THE LIE (Rev. 14:5)

This, the great Lie propagated.  "The Lie"; the A.V. translates "no guile".  The Interlinear manuscript Str. number (1388) renders "to  decoy", "to trick", "deceit", "guile", "subtlety", from a root word (Str. 1185) "to entrap", "delude",  "allure", "beguile", "entice".  Dr. Bullinger gives "was not found the Lie", his deduction from Ancient texts.   The N.I.V. has "no Lie".  J.N. Darby "no Lie".  R.S.V. "no Lie".  Revised Authorised "no guile".  

However, the Lie goes on.  It has continued from Eve in various forms, and men and women find the Lie attractive in the form, or forms that it is presented in their own life time.  Instead of trusting, studying and teaching the Truth as God the Holy Spirit gives it in the Bible, it is perverted, modified etc., to suit the feelings, dogmas, motives and perversions of fallen mankind.  The most prevalent currently is "there are many ways to God".  This one appeases the world religions (all of Babylon)and even many pastors, preachers, vicars etc. in the Western world are now exhorted by their colleges, seminaries etc., "not to create waves", by preaching Christ crucified, and the only way of Salvation, (Acts 4:12 and elsewhere).  This is the ultimate version of “the Lie”. 

The many subtleties and variations of “the Lie”, are too numerous to list, and are in any case unknown.  Satan's temptation of Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden is the first recorded in this Creation.  After the Flood, "the Lie" gathered new momentum at Babylon, via Nimrod and his mother, "the Lie" has continued since through all pagan religions, in all parts of the world.  It is recorded in the Old Testament that Almighty God started to deal with this problem, by calling Abram out of Ur, which calling Abram could have refused in his God given free-will.  Abram obeyed God’s call, left his family and their pagan gods behind, and in that action became the “father of Israel” and followed the line of "faith" from Abel, (Heb.11).  The flood was God’s dealing with the first perversion after Eden, He has stated that the next Retribution will be by fire (2Peter 3:7).

Although the list of pagan/false christian religions is too numerous to make, there is however an underlying ethos in all of them, which for the seeker of truth must prayerfully be observed.  All false religions, and false religious practices, demand adherence to a leadership WHICH MUST NOT BE QUESTIONED, which is the opposite to that which Christ gives, freedom!  What they SAY in an interpretation or a rule must be adhered to!  This principle of abdicating one's own mind and intelligence to the group leaders is the great controlling power, allowing erroneous and Satanic groups to grow! 

All True and healthy groups in a Christian context, encourage study of a good translation of the Bible.  Questions as they arise must not be suppressed, but debated openly, and in a spirit of love, bearing in mind constantly that The Truth of Almighty God is being handled!  In practice, although mostly good intentions are expressed, differences do arise, which is where a true test of The Spirit of Christ in a group is manifested, or otherwise! 

The situation in the world has probably never been more confusing for the “ seeker” than at the present time, (2014), as the myriad of “Churches, cults, groups, religions, spiritists, mediums, shamans, holy women, holy men, and many, many more", are all claiming truth! 

At the forefront are the “respectable Churches”, one being the Roman Catholic Church.  If they are examined to the principles above, they draw a zero rating, as they fail all the criteria of a true to the Bible group!  For example, they demand complete obedience to the Priest, to his teaching, to his interpretation of the Bible, to his rules of worship, and among many other errors, his non Biblical teaching on many subjects, including the Pope, Purgatory, Hell, to name but a few.  

At the other end of the “Christendom” scale are the various cults, which have many and various teachings from the Bible, particularly the Gospels, which can seem to have veracity, especially for the vulnerable, and people under various troubles. 

What they all have in common is their dictation of the lives and minds of their members, who are not allowed to question the leaders “edicts and interpretations”.  They go so far as to say in some current groups, that unless the person “can perform miracles, speaking in tongues (languages) other than the native, they are not saved”!  Some years ago, this type of group, (Pentecostal, Charismatic etc.) did not make such a strong claim.  They were content to pronounce that some people had not received the “second blessing”, called by others “the Toronto blessing”, as its origin was Toronto, which created a two tier system within the group!  They all misuse many Scriptures to try to enforce their claims, which will have its own reward, as is shown in Matt. 7:23. 

There is at present a teaching and belief abounding, that Israel has finally been destroyed!  That the "new Israel" is the Church of God worldwide (Christendom)!  That all the prophesies in the Old and New Testament relating to Israel's future suffering and glorious future, are applicable to the Church!  See: Replacement Theology.  Many say they believe that we are in the Millennial now!  In the view of the writers, this particular fallacy opens the adherents up to much condemnation.  Claiming that we are in the Millennial now, and that it is the Christians duty to prepare the world for Christ's return, after THEY have sorted the world out; they are claiming that which rightfully belongs to God the Father and the Son.

If it had been possible for true Christians to change the world's situation (The Lie) it would have happened long before now, but the fact is that Satan as the god of this world, can only be defeated and eventually expelled by the risen Christ; who is more than the equal to Satan's power, and in whom is vested this function by God the Father.  Christians at this time should concentrate on spreading the word of Salvation in Christ, rather than  focusing on the things that only the Father and the Son can change. 

That which belongs to God is the Wrath He will wreak on the Nations of the world, and on Satan.  His Holy Vengeance, is the beginning of a new Age, which will be overseen by the Risen Christ, as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, Who Himself is the "first fruits of those that are His Body"!  

"The Lie" can only be maintained by tight leadership control, as Scripture is clear that all the future events are related to ISRAEL, and when they are named, to them alone!  Not only that, but it is clear that the events of Revelation are not yet in train, although we may well be close!  Because of this substitution in the minds and teaching of these Churches/groups, many Christians apply to themselves the events of Revelation/Daniel, and make claims on, and from the Holy Spirit of God, that is not theirs to do!  An example of this is the claim by some that we are already in the events of the Tribulation, and the protection and powers that will be afforded to some groups from God.  The facts are that Israel was not finally destroyed in AD 70, they were subdued, and dispersed and set to one side temporarily, as per prophecy (Lo-Ammi) Hosea 1 and 2.  They will be readopted by God (Ammi), in the probable near future!  The fact is they will suffer terribly in the Tribulation period of Satan, but will emerge gloriously, under rescue by Christ!  It is probable in the view of the writers that the True Church, the Body of Christ, will be taken from the Earth, prior to "the Wrath of God on the Gentile Nations"! (Joel 3).  It is the writers view that much of Christendom is not the Body of Christ!  They will remain on Earth, and will have the chance to be "Overcomers".  It is probable in the view of the writers that although the "eternal Gospel" will be given to all Earth's "Nations" again, by an Angel, many will prefer the "mark of the Beast", (if this prophecy refers to all the Nations of the world).  This is discussed in some detail in  

The end result of all the attempts by Satan to propagate “The Lie” in its many forms as partially described above, is “the Lake of Fire” in Rev. 20-15.  However prior to that, Rev.14:9-11 comes into play! 

The point is that all the methods and variations of “the Lie” mean one thing only, those people that KNOWINGLY continue to teach falsehood, especially to support a teaching or an agenda which they know to be false, BELONG TO SATAN, they are owned by him, and the later ones described in Revelation have his mark and worship him openly! 

Many will object, that they are worshiping God, and His Christ, and that they are following their leaders or teachers who have taught them from the Bible!  Because in the view of the writers Satan has his own counterfeit "holy spirit," who will miss-teach any person or group who will not refer constantly in prayer to the Holy Scriptures to double-check what they have been taught, they open themselves up to the above mentioned error.  If they have any doubt about that, and their controllers threaten “expulsion, or excommunication”, and will not let them question their teaching, they may eventually hear the words of Christ as recorded for prophecy by Him, Matt. 7:22-23! 

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