The Sermon on the Mount

This sermon by Jesus (Matthew 5:1-12), and much of His other teachings, are referred to constantly by Church leaders all over the world, especially in Sermons on a Sunday.  They are usually quoted to congregations as the ideal way for them to live and behave; and, it is rarely shown, or explained to them that what Jesus had said, was the ideal standard which His Father had commissioned Him to impart to His “chosen people” Israel; and to remind Israel that they had shamelessly abandoned their vows to Jehovah!

No; the usual approach by Church teachers is to use Jesus’ teachings to berate the congregations; and in the case of the Roman Church, to emphasise the need for “Confession” etc.!

They emphasise the teachings as the blueprint for day to day living NOW!  It is often obliquely or overtly used as a sort of threat as to retribution for the failure to attain the standard, with the resultant Heaven or Hell destination for the people, and underpins the Roman Church’s “Sacrament’s” from cradle to grave; and therefore underpins their power over the individual for the whole of their lives!  (See: Why the Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church is not of God Almighty:).    

When the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels are read and absorbed, many are similar to the “Mount” Sermon in their absolute standard, and leave most people feeling hopeless and failures in their lives; (and very few people have the courage to ask the Church leaders if they manage to achieve the standards they preach)!

Although the preachers lead the people in prayer etc. they rarely (in the opinion of the writers) understand or explain what they speak, a simple example of this is when they lead in the so called “Lord’s Prayer”; and say “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”!

In that line of prayer, is the key to above conundrum; “The Sermon on the Mount”, and most of Jesus’ teaching is Heavenly Standard; i.e. The Father’s Standard; which He showed Israel via. Moses and the Prophets; and also offered His aid in the form of the Holy Spirit to all of Israel’s people; who by their free-will; could request it!

The reiterated Mosaic teachings of Jesus, linked to His often repeated declaration “of His Father’s Kingdom on Earth”; which as He, and the Apostles stated, was “near”; was conditional on Him being accepted as Messiah to Israel, and John The Baptist would then “have been as Elijah”, of the prophecy of Malachi!  (Matt. 11:14; Luke 1:17 & Malachi 4:5).

All of this would have followed soon after those declarations; with Israel’s acceptance of Him!  Jesus’ teachings linked to “The Kingdom of God on Earth”; and would have become the standard for that period; called by Christians, “The Millennial Kingdom”.  (See: Millennial Purpose).   

In Jesus’ day, one of the main reasons that His Word and Ministry was not accepted by Israel’s people, was because of the Pharisees!  They had become the dominant religious group at that time, and had subdued the Sadducees and the Essens into the leading position over the people of Israel.  They had developed their own version of Scripture, and the teachings of Jesus were in direct conflict to theirs!  Jesus came into direct conflict with them frequently, as shown in the Gospels; and his condemnation of them is summarised in Matt. 3:7; 12:34 and 23:33. However; because of their domination of the people, not many ordinary Israelis’ converted to Jesus; and therefore “God’s Kingdom on Earth” did not materialise, as it is incumbent on the Leaders of Israel to accept Him as Messiah; as will happen in the future event of Zech. 12:10! (See: Jewish Scriptures: ).

So, why do current leaders of Christian Churches and Groups still continue to speak the same sermons week by week?

Because they do not understand Scripture (The Bible), and have developed their own ‘understandings’ since Constantine; which is dependent on the idea that what is stated in Scripture regarding Israel, is now directed at the Church!  (See: Replacement Theology).

It will have been noticed by Bible students that Jesus states on more than one occasion, that “I come only to the lost sheep of Israel”!  That is a profound, and to some people a startling statement; but is almost completely ignored by the established Churches worldwide!  There is little doubt that Leaders will have read it; but unless they are devout and sincere, after Seminary or College, they will ignore it, and concentrate on their religious duties, as trained to do, and so as to not upset the local Bishop, or local leader, depending on their “Denomination”!

The writers have had the experience of one established Church Vicar; who upon being made aware of his teaching being different to the Bible (properly divided/understood); stated that he “had to feed his family”; which was code for, I must not rock the boat of the local standard teachings to the congregations, or I may lose my position and salary!

That, unfortunately, is too common worldwide; and is akin to aiding our great enemy, Satan; who, ever did/does pervert the Holy Bible in all his actions in the world; after all, he is “the god of this world” at the present time!  (2Cor. 4:4).

The fact of Satan’s present position and power, should enliven all people who are aware of this fact; to work to oppose the established falsehoods whenever they encounter them; and to look to Christ Jesus for the opportunity and enablement to do so.  When we meet Him at Resurrection, we can be sure of His comment, “well done thou good and faithful”!  (Matt. 25:21-23).

Jacob/Israel, was chosen for that task after their rescue from Egypt; and they swore fidelity to their leader Moses and to Jehovah, repeatedly; but did not remain faithful for very long; and their motives and behaviour became an abomination to Jehovah God!  (Malachi etc.).

Eventually; especially after their final rejection of Jesus as their Christ/Messiah at  Acts 28:25-28; they were put to one side (made Lo-Ammi) and dispersed worldwide, as they had been told would happen as a consequence in Deuteronomy!  (Deut. 4:27; Lev. 26:33; Deut.28:64 & Ezek. 22:15).

At that stage, the onus to know the Truth of God in His Word, was passed to the Gentiles; as is shown in Acts 28:28; and that condition still remains today (2015)!

That Truth is what had been offered to Israel, even after their crucifixion of Jesus; i.e. Salvation to Eternal Life, by acceptance of His Sacrificial death at Calvary! 

Of course, many of the sayings and teachings of Jesus, are applicable to all mankind now; such as “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”; and is incumbent on us to differentiate them, with prayerful and sincere study in the Gospels!

Many Bible teachers say openly that “Jesus’ teachings, and Paul’s contradict”, and do not realise (or do not want to know); that a change of “Administration” or Dispensation took place at Acts 28:28; to that of the “new man” ie, “the Mystery Church”; which the Apostle Paul was chosen to lead and explain to Gentiles and Jews; which he did very ably in his writings.  (See: Apostle Paul: & Apostle Paul's Accusers & Bible Dispensations). 

Many preachers go so far as to state that the teachings of Jesus are in conflict with those of the Apostle Paul; and state that to teach what Jesus said “is safe”, compared with Paul; not realising that Paul’s words were directed by the Risen Christ Jesus, and that Paul’s writings are the blue print for the present Church to live by; especially his last seven Letters; Eph.; Phill.; Col.; Titus; Philemon; 1 & 2 Tim.  

The next logical question is why the last 7 letters of Paul are the valid instructions for now?  What is not generally understood is that the priority of God’s Plan and Actions were Israel; from His Call of Abraham, all the way to Acts 28:28; and not until then did the Gentiles become God’s first Priority!  At that point, the Word of Salvation in Christ Jesus was sent to the Gentiles (Acts 28:28); and a “new man” was begun to be formed, which is still the case today; (see Paul’s teachings on the “Mystery Church” (Eph. 5:32; Rom. 16:25 & Eph. 3:3-5) and “New Creation” (2Cor. 5:17).  When this “new man” is completed; this “Age Time” will cease, but that will not be until the “full number” of the Gentiles is complete; which will auger the completion of the “time of the Gentiles”.

That completion will link to the next stage of the Jewish prophetic history commencement; which is particularly linked to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount (which is at the core of the current turmoil in the “Holy Land”, at this date Nov. 2015)!

When at a crucial stage of those developing events; Israel will be under extreme persecution; and will be only rescued by the re-appearance of their rejected Messiah; Christ Jesus; at His “Second Advent”; at the end of the last 7 years of Daniel's prophecy; (Dan. Chp. 9).


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