The Sheep and Goat Judgement

The reference to this statement by Christ is in Matthew's Gospel Chapter 25 vs. 31-46.

Most preachers, teachers, Priests and Vicars shrink from the clear message which these verses impart, as Christ (Messiah) Jesus has given them!

We have been in congregations where the verses have been used to maximise the 'offering' into the weekly collection 'plate', and which prior to the collection the Vicar had used the words of verse 32 to imply that a low offering put one in the category of 'Goat'; with all the consequences implicit in that statement in verse 41!  (More will be said on this later in the Paper)!

It was one such occasion that decided us that truth was not to be found in that Institution, or its leaders.

The clear and startling context to the whole of the event is verse 31, which states "When the Son of man shall come in His glory"!  This statement corresponds to Isa. 66; and many other Old Testament statements (prophecies); and are all related to the end of the “Great Tribulation”; (Jacob’s Trouble), and just prior to the commencement of the “Millennial Reign” of Christ Jesus!

What does this mean?  Most people in the 'established' Churches will not have any idea what our Lord meant with those words!  The reason is that hardly any teaching is given on this subject, due to the 'Policy' of the training of many established Church organisations of their Pastors, Priests etc.  This has led to a lamentable lack of knowledge by congregations throughout the world, which unless a person or group will study for themselves prayerfully from the Bible, they are left with a disadvantage re. events as they unfold in the News; especially News on the events in the Middle-East regarding Israel.  Since 1948 Israel is a Nation again, and after nearly 2000 years of dispersion. 

That augers the soon enacting of the many prophecies in the O.T. re. their suffering and rescue by Messiah Christ!  That is why it is important for Christians to know what is happening around them. 

When the writer confronted a C. of E. Vicar some years ago regarding these questions and others that he did not teach, the answer was shocking.  He stated that the Bible was only one of the Founding Documents of the C. of E. and that much of it was not relevant to-today!  He went on to say that much was allegoric and poetical!   Also, he stated that "there is no such entity as Satan"!  The same Vicar was a teacher in the local C. of E. College!

At a Baptist Chapel, we experienced a similar event when the Pastor used Old Testament (OT) Scripture (Jer. 31:31-37), to justify his teaching that day, which Scripture has only relevance to the Jewish Repatriation to "Ammi" status at the end of the Gentile period (Age), in the yet future.

In the 'Charismatic' context, we have seen OT Scripture used liberally to give 'authority' to pronouncements which have only a Jewish context in their yet glorious future; and Acts period powers given to the Jewish Apostles (Acts 2), claimed for the here and now for so-called Christian healers!  See: The Events of Pentecost; What is the Truth? (Discussion Document).

These facts are highlighted to show the depth of decay and deliberate miss-teaching in some Churches, and their concentration on the Church fabric and income from its congregations; instead of the teaching of God's Word to the people!  See: The Gross Neglect by Church Teachers of Coming Events:.

To return to the subject; what did Jesus mean with the words "come in His Glory"?  As any Jew will admit, both religious and non-religious, they are waiting for "the Messiah".  Most Jews today will not admit that when Jesus came to Earth that He was their Messiah!  Jesus claimed It, and was It; but was rejected by especially the Jewish Sanhedrin (the ruling group).  

Some individual Jews did accept Jesus, but most did not.  The main reason most didn't was because of the erroneous teaching of the Pharisees, who took/take their teachings from the "Wisdom Writings", see: Jewish Scripturesof their venerated forebears over centuries of interpretation/ alterations of the original "Biblical Torah" given to Moses!  This same process also expunged the most important references to the Christology of Jesus in their Prophetic writings: See: Dr. David Ginsburg: (Hebrew scholar, Jewish academic, Jewish language scholar for the British Library, and Museum.)

The OT Prophets had stated many facts regarding the "Messiah's" time on Earth; and especially "when He comes in His Glory" to save His people Israel, Isa. 2:10-20.  His death and suffering are clearly described in Isaiah 53 and elsewhere, but the glorious  Second Advent is given the most prominence.  This is what Jesus is referring to in Matt. 25:31-32; and is yet future, but many think not too far away!

An important point to be recognised is that Jesus almost 100% of His first time on Earth, only referred to Israel!  The reason for that was that Israel was still then "Ammi" (My people), and that did not cease until Acts 28:25-28!  That means that they remained 'prime object' in the Plan of Jehovah Zebaoth until the final rejection by the Roman Synagogue after Paul's visit at Acts 28!  As is clearly seen in vs. 25-28, Israel became "Lo-Ammi" (not My people, Hos. 1 and 2), and the Gentiles took their place as "prime object" in the Salvation Plan of Almighty God!  That condition remains today, and will continue until the end of the Gentile Period, and their total number is completed, Rom. 11:25-27.  The whole of Romans 11 describes the above in lucid detail!

So, when we examine the context of Matt. 25:31-32; we see that "all Nations are gathered before Him" after His return to Earth.  He "separates" them into "Sheep and Goats".

The unique criterion Jesus Messiah gives for His decisions as to which group people are in is verses 35-40, which states "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me".  Jesus was born a Jew, of the line of David, King of Israel, and as such all Jews are His brothers.  They are much loved by God, and are referred to as "My firstborn son" by God, Ex. 4:22, see: "Israel; My Firstborn son".  Hence Jesus' comment "My brethren" in Matt. 25:40; as He is God's "Only Begotten Son"!

It must be recognised that when this judgement takes place, the Jewish people will have been readopted, and will be again "Prime Object" in the Plan of God; and it will take place just prior to the start of the "Kingdom on Earth" (that Christians call “The Millennial Reign); which is in the prayer that the Lord gave to His people (the Lord's prayer).

It must also be recognised that this judgement does not apply to "the Body of Christ" (Eph. 1:23, 3:6 & Phil. 3:21); which at this stage of events will no longer be on Earth, (unless they accompany Christ's Second Advent). 

It needs to be mentioned here that some who call themselves Christians, but hold a prejudice against the Jewish people, cannot in truth be of the Lord's Body, and therefore may be on Earth, and subject to the "Sheep and Goat Judgement"!  This is an important point, as how can any true Christian be against Israel!?  This comment  is underscored by God’s statements in Ezk. 35:12-15; repeated in many parts of Scripture against Israel’s enemies.  Some will say that these statements from Almighty God do not apply to them as they are Christians by the definition of their Church Vicars, Minsters, Priests etc.   Also; they often say they follow the teachings and pronouncements of their Leaders, and are therefore covered by their “anointing”, as Leaders of their Church.  This is false teaching; as all peoples, Christian and otherwise will have to give account of themselves to Christ Jesus directly.  This will be as shown in this paper at Matt. 25:41-46!  As stated in the front page of this Website; when a person realises and accepts how important Israel is to God (My Firstborn Son); their understanding of Scripture, and their life is changed!

There are so called Christian Organisations that are clearly against Israel and the Jews.  Some put themselves into the prophecies in Old and New Testaments that apply only to Israel.  They are therefore de-facto enemies of Christ!

This judgement and the destruction of the "Goats" Matt. 25:41-46, is part of the necessary cleaning and reordering of the Earth's peoples and systems prior to the "Kingdom" so much concentrated on by Jesus in His first Advent.  This "Kingdom" is the same as the so-called "Millennial" in Rev. 20, much watched for by Christians!

Summary February 2017

Much is made by false Christian group teachers of our Lord’s words in Matt. 25, regarding the judgement of the Nations into “Sheep and Goats”; when He (Jesus) returns to Earth in Glory and Power; to save Israel; and to bind Satan for 1000 years!

They in the main, do not teach the Truth in context; but choose a small amount (usually Matt. 25:33-34); implying that only “good deeds”, and “big offerings”, will ensure being a Sheep; and giving God’s blessing and Salvation.  They go as far as to say that theirs is the only definition of Christianity, ignoring Acts 4:12.

This was used recently on TV by a R.C. Priest, in his argument against the rejection of some Islamist “refugees”.  He stated that all should be allowed access, without vetting!  He used the R.C. definition; without the Scriptural context of Matt. 25:40; “My brethren”!  Jesus was/is referring here to the Jews!  The context of His comments was the “Great Tribulation”; “Jacob’s Trouble”; yet to be!  See: Jacob's Trouble 

The R.C. Priest went further, and quoted Exodus 22:21, to support his R.C. opinion!  That statement again ignored the Scriptural context, which was again when Israel was emerging as a Nation, after captivity in Egypt; and had just been released from Satan’s grip in their bondage!   In the second case above, Israel is just being released from Satan’s grip just prior to Satan’s imprisonment! 

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