The Day of the Lord (Jehovah)


Extracts and comments from Revelation Chps. 1:10, 1:7, 2:12, 2:19, 4:2(d), 7:14, 15:3(f) & 22:7(a)



I came to be in the SPIRIT (a)in the Day of the Lord, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a (b)trumpet.  

(a)  “Day of the Lord", (the correct translation is The Day of Jehovah); a large proportion of Christians on Earth believe that this expression means Sunday.  This particular Pagan day/festival was set up by Constantine, when he and his mother were forming the "Holy Roman Empire".  They changed worship from the Hebrew/ Christian "Sabbath", to the Pagan "day of the Sun", i.e. "Sunday".  The Roman Church has continued ever since, followed by all the others over time.  The word sun in Hebrew can mean lord, which can mean Baal!  In Syrian, Adonis, (from Adonia) which can mean lord!  As Charles Welch observed, "both are pagan, masking paganism by traditional sanctity".  

The various Churches, even if they study and teach Revelation (most do not), also teach that meaning.  To do so negates the Truth, the thrust and the meaning of Revelation, which in itself negates Christ, the Jews and the Almighty.   Regarding "The Day of the Lord"(Jehovah), as this expression is a specific turning point (juncture) in the history of the world, and is when Almighty God takes over the Rule of all the world  from Jerusalem, (see: Jerusalem;  Bible Dispensations; Jacob's Trouble; World Population Reduction; and all Papers under the Heading “Prophecy” in Subjects Grouped; (SUBJECTS GROUPED)!  See also list of most References to “The Lord’s Day”: Isa. 2:12; 13:6-9; Ezk. 13:5; Joel 1:15; 2:1-11; 3:14; Amos 5:18 & 20; Obad. 15; Zeph. 1:7 &14; Mal. 4:5; Ezk. 30:3; Zech. 14:1; 1Thess. 5:2; 2Thess. 2:2; 2Peter 3:10 & Rev. 1:10! 

At the present time (July 2021) it is still “man’s day” 1Cor. 4:3; which with all the world’s troubles; and Matt. 24 and Daniel’s prophetic signs, must soon come to crisis point and give way to Rev. 1:10; “THE DAY OF ALMIGHTY GOD” on Earth! (see Isa. 66:7-13 below).

However, one can expect no other from the "god of this world", (2Cor. 4:4); who is constantly seeking, especially through the Churches and religious groups, to stop The Truth being understood! 

See: The Father of Lies also  Prophets, Prophetesses, Shepherds and Teachers.  

The Day of Jehovah will be unmistakable, (Isa. 13:6-13) (Joel 1: 15) (Obadiah 15 &16) and (Zech. 14:1-11).  

(b)  Trumpet, Old Testament link with war and the “Day of the Lord”, and as a proclamation sounding, to gain the attention of Israel for important events and announcements.  This clearly is continued prophetically in Revelation.   


(a)Behold!  He cometh (b)with the clouds; and every eye shall (c)see HIM, and they also which (d)pierced HIM: and all tribes of the land shall wail because of HIM. (e)Even so, Amen.  

As can be seen from verse 7 "every eye shall see Him" (Christ), and the verse goes on to say and those that pierced Him, clearly referring to the Jewish nation.  This clearly also means that all nations and peoples will witness that event.  

As John has been projected forward to Jehovah's Day which is future, it is our opinion (2021) that all of Revelation is still yet future. 

In the apparent chronology of Joel regarding "The Day of the Lord", the Day in question appears to arrive at the same time as the Lord's decent from Heaven to rescue His remnant people Israel, (i.e. from then on)!  As has however been stated by more than one Bible teacher, "The Daymay well not be one day as we understand as 24 hour day, but a period of time, (i.e. from then on).  The events that are related in the coming Chapters of Revelation show that timings of events are in the hands of Almighty God, and a careful reading of the prophets who are on record on this subject are quite similar in events before and after the salvaging of the remnant Israel.  It is therefore probable that the "Day of the Lord", as well as marking the profound change to His Rule; covers a period of time (see above) up to the New Heaven and Earth, as opposed to one 24 hour day, or an instant in time.  Having said that, one must remember Isa. 61:2 (fulfilled by Jesus), 63:4 and 66:7-13 (see below); together with other O.T. references which indicate instant or fast action.

In the case of Isaiah 66:8, the ref. is without doubt that of Israel's 2nd birth! many say that such is not possible "in one day"!  However; in the context of modern Israel, it has already happened!  On the 14th day of May 1948, the nation was legally born in the context of the Balfour declaration, which was ratified  by the "San Remo Conference" and Declared by the League of nations, (now called "United Nations").  Although the new nation of Israel was immediately attacked by all the Arab nations surrounding it, it prevailed; which proved the verses Isaiah 66:9-13, showing the covering Almighty God has on Israel, as His chosen People.  The Scriptures of Daniel, Isaiah, Obadiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, (Joel in particular); summarised by Jesus in Matthew  24 and 25!  The progress has been slowed so far by the resistances of Israel's enemies; however, Judah has yet to be reinstated with Israel, together with Samaria; which cannot be stopped; as Almighty God has declared it!!  The book of Joel shows the slowing down of the full Birth of the New nation of Israel, but the 3rd Chapter shows the Final result, as also Obadiah!  The summation of the matter is shown in Psalm 2!

We know from Dan. 9:27, 11:31, and 12:11, that "the Covenant" is broken 1260 days after its commencement, and the Jews are then in terrible  tribulation.

The "seven Churches” (= Ekklesia, which is the correct translation and means "separated or called out people", and corrects the Church of England and others misunderstanding); in the next two Chapters, are clearly in tribulation from Satan, so it is logical to assume that the "Lord's Day” starts at the same time, but not in its overt strength until Rev. 19. 


And to the angel of the Church (= Ekklesia, see: earlier note) in (a)Pergamos write: these things saith He which hath the sharp sword with two edges: 

When Satan sets up his throne in this Ancient Greek site, he will be at the epi-centre of his spiritual stronghold, as physical Babylon is destroyed and the centre of Greek pagan worship, and as the "chief pagan god".  This is why in the period after Christ's Ascension, so much effort was expended by the Apostle Paul etc., "in taking the battle to the Enemy", at his main location.  That area will again be central in the yet future (Zech. 9:13), as Zech. 9 describes the destruction of Greece and others of Israel's enemies in the "Day of the Lord".


I know thy (a)works, and love, and service, and (b)faith and thy patience, and thy (a)works, and the last (a)works to be more than the first. 

(a)  The emphasis here on works, shows that in the "Day of the Lord”  (Isa. 66:18), the Lord has commissioned the 7 Churches (= Ekklesia, see: earlier note) to do the work given originally to the Patriarchs, and latterly to Israel at Pentecost, and removed from them at Acts 28:28. 


Immediately I came to be in (a)the power of the Spirit: and behold, (b)a throne was set in Heaven, and (c)One sitting (d)on the throne. 

(d)  (Comp. App. 104 IX 3), shows an emphasis from Heaven to Earth, denoting the Jehovah Zebaoth state, (God of all the Earth, dealing with the Earth and inhabitants). 

The Title Jehovah Zebaoth means Jehovah of Hosts, and is translated in the KJV "Lord of Hosts".  This standardised mistranslation does not give the reader the knowledge and sense of whom Almighty God is addressing!

Clarity is given in App. 98 and 4, Comp. Bible.  This undoubtedly can be misleading and confusing for the reader of Scripture, as it does not help to differentiate or clarify near term prophecy to long term prophecy related to Israel.  Because of Dr. Christian David Ginsgburg's notes entrusted to Dr. Bullinger for the OT work of the Companion Bible, the differentiation is made easy due to the margin notes.  


And I said unto him, "my Lord, thou knowest".  And he said to me, (a)"These are they who came out of The Great Tribulation, (b)and washed their robes, and made them white by the blood of the Lamb”.

There are many teachers (if not most)! that emphatically state that the ones referred to here are all Christians of all Ages (i.e. different Age times).  One of the justifications for that view is the reference in Rev. 4:1; "After these things", i.e. taught as after the seven Churches (= Ekklesia, see: earlier note) of Rev. 2 and 3, and implying or stating that at that juncture (i.e. between Chps. 3 and 4) the Translation of the Church (the Body of Christ) shall have taken place.  This seems to be a majority view.  However, the writers at this stage in time (Jan. 2001, 2014 and June 2019) do not hold to that view.  To pivot so emphatically on Rev. 4:1 seems perverse, and stretches or ignores the meanings of Rev. 1:10  (see notes), where "the Day of the Lord (i.e. Jehovah)", to the writers is the most profound pivot point in time, and is repeatedly referred to throughout the Old Testament, as one of the most profound changes on Earth brought about by the Almighty.  Also the whole scene is set by Christ before He addresses the 7 Churches (= Ekklesia, see: earlier note), where, predominantly "Overcoming" is a repeated exhortation, and specific time is given to "endure" to Smyrna of 10 days!  Whereas, specific times are carefully avoided in general in the New Testament, but time given in “days” generally in Scripture refer to troubled times in the context of Israel! 


And they sing (a)the song of Moses (b)the servant of God, and (c)the song of the Lamb, saying (d)Great and marvellous are His works, Lord God Almighty; (e)just and true are Thy ways, (f)Thou King of Nations. 

(f)  “Thou King of Nations”; this event following the beginning of  “The Day of The Lord”, is repeatedly prophesied and predicted throughout the Old Testament writings, and also in the New Testament, especially by Jesus Christ, and the apostle Paul.  When it takes place, with the throne in Jerusalem with Satan doomed to 1000 years in captivity, the rule of man will be over.  The rule of God through Christ will have perfect justice and fairness which has never yet happened on Earth!   

The question is, why will justice be needed in the Millennial Reign period?  Because man’s sin nature is still in place.  They will still transgress, but Satan cannot be the cause or the blame during this period.  Therefore, man’s fall at Eden is being dealt with, and the curse imposed at that time is not removed until the end of the Millennial Reign, (Rev. 22:3), and the justice meted out will be swift, precise, and Divine.

Such has never been the case on Earth yet, and will lead all who live on Earth to understand and know (Jehovah’s) meaning for the words fairness and justice; and those in Heaven (Heavenly creation), to see that original sin (Eden), and sin incarnate (Satan), are succumbed to the Perfect Love of Jehovah Zebaoth, and His Justice.  (See: Millennial Purpose).


(a)Behold, I come quickly: (b)blessed is he that keeps the sayings of the prophecy of this book". 

(a)  See Chps. 2:16, 3:11, 22:12 & 22:20.  The context is Rev. 1:10, “The Day of the Lord”, (Jehovah).  When that "Day” arrives the events are speedy, and the Lord’s return “quick”.  (See the whole of the Book of Joel).    

Note from Rev. Chap. 17:8

It must be stated here that many respected Bible commentators and students, are of the firm opinion that physical Babylon is to be rebuilt!

Most use Zech. 5 as evidence, as well as Isa. 13 and many other references from Scripture.  This must be a matter of individual interpretation, at different stages of history, with as open a mind as possible; prayerfully considered.

The main argument by those that propose the rebuilding of Ancient Babylon the city; are the many references to its destruction in the O.T. by Jehovah God, "In the Day of the Lord".  It is our contention that Babylon the city, is confused with Babylon the Land, as in Scripture the land is referred to as Babylon, instead of "Babylonia" (i.e. modern Iraq and part of Syria).  This view is supported by such references as Jer. 51:43, referring to "the cities" (plural).  Also Jer. 51:29 and elsewhere "the land of Babylon"!

A further supporting comment is that even if Babylon the city was to be rebuilt, as such a small entity, it would not easily encompass the whole Earth as the narrative of Chps.17 and 18 show.

However, time will show the true interpretation. 

If the opinion is held that "The Day of the Lord" is not just one day, but a period of time; then quite easily there could be an overlap of the wrath of  God on Earth, and the "Jacob's Trouble" imposed on Israel by Satan.  Some commentators opine that the 3½ year Tribulation on Israel is simultaneous with God's wrath on the nations, and also that this may be "The Day of the Lord"! 


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