Tabernacle, Temple, and the Veil Rent!



Question:  What was Paul trying to teach about the Tabernacle of Moses in Hebrews 9:1-5?  What does the Tabernacle itself represent (Exodus) 25)


He is lucidly explaining and comparing the outdated Earthly Sanctuary with the Heavenly, to his Jewish audience!

He goes on to explain why the “Mediator’s” death was necessary, as a substitute for all the old ways of mediation between God and man!

It is not to be missed, that on the cross, at the moment of death, Jesus cried “it is finished” (Jhn. 19:30), and the veil of the Temple was rent from top to bottom; signifying that access to God was from that moment possible through Jesus the Saviour!

This has been missed entirely by most Jews at present, and will change when the stage of Zech.12:10 is reached!

Israel, The Future?


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