The Comforter


Question:  How come the Biblical Moses continued writing long after his death?


You should not underestimate the Holy Spirit!

As Jesus said, “I will send the Comforter”, who in that case was guiding the apostle Paul and others!

Also the same would apply to the Moses situation.

It is common knowledge that enemies of the Bible, and Almighty God, make as much play as they are allowed in the world, and on this Forum, for example, to unsettle the “seekers” of the Truth of Almighty God in Christ Jesus!

The Truth however will prevail, and His Word “will not return to Him void”, Isa. 55:11!

To summarise; all the enemy's people and their attacks will not prevail against God’s Word, and they will be dealt with at Christ’s return!

Please read and absorb 2Timothy 3:16–17, and rest in its Truth.


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