps. 28-30; they rejected God’s provision for their Salvation!  That rejection, both before Pilate, and latterly at Acts 28:25-28, has had the effect of Christ Jesus’ return to Earth and all that unlocks in God’s Plan of Salvation being delayed; until the events of Dan. Chps. 7,9,10,11 &12 as depicted in Revelation transpires! (See:

Since Acts 28:28, the Holy Spirit has been concentrating on the Salvation message of Christ Jesus to the Gentile world; and that must now continue until the “time of the Gentiles is fulfilled” (Luke 21:24), and their full number is made up (Isa. 59:20; Acts 15:17; Rom.11:25).  (See: God's Gentiles Blessing).

When this great day arrives, then as per Isa. 59:20, the Redeemer (Christ Jesus) will return to Zion (Jerusalem), and all the delayed events of His mission to mankind will start to be played out and completed.  These are given in short form in Rev. Chps.19-22; and show the defeat of Satan and his demons, their eventual destruction, the negation of the death curse of Eden, the restoration of eternal life in many forms, the Great white Throne judgement of all mankind who are not in Christ Jesus, a new Heaven and Earth (without sea), the “new Jerusalem”; and Christ Jesus handing His completed work to the Father!

All these things are elements of what Jesus said regarding Himself as “THE LIFE”; which is life eternal!  He negated all the destruction, misery and death, and allowed God the Father to be seen as “ULTIMATE LOVE” (see: Ultimate  Love).



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