The Church, and Conflicting Teachings



Question:  What has caused so many to say the Bible and Church are Fairy tales?


That is completely understandable, as the different Churches have different training and dogmas, and they have had control for centuries, with much erroneous teaching; but the Holy Spirit (the Comforter) always has His way!

With the advent of universal education and travel, people do more basic thinking, which IMO Almighty God wishes to happen.

For people who are sincere, and treat the subject of “existence” etc. seriously, if the person will persevere, and prayerfully ask for TRUE information, Almighty God will eventually oblige, and the Knowledge sought will be given!

This may be a long process, but not always, a great deal depends on the prayerful tenacity of the individual!

The only way to know and check knowledge found is to check with the Bible, and if one can find a good Bible-based Church Group, that will always be an advantage; but, always checking what is taught in prayerful Bible study!

Our own “walk” in this mode is outlined in this Link; we hope it is fruitful!

A WALK OF FAITH (The Authors Experience)


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