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Gen. 49:1  Jacob's Prophecy re. Israel etc., in the last days i.e. into first and second Advent of Messiah. 

Gen. 49:10  Speaks of Judah's privilege (sceptre) (Ruler) that shall come from his seed (in the flesh line) who is Messiah (Christ), and prophesies to obedient submission of HIS people (the true Israel) (the new wine). 

Gen. 49:11  Shows the Messiah linking to the "vine", by unbreakable bonds.  The reference to the two steeds, "foal", and "asses colt", are fulfilled in Matt. 21, and Mark: 11, and in both, Messiah immediately enters the Temple.  This indicates that "the choice vine" (V. 11), is different to the "vine", and corresponds to the yet future true Israel, which is linked truthfully and sincerely to Jehovah and the yet future Temple in Jerusalem which is 1/7  larger in all dimensions than Solomon's Temple etc.  This yet future Israel promises the "new wine", Christ mentions (Matt. 9).

The 1/7  increase in Temple dimension (Ezk. 40), represents the No. 7, which in Scripture denotes "spiritual perfection", and is a hall-mark of the Holy Spirit's work.  7 also points to 8, which denotes resurrection and regeneration.  The "new wine" therefore is produced by the true Israel (Christ-Messiah); the remnant of the Tribulation and the resurrected righteous Israel, (Ezk. 37) together continue the true fruiting to themselves, and the Nations; within Christ's influence, linked to Jehovah vis. sincere allegiance through New Temple worship, (Ezekiel). 

Psalm 80:8  This verse is a clear reference to the Exodus.  The only qualification to be included in the Exodus, was to be passed over by the angel of death.  The only way the angel could pass over was where the lintel of the entry door was sprinkled with the blood of a pure white lamb.  This was the  order of Jehovah through Moses, and was a SPIRITUAL command.  Therefore every Jew that obeyed was by definition in spiritual obedience, and was a part of "the noble vine" (Jer. 2:21).  Therefore where ever the vine is used in description of Israel it often refers to their spiritual status before Jehovah. 

Jer. 2:21  Jehovah had planted (initiated) a noble vine at the Exodus, as shown above.  The noble vine had become ignoble by deliberate sin (rejecting Jehovah's law) and Jehovah Himself.  Christ when on Earth "came to His own", but they would not receive Him.  Had they done so, as they yet will, He "as the true vine" (Jn. 15:1), would have produced "new wine", which is yet future. 


When Scripture refers to the vine as a metaphor as opposed to the fruit plant, it is often referring to original Israel (i.e. from Abraham to Ezk. 11:23), to Christ (Messiah) in His yet future role, and to Messiah/Christ linked to the yet future Israel, made up of "the remnant", and "the resurrected".  From the foregoing, it is seen that the "noble vine" of Jer. 21, did not carry out the commission given to it by Jehovah.  (The title Jehovah is only correctly used in Israel's covenant relationship with Elohim). 

The "True Vine" John 15; will eventually complete the commission given to the "noble vine", at which time the many prophecies concerning Israel will be fulfilled. 


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