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The Fig

Gen. 3:7.  The first reference to the fig in Scripture, is to the covering of Adam and Eve, when "they knew they were naked", when they moved from innocence to "knowledge as gods". 

Deut. 8:8.  Shows the full fruiting of Israel, (in Millennial). 

1Chron.12:40.  This when David made King of Israel.  All the fruits are produced.  This will be the case when the "Greater Son", appears for Israel. 

Song of Solomon, 2:13.  "The fig tree putteth forth her green figs", this love song or poem corresponds with Christ's comments in Matt. 24:32.  Jehovah in Christ shows His love for Israel in the Song of Solomon 2:13 and the culmination starts in Matt. 24:32.  This speaks of re-adoption of the Nation, as the Chosen People, and eventually leads to the marriage supper. 

Jer. 8:13.  Here, the figs (and grapes) are removed due to the sin of Israel.  So temporarily the Nation is brought low (70 years in Babylon).  However the fig and grape are not restored at the restoration.  That event awaits Messiah's return. 

Jer. 24.  This account of the good and bad figs deals with the immediate exile to Babylon, and the yet future Millennium.  Verse 5 shows a definite selection, verse 6 a re-establishment in the land, and no plucking out (Millennium); verse 7 a change of heart in Israel, and an irreversible reuniting of Jehovah and Israel (Millennial), verses 8-10, the dispersion after AD 70. 

Jer. 29:17.  Here is definition and judgement of "bad figs".  All that lead the people of Israel astray, diviners, false prophet, Kings etc.  There is the counter part today in the false teaching, non-teaching etc. in Christendom. 

Prov. 27:18.  Here speaks of Israel honouring Jehovah, and the fig tree flourishing, and the fruit produced and eaten. 

Hos. 9:10.  A summary of the first condition of Israel (fig fruit), but the eventual sin and degradation (Baal-peor). 

Joel 1:7.  A lament on guilty Judah.  (Joel sent to Judah, Hosea sent to Israel). 

Joel 2:22.  The future (Millennial) re-established fig and vine. 

Habb. 3:17- 19.  Although Israel desolate, the eventual outcome is Joy in Jehovah. 

Hagg. 2:19.  Although Israel has not yet fruited, the eventual blessing will be absolute (in Millennial). 

Matt. 7:16 & Luke 6:44.  Warning against false prophets.  Look at the fruit. 

Matt. 21:19-20 Mk.11:13  & Luke 13:6-9.  The Lord shows His power over all things, but figuratively this represents Jehovah's near discarding of Israel, due to no fruit, (Lo-Ammi). 

Matt. 24:32  Luke 21:29 &  Mk.13: 28.  Here the Lord uses the fig tree to represent Israel in the Tribulation period, (i.e. 70th week of Daniel’s vision).  "The putting forth of leaves", shows a re-emergence from dormant state (Ammi) and their re-adoption as Jehovah's people, and the imminence of Millennial. 

Luke 13:6-9.  The Lord is describing Israel, (the fig tree), and the time mentioned in verse 7 is the Lord's ministry to them, prior to their demise.  The extra year (time period) of fertilising and effort dunging and caring, was Paul's work with Israel prior to A.D 70. 

John 1:48-50.  Here Christ shows that as Creator God, He knew Nathanial (and His character) when born into Israel, (under the fig tree).



The fruit of the trees, fig, vine, and olive are what Scripture concentrates on.  The fact that the Holy Spirit in Scripture uses these three symbols relative to Israel, is due to their well known use in the area of the Promised Land.  When a tree did not fruit after due care and attention by its keeper, it was and is destroyed.  The use of the fruits, vine - grapes - wine, olive - oil, fig - food, and the many variations thereof, are all for food, healing, light, anointing, gladness etc. 

All these were promised to Israel and if they kept themselves to Jehovah, to His commands and away from the Canaanite peoples and their pagan gods and ways.  The fact that Israel was not faithful led to their demise (Lo-Ammi) until a yet future date (Millennial), and the fruits of their blessing could not flow out to the Nations.  When they are re-adopted, (Ammi) their own true blessing and that of the surviving Nations will begin.


Judges 9:8-14

The Fig tree in Scripture represents “The National Privilege of Israel”.

The Olive tree in Scripture represents “The Religious Privilege of Israel”.

The Vine in Scripture represents “The Spiritual Privilege of Israel”.


Bramble Isa. 9:14.   This they chose.

This is prophetic of the false Nation under the rule of the Anti-Christ, which will devour the Nation. 

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