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There is much discussion, teaching and controversy on the subject of the Biblical Holy Spirit.  There are definite facts which are easily read in the Old Testament (OT), which are clearly different to the reading in the New Testament (NT), and in the NT, differences which do cause much confusion. 

Many religious Groups have formed since the Protestant Reformation, and almost all seem to contain error in their teaching regarding the bestowal of the Holy Spirit (HS), and results of that bestowal on the lives and actions of their Group members.  The Groups known as the “Charismatics”, or “Pentecostals”, have taken the words of the Apostle Peter in Acts 2, as their own, and that the words of Peter refer to them now at this present time; ignoring the fact that all the people gathered in Jerusalem for the Passover Feast were Jews!  The Events of Pentecost; What is the Truth? (Discussion Document) and GIFTS AT PENTECOST.  

The actions of the HS are evident as the Bible is read from beginning to end, but the purpose is not always the same.  Clearly both men and women were empowered for periods of time, for a particular task, which always related to the advancement of God’s Plans related to His Promises, starting at Genesis with the Fall of Eve and Adam.  God provided a way out of the death situation provoked by Satan, by His promise in Gen. 3:15; which was eventually seen to be progressed in Jesus the Christ, in His life and Crucifixion, yet to be completed at the end of Millennial, when He hands the finished work to the Father!  See: 

So, why so much confusion regarding the HS both in reading and Group teaching?  In the view of the writers it’s because of the failure of sincere teachers and people to differentiate the purposes and timings of Almighty God; which often hinge on the decisions of people He is dealing with, and their will!  A very clear example of this principal is the rejection of Christ Jesus by the Jewish people as their Messiah!  This finally took place at the end of Acts, and in Chapter 28 the Jewish people were replaced by the Gentiles, as the Prime Purpose of God’s Love and Grace in the Death Sacrifice of Jesus the Christ!

At that change, the Jews were no longer the Prime Object of God, but were “disowned” by God for a period of time (Lo-Ammi, Hos. 1:9), but would be the people of God again in the future (Hos. 1:10-11, 2:1) & (Jer. 31:27-28). 

The actions, empowerment, and purpose of the HS were with Israel’s servants in the Acts period in similar form, as the OT, as is seen in the many miraculous happenings in the Acts of the Apostles; as the purpose up to Acts 28:28 was still to establish Jesus Christ as Messiah, by the acceptance of the Jewish Sanhedrin! 

During the Acts period, the HS was bestowed by the “laying on of hands” (Acts 8:17 & 19:6), and was still intended for evangelism to the Jewish people of the “Kingdom Gospel”, embodied in Christ Jesus, in their various tongues.  Hence they were immediately gifted with those abilities, Acts 19:6! 

After the events of the end of Acts, there was a change in the way the HS acted/acts; as Christ’s return to Earth was/is in abeyance.  The Apostle Paul wrote seven further Epistles: Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Titus, Philemon and 1&2 Timothy.  These writings reflect the change from Jewish priority to Gentile priority, and also announce the “Mystery Body”, where in Gentiles would be “fellow heirs” with the Jews, in one Body (Eph. 3)!  That Body is non-other than Christ Himself; who is our Head (Col. 1:18). 

Paul writes extensively in his first 7 letters regarding the Body, and in those the Jew is Prime Object as per prophecy, leading up to the acceptance of Christ Jesus as Messiah.  In Ephesians he marvels at the revelation that had been given to him, that the Gentiles had become Prime Object in the new entity, the Body of Christ.  That situation to remain until their “full number is made up” (Rom. 11:25), which will coincide approximately with the re-adoption of Israel (Ammi) in the yet future. 

Because of the rejection by Israel of Christ Jesus, the need for endowment by the HS of languages and other supernatural gifts to evangelise them has gone, so what is the action and purpose of the HS today?   

In the opinion of the writers Scripture is clear regarding the “sealing” of the Christian in Heavenly places by the HS (Eph. 1:3, 1:13 & 2:6).  This “sealing in Heaven”, is irreversible, which ensures that a person cannot lose their Salvation in Christ!  The fact that the "sealing" is not on Earth, removes all possibility of interference of contamination by Satan, or the person. 

Regarding the rest of their lives, the assurance is given that we have “Christ in our hearts” (Eph. 3:17) and it is the opinion of the writers that by prayer and supplication we may ask for empowerment for purpose that befits the Father’s Will, through Christ Who sits at The Father’s Right Hand.  The fact of “the purpose”, is the same emphasis as OT and NT, up to Acts 28:28, and the granting by God of His Holy Spirit “for purpose” in this Age will be for the advancement of the Body of Christ worldwide (Eph. 4:12), and will not cease until this Age ceases!  The analogy is used in Eph. 5:18 of wine, which can lead to excess; whereas the request for HS infusion for purpose which would be empowerment, (Eph. 3:16-21), would be granted by the Father through Christ, which will not be to excess!  That empowerment will be for the purpose, and not a permanent feature and is often/mostly discreet (as opposed to the Charismatic mode, of public demonstration) which is false, and/or Satan empowered, whilst we remain in our fallen bodies; but when glorified as is He, when in the Millennial, much greater action and empowerment will probably be possible, for His Purpose. 

It is the opinion of the writers, that many Christians have experienced private holy spirit empowerment, when they have prayed for something which is in the Father's Will, (sometimes the "empowerment" by HS is hardly noticed, as He enables events and happenings to conclusion), but have unfortunately been drawn to and subsumed into the Pentecostal or Charismatic Churches, when they shared the experience with other Christians.  There is the severe warning from the Apostles, that Satan rampages and engulfs with counterfeits of all kinds, to reduce the effectiveness of the sincere Christian, when in such groups.  The leaders of such groups will not easily allow examination of their claims under controlled conditions; as that would entail loss of their power and control, and their false teaching! 

At death, the spirit of Christ leaves the Christian, and goes to be with Christ Jesus; (Phil. 1:23 & Acts 7:59).   

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