The Ecumenical Movement and The Bible

The Ecumenical Movement and the Bible


The following are statements from the Bible (KJV): 

Acts 4:12: "Neither is there Salvation in any other: for there is none other Name under Heaven given among men, whereby we must be Saved".

Comment: in context the "Name" referred to is Jesus the Christ!  The statement by the Holy Spirit (the 3rd person) in the Bible supports the concepts both of the only way of Salvation; and the 2nd Person of the Trinity!

The 1st Person of the Trinity is shown in many Old Testament (OT), statements of Almighty God, in particular: 

Isaiah 45:22: "Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the Earth: for I am GOD, and there is none else".

Here, God (Jehovah of the Jews; the 1st Person), affirms His Unique Status as the only God in existence; and, that He is not to be confused with the many false gods in the world, all originating in the great pretender; SATAN!

This is emphasised in Isa.45:5; I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no 'God beside Me', and many other places in Scripture. 

The reason for starting this paper with the above absolute statements, is that many people and Groups are saying the opposite, and, that has been the plan of Satan from the beginning of his demise, when as the "anointed Cherub, Ezk. 28:14, he challenged God; and fell from Grace"!

Over many "Ages"; (Administrations) since, he has been allowed by Almighty God to try his best (worst) to bring "Creation" under his control; and in these "last times" of this Age; he has accelerated his efforts!  See: Satan's Motivation:    

So we see that the Ages old conflict between Almighty God and Satan is coming to a Climax; many think very soon!

However; in the process, many good hearted people (including Christians) are being drawn into the plans of Satan, and are aiding his efforts on Earth at this present time! 

How, you may say?  

Leaving aside the many obvious ways that Christians can be laid low by the enticements of Satan, the most dangerous way at present for both individuals and Groups, is probably the Ecumenical Movement!

This may on first viewing be seen as a rather fallacious statement; but on careful examination shows to be accurate.

Not many people know that the movement is led by the Roman Church, albeit rather surreptitiously.  This fact can be verified by reference to various Web Sites, under Google.  They have kept the facts well covered until the 1950s, but are now more open regarding their objectives.  As any knowledgeable Christian knows, the Roman Church Teachings are not compatible with the Truth of Scripture; and their Teachings are embodied in the following: Why the Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church is not of God Almighty:     

As is well known and documented in Church and World History, the excesses and cruelty of Rome when their grip on the European population decreased after Martin Luther; led to the appalling torture of many true Christ-Ones in the Inquisition!  These brave men and women would not denounce their trust in the Saviour, Christ Jesus, and Acts 4:12!! 

The writers and family lived for some time in Chichester, England; and when revisiting recently noted that two men (Thomas Iveson and Richard Hook) in AD 1555, were burned alive by the Roman Church, for their trust in Christ Jesus, and would not denounce Acts 4:12!   Because the same fact and verse have become so precious to the writers since leaving Chichester; these brave men deserve mention here; and are only two examples of the many thousands who suffered such at the hands of the Roman Church!

The fact of their trust and bravery is recorded at the Providence Martyr's Chapel, which is close to the spot where they died. 

The teachings of Rome have not changed!  Yet now, they lead the Ecumenical Movement?  How?

Many Leaders of Church Groups have for many years been attending regular meetings to this end!  They are exhorted to "not rock the boat" by being "dogmatic" about individual Church teachings; but, to rather concentrate on "the things which are held in common"!  There is particular emphasis in not talking about "one way of Salvation"!  The delegates (hand picked) are told to remember that all Churches are working "towards building the Kingdom of God"! 

There are many falsehoods in the Ecumenical concept of "building God's Kingdom".   A common teaching is that of human effort in the endeavour; most teaching completely misconstruing what Our Lord was saying re the "Kingdom".   He was referring to the "Millennial Kingdom", and He was always speaking in the context of the Jewish participation and reality that will transpire at that time.  That Kingdom will become a reality in the timing of Almighty God the Father, see: Millennial Age (relating to) 11-16 (b) and Millennium Reign requirements, Revelation  Chapter 15.  This Kingdom will not become a reality until the Lord's enemies have become "His footstool",  Psm 110:1, Matt. 22:44, Mark 12:36, Luke 20:43, Acts 2:35 & Hebrews 1:13.  Some Groups, with extreme tendencies, even go so far as to teach that all couples in the Group should have many children (on the assumption that they will remain in the Group, possibly by duress) and that this will increase their numbers for the Kingdom!  This teaching tends to be restricted to those groups that consider themselves especially "selected" for Salvation (by their own definition), and a well-known Sect in the USA, teaches "more than one wife".  However, the idea is now spreading in monogamous couples in exclusive Sects in Europe. 

When in discussion and embattlement a couple of years ago with an Ordained Methodist Pastor near Glasgow, Scotland; he made the startling statement that "all religions, both western and eastern were acceptable to him, even witchcraft, as there are many ways to God"!  Here is the crux of the matter.  This same Minister also admitted his involvement with the Rome led Ecumenical Movement!  His negation of Acts 4:12, when challenged by the writer and others, drove him to utter words which should never be used by a Christian!  He was emphatic in his condemnation of 'Fundies', (fundamental Bible believing Christians); and stated that they were the only people he would not accept, because of "their bigotry"!  He then proceeded to produce a long list of Bible texts supporting his thesis (all from modern translations); and clearly propagating "all are saved", "love one another", "God is within you", etc; which is the teaching of 'many modern Groups, and the New Age Movement'!

Regarding the problem of modern translations, this is well covered in: Corruption of the Bible Text:   

Professor Paul Freeman also itemises most of the modern errors; which so mislead modern teachers and Groups.  

When the writers recently quoted these above facts to two old and trusted friends, who are involved in an Ecumenical effort in their area, there was an unbelieving, almost shocked silence, so documents were produced to substantiate. 

There is a very special reason for the deception mentioned and shown above, which is probably soon to come about.  To avoid repetition the following extract is taken from earlier work in  and shows the intricacy of Satan's workings! 

Revelation 13:8.

V.8  And all that dwell upon the Earth shall (a)worship him every one whose name is not written in the (b)Book of the Life of the Lamb slain, from the foundation of the world.

(a)   Here is reached probably the highest point on Earth (as opposed to Heaven) for the beast/Satan who now has many of the Earth's population openly worshipping him directly, and via. his false messiah and false prophet, some believing that he is the true God.  It is quite possible that the charade of Satan is so convincing that the established religions will accept him as Messiah (in the case of the Jews), the risen Christ (in the case of Christendom), and the hidden Imam (in the case of Islam).  This especially so as the beast will "hate the whore", (Rev. 17:16)  and appear to destroy her, which is clearly false righteousness  for the effect of drawing their large groups together.  The question arises, who is this entity described as "the beast"? (See 2:6 above).  Chapter 2 of Daniel describes the figure in Nebuchadnezzar's dream.  When the legs are reached they are described as iron (V.33), and from history are clearly military and religious Rome.  The ending of the military phase of Rome started in the 4th century A.D. under Constantine.  He and his very influential mother Helena, began the conversion of the Empire into a military and religious body, for many reasons, including the main one, effective control of the Empire and people.  Constantine set up his own capital at Byzantium/Stambul (Istambul) which he re-named Constantinople.  This alienated Rome, which by the 11th century A.D., split completely into the East and West of the original "Holy Roman Empire".  Since then the two have established separate orthodoxies, i.e. Eastern Orthodox, and Roman Church, (two legs).  The feet of the dream (Dan. 2:41) and the toes (V.42) are the subject of our present study.  Verse 1 describes it as having 7 heads and 10 horns (the horns are assumed to be the toes of the "image" Dan. 2:41).  Other references to it are in Dan. 7:7 "ten horns", and 7:20 "ten horns".  In 7:20 and 7:24 another horn rises and subdues 3 of them, and becomes very powerful.  It is that horn in its power base that "makes war with the saints", 7:21 & 7:25.  In Rev. 13, the beast has 7 heads.  In Dan. 7:20 the ten horns are on one head, implying that the 7 nations have become one power (Confederation), under the most powerful horn 7:21.  The identity of the little horn is the next concern.  In Dan. 8:23 we are shown that he arrives out of the divided Kingdom of Alexander the Great, (8:21-22), which divided  between his four Generals at the death of Alexander.  We also have many Scripture references to him.  I.e; in Dan. 8:23 the correct Hebrew shows that "the transgressions", (against Israel) are to reach a peak, before "he", "shall stand up".  This clearly points to the Tribulation imposed on the Jews by him (Satan) in the background, and almost certainly his full exposure ("standing up") will correspond with the breaking of "the Covenant", (Dan. 9:27).  His highest representative on Earth is commonly called "Anti-Christ".  Through the Ages he has had various roles on Earth i.e. (Isa. 14:4), (Isa. 14:12), (Isa. 14:25), (Dan. 7:8) (Dan. 8:23), (Dan. 9:26), (Dan. 11:36), (Mic. 5:5), (2 Thess. 2:3), (2 Thess. 2:8), (Rev. 13:1) & (Rev. 13:18).  Some of the above apply to his future role as Anti-Christ.

IN SUMMARY,  the "little horn", Anti-Christ emerges from the 4th beast (Confederacy) as its leader.  Initially magnanimous to Israel, there is a 3½ year period of peace for them.  After the first 3½ years, he breaks the agreement with Israel and they enter persecution (Jer. 30:7), known in prophecy as "Jacob's Trouble", for 3½ years.  However, this is the stage of the dramatic re-entry of the Christ of Jehovah onto the world stage for the first time in Power (Dan. 2:34-35, 44 and 45), (Isa.) (Zech.) & (Ezk.) etc.  Almost simultaneously much is happening to the Nations of the world, which is not of Satan, but the "wrath of God", (Rev. 16:1). 

(b)  "Book of the life of the Lamb slain, from the foundation of the world".  The word "foundation" in Greek is "Katabole", which means "overthrow".  This seems to have occurred at some stage between Gen. 1:1 and Gen. 1:2.  No information is given as to the reason, but is implicit in Almighty God's Plan of Redemption in Christ, as the Lamb's Book of Life started after that event!   Much clarity is given by Paul and Peter regarding this juncture point.  It is clear from Eph. 1:4 and 1Peter 1:20 that some are "known", before the "overthrow", some after.  Only Christ and His Body as shown in Eph. 1:4 and 1Peter 1:20 are "known" before the overthrow (foundation).  Those after are the Jew, and other groups, i.e. perhaps Christendom (religious but not of the Body of Christ), Overcomers of Revelation, and all who must eventually stand before the Great White Throne for Judgement.  Here those after are referred to.  Those before are in the opinion of the writers possibly no longer on Earth as mentioned earlier, (see Chp. 8:1(a), last para.).  Some opinions are that The Lamb's Book of Life started before the overthrow/foundation, which however is not the writers view, as that does not concur with Scripture's statements, (see ref. Rev. 3:5(c)).  What is clear is that The Lamb's Blood is retrospective from the overthrow/foundation, and that there are two groupings, those known before and those after. 

So it is seen that the stakes are high, and that Satan expects to win!  From this description it is easy to see that many good hearted and sincere but deluded people and Christians are and will be involved on the side of Satan: but are too deluded by their teachers, and do not study Scripture for themselves to see the facts! 

It is our prayer that many Christians will wake up; and represent Christ in truth, in the full realization of ACTS 4:12!  

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