The Understanding of Sin


The following is based on the presumption that the reader is a Christian, or a seeker after Truth!  If the reader is not one of these, and is one of those people that wish only to debunk, or attempt to destroy faith in God and His Christ, then they should read no further, as there is no comfort for them in the following, they must await Rev. 20:15, which will be after they die! 

The so called "original sin" on Earth, was committed in Genesis, when Eve “ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” followed by Adam, (Gen. 2:17) & (Gen. 3:13).  This is what is taught in most Churches and Groups around the world; however, Satan actually was the first to rebel against God, as recorded in Ezk. 28 and Isa. 14; and his name was changed from Lucifer to Satan (Adversary), see: Why Lucifer became Satan!

An important comment is needed at this juncture, as there is so much non-understanding, and miss-understanding on the very important point regarding the origin of sin, death, and degradation and ruin in the Universe!

The Bible (the authentic Word of God); speaks of “the Mystery of Iniquity” (2Thess. 2:7); but what is taught in Churches and “Christian Groups” does not give understanding to people, and usually makes them feel more guilty, and increases the weekly take in the “collection”; instead of knowing their true positon in Christ Jesus; if He is in their hearts!

Most priests and teachers labour the fall of Eve and Adam, and state correctly that their fall instigated death into the Eden Creation.  What the teachers do not show (even if they know it) is that the originator of all sin in the Universe, is Lucifer (now renamed Satan)!

Lucifer’s sin was to rebel against his loving Creator and his desire became “to be as God”; i.e. to usurp God and to take God’s position in all the Universe.  What is not taught, is that Satan did not have a tempter to take him to oppose God; he rebelled by his own will, and by his own pride (Ezk. 2813-16), and because of that he cannot be redeemed!

However, that is not the case with Adam and Eve, as they were tempted by Satan to eat of the fruit of one tree in Eden which had been forbidden by God; “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” (Gen. 2:16-17).

This places all humanity following Adam and Eve in the position of being tempted to sin in their life time; which all people will!

However, Almighty God in the form of Christ Jesus has made a way of escape from the consequences of sin (death) which He imposed in Eden!  He (in the form of Jesus the Christ) deliberately placed Himself between death and Satan; and became “The Sacrificial Lamb” of God for the purpose of saving from death all people who by ‘their free will’ look upon Him as their Saviour, by the Salvation offered on the Cross of Calvary, in approx. AD 30 (Matt. 27. 27:32-56 & Num. 21:8-9)!

Satan cannot be saved in the Love and Grace of God, because he became Evil and developed evil continually deeper and deeper on Earth; and has even been joined by many of God’s angels, (one third of all Heavenly Creation); who will all be judged by God in the future.

So; a major part of the outcome of Christ Jesus’ self-sacrifice as the “Second Adam” (1Cor. 15:22), is the defeat and demise of Satan (Rev. 20:10), which is where all the trouble started; and by whom evil, sin, and death entered the human world.

The above “tree” is often misquoted, as "the tree of knowledge", which is the same sin as Satan in Gen. 3:4.  The point is that Adam and Eve DISOBEYED God, they then for the first time perceived good and evil, with the consequences for the human race ever since, in this Creation!  See: The Age of the Earth Controversy:  

The definition of sinning was not given until The Law was given to Moses on Mount Sinai.  The Law was given at that time to the Jewish race only, and only they were subject to it, which the Apostle Paul elucidates in His Epistles.  In the period from the Law being given to the 1st Advent of Jesus, the Jews were given precise sacrificial rulings for the expiation of their sinning.  The Lord gave confirmation of this in Matt. 11:13. 

John the Baptist, was the "forerunner" of a change.  He Baptised for the expiation of sin, which infuriated the Jewish Priesthood.  Jesus confirmed that John’s Baptism was valid, and used that occasion to show that He (Jesus) would Baptise with "The Holy Spirit"!  

Christ’s death Sacrifice on the cross at Calvary, covered all elements of the Sin question, the fall of Adam and Eve, and sinning in the lifetime of a person; but particularly the initial rebellion of Lucifer (Satan), against Almighty God; which will have its eventual finality in Rev. 20:10! 

That Jesus came initially "to the lost sheep of Israel", is without question (Matt. 15:24), but as He was rejected by the Jews, both before Pilate and after Paul’s extensive work with the main Synagogues, at Acts 28:28 the Gospel of Salvation in Christ Jesus was sent to all the world’s peoples!

This act of rejection by the Jews, opened up the possibility of a huge harvest of regenerated people for The Godhead.

Israel have been put on one side temporarily, (Lo-Ammi), and this present time, (Age time) is for the world’s peoples to either accept or reject Christ!

If a person accepts this great Salvation, they are perceived as sinless in Christ.  Their sins in life are forgiven when confessed to Christ.  Any that are un-dealt with by the individual, are resolved at the meeting of Christ and His Body.  Only He knows the heart of a person, and only He knows what is True! 

The seeker after Truth may well ask why this question of "Sin" is so important to the working out before Almighty God of its consequences and its resolution in the Body of Christ Jesus on the cross of Calvary.  That subject is dealt with in the following link.  See:  Satan's Motivation:        

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