The 144,000


Extracts and comments from Revelation CHAPTER 14:1

Note:  Verses 1 to 5, are just before terrible events on Earth for the Jewish population from Satan, and for all anti-Jehovah Gentiles from Jehovah God Almighty, whose wrath is released on mankind for the first time, since the flood.

V.1.  And I saw, lo, (a)The Lamb standing on the (b)Mount Sion, and (a)with Him an (a)
hundred forty and four thousand, (c)having His name and (c)His Father's name written (c)on their foreheads. 

(a)"The Lamb"; unfortunately, the Church of England again diminish the original in the Authorised Version, by changing to "a  Lamb", which could mean anything!  The intent of the Holy Spirit was/is to convey "The" Lamb, (Str. Interlinear number 721).  The origin of the meaning through various levels is, "a male, strong to lift or raise".  It is interesting that the Authorised renders, "a Lamb", the N.I.V., the Lamb both with a capital L, but both without the definite article The Lamb.  The Interlinear has Lamb without the definite article, but in the vernacular Greek used, the word (721) means the above.  There is only One, which is The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the World, (John 1:29 & 36); and Who also was found worthy to open the seals of the scroll in the sole timing of Jehovah Zebaoth (Rev. 5:9).
"With Him an hundred forty and four thousand";  (see Rev. 7:3-8) (144,000), the number we know is made up of 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel (12 x 12,000) see Rev. 7.  

The number 12 in Scripture means "Governmental perfection", (App. 10 Comp.).  Here there is 12 x 12 = 144, which would indicate extreme Governmental perfection (or ultimate Governmental perfection), which can only mean Government by Almighty God is about to begin.  

This therefore confirms that which was stated in Chapter (1:10) "in the LORD'S DAY", (as opposed to the day of man, which is the present case).  

An interesting aspect to this grouping is that they are "With Him"!  They are also all male (Rev. 7:4, where the Greek word "Huios", is son, or male, [Str. 5207], and confirming God’s Order).  

There is a parallel to be drawn with King David's "Adullam", group (1Sam. 22:1, 1Sam. 23:13, 1Chron. 11:15 & Micah 1:15), so called, being a cave in enemy territory (Nephilim), and just prior to David attaining power.  But certainly a parallel can be drawn with David's early companions in arms (1Sam. 21), in light of V.4(a) where ceremonial cleanliness in David's men was required to be allowed the priests bread!  (Shew bread) (1Sam. 21:1-6).  

It is clear from our Lord's statement in Matt. 12:3-6, when the Pharisees criticised His 12 disciples He referred them to 1Sam. 21:4, and by implication to Exodus 28:36-38, Lev. 15:15-30 and Lev. 24:9, which confirms the priestly function, the separation, and the Holiness (separation) of the Names on the foreheads of the 144,000 

The Lord's statement about Himself in Matt. 12:6 and 8 stated the Truth about His person, and the importance of the grouping, of Himself and His disciples, (see Rev. 14:4, and compare with 1Sam. 21:1-6).  The importance of being in a state of ceremonial cleanness for a priestly function, such as that by David, and his men, our Lord and his disciples and in Rev. 14:4 by the 144,000 with The Lamb, is essential in the plan and work of Jehovah Zebaoth towards the undoing of the work of Satan in the Garden of Eden.  

Eve's was the first sin, Gen. 3:13, but Adam's is the responsibility, Gen. 3:17, so that the persuasive effect of the woman upon the man, and the weakness of the man upon the woman must be eliminated for the cleansing service and functionbecause the order of Jehovah Zebaoth will be established upon the Earth, during the Millennial Reign of Christ.  

At the present time the female influence and power has grown which is why the Apostle Paul forbad woman to teach men (1Tim. 2:12-14), and the male weakness is prevalent, which has also grown.  The weakness of men is not in the acknowledged macho sense, but in the acceptance of female controls (both conscious and unconscious), their lack of acknowledgement of God Almighty, and the knowing of Him in Christ through study of Scripture.  Their greatest weakness is then their lack of proclaiming Him in Truth, and their lack of challenging the pagan groups, the wrong teaching in Christendom, and the deliberate mis-teaching of the Roman Church.  

When the Lamb and His 144,000 start their work, all the Order will start to be established, as it is in Heaven, i.e. 1st Jehovah God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, 2nd man, 3rd woman, then children, followed by animals.  (This should not be confused with the standing of men and women in Christ).  

The Davidic example projects through to Rev. 14:1, where the end-time, grouping of Christ and His representative 12 (12,000 x 12) are stated, preparing and prepared for the purpose of Jehovah Zebaoth about to be enacted.  As we know from Scripture that Christ is "great David's greater Son", (Num. 24:17, Zech. 6:12-13, 2 Peter 1:19 & Rev. 22:16), and in Rev. 14:1 is here poised for action to take Jerusalem and rule.  The Davidic account in Sam., Chron., and Kings is significant, which of course his Greater Son will perform perfectly, to His Father's will.  In Matt. 12:6, Jesus refers to Himself as "greater than the Temple", meaning that He is the Anointed One, Christ, the One Who is to comeHere, Jehovah Zebaoth in Christ is about to change the whole world, starting in Jerusalem.


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