The "beast" is a future personage, and an emergence, see Daniel, Revelation and elsewhere.  There will have to be a "conscious" decision made to "worship him", primarily by the Jewish Nation, and dispersed Jews, primarily for personal survival in that terrible time!  Also, it is probable that Gentiles sympathetic to Israel will be affected.  That implies knowledge of "him".  See: Revelation Chps. 13 & 14 Rev Chapter 13 & Rev Chapter 14. 

The much vaunted inserted electronic chip method of identification, currently used mainly on animals for purposes of payment, travel, quarantine inoculation etc., is not sinister, or "1984" type of control of large groupings as has been (and is) taught by some Charismatic and Pentecostal groupings.  This technology has been around for many years, and as said for example is used on dogs and other animals.  Some humans have been reported to be “chipped”, but mainly for military or espionage use. 

Scripture says, that the people that choose to worship this future entity, called "the Antichrist", will know what they are doing, and why!  The following is a summary of that situation; and it must be remembered that Revelation describes the “marking” as on hand, and / or forehead.  This in itself is remarkable, as it copies the order of Almighty God through Moses to bear a special Scripture (The Shema; Deut. 6:4), which pays homage and allegiance to Jehovah God only!   

This prayer was given to the Jews to remind them not to repeat or turn to idolatry again; as they had just been worshipping the “Golden Calf”! 

Special note:  (Extract from Chapter 14 ). 

It is not an exaggeration to say this is probably the most profound warning in the whole of Scripture, which is delivered by the third angel.  (We must remember that these messengers are being heard by all mankind)!  The following warning given is so profoundly strong and uncompromising, that most readers shrink from accepting its clear message.  However, we know that all Scripture is from the Holy Spirit (2Tim. 3:16).  

The severity of the warning does not at first glance seem to accord with The Almighty God of Love.  However; when properly and prayerfully perceived, it becomes clear that even at this extreme stage of evil (adherence to Satan), that has by then been reached, merciful Jehovah Zebaoth has given a last warning to the people of Earth.  After that warning, there is no way of escape!  

At this present moment in time it is very easy for people to escape future judgement and damnation, by accepting in Truth in their hearts (innermost being), that Jesus Christ died for their sin, on The Cross, at Calvary, outside the walls of Jerusalem, approx. 2000 years ago.  That sacrifice, which is acceptable to Jehovah God, IS THE ULTIMATE, BECAUSE CHRIST ON THE CROSS WAS GOD INCARNATE!  Once this offered gift of Salvation (being made whole) is removed, the way to Salvation and God becomes much harder, as is being shown in this Chapter 14.  

Once the warning of Vs. 9-10 are given there are only TWO OPTIONS open to mankind. 

1)    Choose Jehovah Zebaoth and Christ;

2)    Serve Satan, receive his mark and worship him. 

Once the second option is taken men and women would be seen as they truly are for the first time (tares, Matt. 13) with no subterfuge, disguise or other ways of covering their true identity.  They are children of Satan, and TOTALLY unredeemable, and will receive the same punishment reserved for Satan and his angels eventually; see Rev. 20!  As some angels fell under the guile, lies and deceit of Satan, so will countless human beings.  The torment that they will have to endure for an Age has turned many good men and women from studying these verses, but they must be understood in the context of Satan's totally perverse rebellion against THE ONE TRUE LOVING GOD, whose purpose in the defeat of Satan is only to prove HIS GREAT LOVE of HIS created beings (see notes in Revelation Chp. 12:V.12 a) b) c), and to deal with the "Mystery of Iniquity"! (2Thess. 2:7). 


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