'Tares' in the Bible 

Where the actions of Christ Jesus are called into question by human agency, true Christian (Christ-One) must always hold the doubter in a very careful embrace, as the main weapon of the great enemy Satan, is to cast doubt into the minds of all humans regarding the truth and veracity of God’s Word.  When one considers the powerful assault on the early Church regarding the Deity of Jesus the Christ, and when one sees that the Roman Church had the power to accept or reject that Doctrine, and went on to adopt so much of Ancient Babylon’s religious practice; it is easy to see the truth of our Lord’s and the Apostle Paul’s words, that “Satan is the god of this world”!  That statement means that Satan has the power and authority at present on Earth which almost everybody is oblivious to, which leaves the world’s people at a disadvantage; as they are not able to discern most or any of his actions.  That is especially true if they are members of one of the many Sects now abundant including especially the ‘New Age Movement’!  (See: "New Age" Religion:).

Satan clearly showed his power and authority when attempting to seduce the newly Baptised and Commissioned Jesus in the wilderness (Matt. 4:9); which attempt mirrored his actions in Eden with the first Adam (except Jesus did not have an ‘Eve’; see: Eve and Adam).  The fact of “no Eve”, forced Satan to approach Jesus directly, and without the subterfuge of Eve and he could not use corrupted Scripture (God’s Word); without being corrected by Jesus. 

This placed Jesus eventually (3 years later) as the "Lamb without blemish”; 1Pet. 1:19; Exodus 12:5; Eph. 5:27; Lev. 4:32 and Lev. 1:3. 

Jesus had just started His mission on Earth as the “second Adam” (1Cor. 15:22 & 45); but was not going to fail, as the first Adam did but was “tested as all humans are” (Heb. 4:15) on all points, “but without sin”!  

Jesus had/has the task of undoing the success of Satan in Eden; and unseating Satan finally; after his rebellion against God.  Satan, as the god of planet Earth presently, and his influence in Heaven after his rebellion against God as depicted and recorded in Ezek. 28 and Isa. 14; will be defeated and destroyed, after 1000 years of imprisonment, and God’s final dealing with him! 

Most people in the Western culture, who have been given a standard “Christian” education, will have heard at some stage of the Parable Jesus told of the “Tares” (Matt. 13:24-30 & 36-43); especially as “the householder", (Jesus), described the offender as “an Enemy” see: Father of Lies, John 8:44 

The description by Jesus on this subject actually starts at Verse 1 of Chapter 13, and, as seen in V.14 is at that time intended for the Jews of  Israel only; (but since Acts 28:28, for all peoples of the world)!  

For Jesus to be so emphatic in this statement, means that His (and His Father’s) reason for so doing has more than a passing importance!  

It is easy to see why Israel was/is so important to Almighty God/ Christ Jesus, as they are “chosen” (Ex. 19:5); and for very special purpose; for out of them would come the “Saviour” of the World (Gen. 3:15); and much of the Bible describes their formation; commissioning; failures; conflicts; punishments; and eventually their Diaspora; and eventual restoration, (yet to be at January 2018)!  

The Gen. 3:15 promise was given in Eden at the failure of Eve, then Adam, to obey God’s instruction’s re. one fruit, of one tree in the Garden; (“the forbidden Fruit”) see above link; and the consequences of that failure (often referred to as “The Fall”); had to be addressed and be corrected for the Plan of Almighty God to progress to completion in the World!  (See: Acts 4:12).  

At this stage, it needs to be understood, that what is being constantly tested; and also illustrated, is “free will”, both of humankind, (illustrated by Eve and Adam; also Israel’s failure to hold their fidelity); and other beings such as angels and their superiors; and not only in the Age Times shown in the Bible, but also in time prior to the history and description from Genesis to Revelation; as hinted in Gen. 1:1-2; and recorded in Ezk. 28 and Isa.14!  (See: Genesis 1:1 Enigma).

Dr. Bullinger in the Companion Bible, starts the probable explanation of the above comment, in his notes on page 3 of the Companion Bible; and his Appendix 146.  These indicate that there had been previous Creation/s on Earth, which were “overthrown” (erroneously translated ‘foundation’ by various translators)!  That “overthrow” by Almighty God, was certainly because of their great evil and paganism; and may in part be seen in the ancient fossils from time on Earth prior to Eden!  

There are ongoing attempts by “Scientists” to link very old humanoid fossils to current mankind since Eden; even going so far as to state that modern humans have 3-4% of Ancient Neanderthal DNA; which is more subjective than objective; as the so called DNA extraction from Neanderthal fossils is not accepted as “objective Science” by many in the Scientific community, as it is considered “veracity not confirmed”, and therefore speculation!  (See: Age of the Earth Controversy: and For the Atheist and the Evolutionist).   

When understanding the fall of the most beautiful of God’s created beings; Satan; who rebelled against God; and desired to be “as God”; the puzzles regarding the history of the World’s inhabitants, and the combat between God/Christ and Satan, starts to link together and understanding dawns, for the sincere Christian searching for the truth!  (See: Satan's Origins;).  

The remarkable fact is that even after Satan’s rebellion (in his free will), and fall from grace, Almighty God allowed him to continue his rebellious activity, and to operate in Heaven and Earth, as is shown in the book of Job, Chapters 1 and 2!  

It is recorded in Revelation that Satan is successful in obtaining 33% of angels to also rebel to his side (Rev. 12:4 and 9); the following is extracted from earlier work, to illustrate that point.  

12:4  And his tail dragged the (a)third part of the stars of Heaven, and cast them to the Earth: and the dragon (b)is standing before the woman which is about to bring forth, in order to eat up her (c)child as soon as it was born. 

(a)  Satan, since his original fall, has persuaded to his cause many angelic Creation which are numbered in Scripture (see V.9) as a third of all the angels of Heaven, which have done and are doing his bidding. The exact timing of his fall was certainly when Satan as a son (created) of God rebelled against his Creator, and claimed equality, (Ezk. 28:12-19).   

Satan is a well-kept secret.  Although known of from Scripture he is not taken seriously by people, and is even regarded as a sort of joke, or figure of Halloween imagery.  Almost all of the World's misery is attributable to him, even though Almighty God usually gets the blame.  Almost everybody at some time has blamed The Almighty for some misfortune, which in fact should be laid at the door of Satan, or human fallen nature, or both.  There is no more powerful entity on Earth at the present time than Satan, (except for the Holy Spirit).  

Our Lord Himself acknowledged Satan as the prince of this World (John 12:31), (John 14:30) & (John 16:11).  The Apostle Paul writing under the influence of the Holy Spirit, called Satan, "the prince of the power of the air", (Eph. 2:2).  These and many other Bible references show the power that is at present Satan's, and people will find to their cost that he is real, and behind all of the evil events, trends and control of humans that Paul wrote about so vividly and accurately to Timothy 2000 years ago, (2Tim. 3).   

12:9  And the (a)great dragon was cast down, the Ancient serpent, called the Devil (slanderer) and Satan (adversary) the one deceiving the whole World; he was cast out into the Earth, and his angels were cast out with him.   

(a)   Until this moment described, Satan had place in Heaven, despite his rebellion against God, his evil, and his constant attempts to subvert Heavenly Creation to his side.  Also, he constantly attempts to accuse, discredit and latterly destroy Israel.  In the book of Job, Satan is shown to be free to patrol the Earth, and with the permit of God, do his best to destroy faith in God on Earth.  In V.8, he no longer has free access to God, is cast to Earth, and as we see in Revelation, regarding Israel (and many God revering people) is allowed a short time of open direct tyranny, with no attempt at pretence in the 3½ years of Israel's extreme persecution (see V.12).    

From the above brief descriptions, it is seen from Scripture that God Almighty has for all time up to the present, been looking for sincerity in His created beings; and to that end has given free will to them; and their choices determine their eventual eternal condition, position, locations; or not!  

The above describes the failures; Satan; angels; the first humans in this Creation from Adam; Israel; and now latterly Gentiles since Acts 28:28!   

Each stage has its own story of failure:  

Satan’s failure; pride and arrogance!  

Eve’s (Adam’s); disobedience!  

Israel’s; lack of sincerity and fidelity to their promise and word!  

Currently, the Gentile period; lack of Truth in the teachings of the leaders to the people; especially since Acts 28:28 and failing to teach Acts 4:12; and particularly ignoring 2Tim. 2:15; i.e. gaining and teaching the Truth of the Bible (i.e., correctly understanding the Bible)!   

In this present Gentile Age; there is remedy for all who sincerely seek it; Christ Jesus; executed; Risen; sitting at the Right Hand of God on High; awaiting the time of His Second Advent on Earth The reason He is the solution to all the failures shown above, is that He was (in His free will) obedient to God The Father in all aspects that were demanded of Him; and to all that “look upon Him Who was pierced” with their hearts acceptance of Him; are destined for eternal life!  

The Apostle John sums up the love of God in Christ: God so loved the World, that He gave His Only Begotten Son, that all that believe in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16).  

Jesus therefore for those people becomes their death substitute, by His death on the cross of Calvary, and their faith in Him (by their free will); and they move from death to life eternal; and are sealed in Heaven; awaiting their completion at the Second Advent of Christ Jesus!  

It will have been seen above that the greatest obstacle to all human kind is Satan, and the freedom that he has at present to try to undo the work of all that God has put in place.  This is what Jesus was referring to in the “Parable of the Tares”. 

Satan has tried to undo God’s provision in each of the Age related events described above; and an early example was his attempt to thwart the great promise of Gen. 3:15; by perverting the seed line from Adam to Mary the mother of Jesus, by the introduction of fallen angels to the “daughters of men” (Gen. 6:2); described in some detail in the Links ( Nephilim; & Nephilim, who were they, and why?).  

That is one of the reasons that God ordered their destruction by Saul and King David.  

When it was known that the “Messiah” would be of the tribe of Judah; Satan tried many times to eliminate that line without success; and Jesus was therefore able to fulfil His mission to the Jews; and latterly to the World, as the Word after Acts 28:28 is “sent to the Gentiles, and they will hear”, as Paul stated in V.28!   

When Jesus was crucified, Satan was convinced that he had won the battle to stop God’s Plans for the World and all Creation, and because he cannot accept and/or understand the Bible, he will not accept that his demise is yet to be brought about by the Risen Lord at His Second Advent!   

Prior to that glorious Advent, much is yet to happen on Earth, and also to Israel; and this is where Satan is working hard to thwart progress towards the culmination, which will be marked by “the Harvest” of Matt. 13:30 & Rev. 14:15.  

When Jesus related the Parable of the Tares in Matt. 13:24-30 to the multitude (Matt. 13:2); He knew that they would not understand or see the meanings as prophesied in Psm. 78:2, and referred to in the verse (Matt. 13:35), but that the disciples would want to know as V.36! 

Jesus made clear in Matt. 13:37, that the “sower of the good seed” was/is Himself!  In V.38; that the “field is the World”; that the “good seed are the children of the Kingdom”, (Israel); Tares are the children of the wicked one” (Satan).  Here, Jesus speaks plainly, and shows that in the Age in which He spoke (AD.33 approx.); Satan’s servants are superficially indistinguishable from ordinary mankind; and would remain so until the end of the Age (mistranslated “end of the World”)!   

However; Jesus also showed that at the end of this Age, would come the Harvest, and Satan’s servants (Tares) would be collected first, and destroyed (Matt. 13:30), and the good seed (wheat) would “shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father” (13:43)!  

The above mentioned “Age” is the present time, as Paul stated in Acts 28:28 that the Message of Christ’s Salvation; “will go to the Gentiles, and they will hear”!  (See: Bible Dispensations).   

It is therefore incumbent on all Christ’s people to be wary of all people, as many are Tares” of Satan!  Some are obvious and easily identified by their behaviour and allegiances; but many are not so easily identified, especially when they are under the guise of religion, or respectability; which means they can be leading religions and onerous teachings, which please people’s minds and feelings; and to which they give themselves to, without ongoing critical examination against the Bible; and the Holy Spirit’s prompting!   

Jesus was again emphatic when He said in Matt. 10:34; “Think not that I am come to send peace on Earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword”.  This means quite simply that striving and intellectual warfare, and physical strife, are the result of the Message Jesus imparted to the Jews, and to all mankind.  Not just the fact of His being, but of His Message properly perceived (understood); and acted on!  The “sword” is the sword of the Spirit, which Ephesians 6:17 defines, is the “Word of God”; the Bible  

Jesus also made clear that the Word and His Message would cause strife in the World population, and in families in Matt. 10:35-37; causing division and striving between family members, as the Holy Spirit strives in their hearts to show and know His Truth!   

The warnings throughout Scripture are numerous, that false religion and false interpretation of Scripture are severely condemned; when the Word is used for personal spite or gain, in the sense of self-aggrandisement or power; as shown in Jeremiah regarding the coming judgements on the false prophets of Israel.  The same applies to disputes between people, where winning an argument is more important than the “Truth” of the dispute, when compared to proper understanding and interpretation of Scripture; the Bible!   

Where “Tares” are involved in Scripture interpretation, much erroneous teaching takes place; which causes heartache to the many under the control and influence of the “Tares”; who can be family members or leaders of Churches; and as per. Daniel 12:3, only the “wise” shall understand”!   

As the definition of “wisdom” is given in Proverbs 9:10; those that do not honour that clear definition, but fight for their own personal interpretation, for gain in power, spite, envy or hatred; deliberately misusing the Word, cannot know the mind of God in any matter.  They will if they do not “see” their gross error, and their hearts remain black, be destined for destruction; as they are fighting the fight of the great enemy; Satan; who has only one destination; “The Lake of Fire” of Rev. 20:10.  

So is seen from the above and the Bible, that Satan’s seed as per. Matt. 13:38-39, are now at this present time spread throughout the World, and there are many of them!  They are in appearance identical to all humans in most cases, and until the “end of this Age Time” will remain so (V.40).  

At the “Harvest” they change appearance, and are easily perceived, and cannot at that stage hide their true identity, (Matt. 13:25-30)!  

The parallel is drawn of “Zewan” in Palestine; which whilst growing is identical in appearance to wheat.  When Harvest is near, they turn black, and are easily identified and separated.  If they are not separated prior to milling, the Zewan grains poison the flour, and it cannot be used for consumption!  

These examples given by Jesus to His workmen, clearly shows the care needed by His people (currently Christians i.e. The Body of Christ) to know and isolate the Enemy’s people; no matter what they purport to be; whether in positions of authority in the Church, or society in general, or in the family group; and that Christ Jesus will deal with them at the Harvest; so as not to harm the “wheat”, (Matt. 13:29) (the good seed)!  

This showed the care that the Lord has for His people His Bride (Israel in the future rescue of them); His Body (now, and up to the Rapture); and that the evil Enemy agents (Tares and Demons) are His to deal with at the appropriate time!  


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