Anti-Christ  Revelation Chapter 13:8

The Anti-Christ, Revelation Chapter 13:8   


V.8  And all that dwell upon the Earth shall (a)worship him every one whose name is not written in the (b)Book of the Life of the Lamb slain, from the foundation of the world. 

(a) Here is reached probably the highest point on Earth (as opposed to Heaven) for the beast/Satan, who now has many of the Earth's population openly worshipping him directly, and via. his false messiah and false prophet, some believing that he is the true God. 

It is quite possible that the charade of Satan is so convincing that the established religions will accept him as Messiah (in the case of the Jews), the risen Christ (in the case of Christendom), and the hidden Imam (in the case of Islam).

This especially so as the beast will "hate the whore", (Rev. 17:16) and appear to destroy her, which is clearly false righteousness for the effect of drawing their large groups together. 

The question arises, who is this entity described as "the beast”?  Chapter 2 of Daniel describes the figure in Nebuchadnezzar's dream.  When the legs are reached they are described as iron (V.33), and from history are clearly military and religious Rome. 

The ending of the military phase of Rome started in the 4th century A.D. under Constantine.  He and his very influential mother Helena, began the conversion of the Empire into a military and religious body, for many reasons, including the main one, effective control of the Empire and people.  Constantine set up his own capital at Byzantium/Stambul (Istambul) which he re-named Constantinople. 

This alienated Rome, which by the 11th century A.D., split completely into the East and West of the original "Holy Roman Empire".  Since then the two have established separate orthodoxies, i.e. Eastern Orthodox, and Roman Church, (two legs).  

The feet of the dream (Dan. 2:41) and the toes (V.42) are the subject of our present study.  Verse 1 describes it as having 7 heads and 10 horns (the horns are assumed to be the toes of the "image" Dan. 2:41).  Other references to it are in Dan. 7:7 "ten horns", and 7:20 "ten horns".  In 7:20 and 7:24 another horn rises and subdues 3 of them, and becomes very powerful.  It is that horn in its power base that "makes war with the saints", 7:21 and 7:25. 

In Rev. 13, the beast has 7 heads.  In Dan. 7:20 the ten horns are on one head, implying that the 7 Nations have become one power (Confederation), under the most powerful horn 7:21. 

The identity of the little horn is the next concern.  In Dan. 8:23 we are shown that he arrives out of the divided kingdom of Alexander the Great, (8:21-22), which was divided between his four Generals at the death of Alexander.  We also have many Scripture references to him.  I.e.; in Dan. 8:23 the correct Hebrew shows that "the transgressions", (against Israel) are to reach a peak, before "he", "shall stand up".  

This clearly points to the Tribulation imposed on the Jews by him (Satan) in the background, and almost certainly his full exposure ("standing up") will correspond with the breaking of "the Covenant", (Dan. 9:27).  

His highest representative on Earth is commonly called “Anti-Christ”.  Through the Ages he has had various roles on Earth i.e. (Isa. 14:4), (Isa. 14:12), (Isa. 14:25), (Dan. 8:23), (7:8), (Dan. 9:26), (Dan. 11:36), (Mic. 5:5), (2Thess. 2:3), (2Thess. 2:8), (Rev. 13:1) and (Rev. 13:18). Some of the above apply to his future role as Anti-Christ. 

IN SUMMARY, the "little horn", Anti-Christ emerges from the 4th beast (Confederacy) as its leader. 

Initially magnanimous to Israel, there is a 3½ year period of peace for them.  After the first 3½ years, he breaks the agreement with Israel and they enter persecution (Jer. 30:7), known in prophecy as "Jacob's Trouble", for 3½ years. 

However, this is the stage of the dramatic re-entry of the Christ of Jehovah onto the world stage for the first time in Power (Dan. 2:34-35, 44 and 45), (Isa.), (Zech.) & (Ezk.) etc. (as opposed to His first Advent as the Son of Man, and the Sacrificial Lamb).  Simultaneously much is happening to the Nations of the world, which is not of Satan, but the "wrath of God", (Rev. 16:1). 

There are some who claim that there is no such entity as "Anti-Christ", because the word is not used explicitly.

This is not so, and is intended to deceive and unsettle those people that want the Truth regarding the future, from the Word of God.  1John 2:18 refers to the Anti-Christ in both singular and plural, the singular to the person, as embodied in the above text, and the plural in the general attitude and conviction in people against the person and Salvation work of Christ.  The references in 2Thess. 2:3-9, is specific to the person, and descriptive of his actions in the last 3½ years of time, prior to Christ's 2nd Advent! 

Any who try to argue against these truths, are identifying themselves as "Anti-Christ" in the plural!   

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