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NB! From the Index Page you'll be able to access my translation of the Book of Genesis and my ongoing translations of the Old Testament.

Over the course of the translation I've come across some ideas that I wanted to share with the supporters of this project.

What I've discovered through the course of this translation is that a human being reading the New Testament from beginning to the end eventually comes to believe in Jesus Christ. It's a natural, spiritual process. It's natural because the human being was created for this discovery. It's spiritual because without the Holy Spirit there can be no revelation concerning Jesus Christ being God. Without the freedom to live the Christian life, there's less chance of discovering the Lord. If a government controls or limits or dictates the religion of its citizens, an individual will most likely not find Jesus Christ. Even in a Christian country where the Church is controlled by the state, there is little opportunity for the individual to live through this journey of discovery.

May 14, 2003


Thanks for your support of this project. Except for the Letters of the Apostles* and Revelation, the entire New Testament is posted in the main directory of this website. I've also posted all the chapters of Paul's Letter to the Romans in the main directory. I'm translating the Old Testament now. I'm using an Ancient Aramaic copy from the Ancient Church of the East. There may be subsequent revisions of Genesis based on my continued efforts to find more ancient manuscripts. The events of September 11th have hampered my search for older manuscripts -- a situation which may soon change after Iraq has been liberated. I pray for the minimum loss of life in the liberation of Iraq and the peaceful settlement of the Middle East crisis. 

Even though older copies of the Scriptures may be found in Mesopotamia in the years to come, I felt that I should not hold back my translation work, because the Old Testament sources are thousands of years older than those of the New Testament and there's bound to be some variations. None of the variations I've encountered so far, however, are critically different. The Ancient Aramaic originals are very consistent. I'm posting Genesis on an ongoing basis.

*Due to their highly theological content and style, I feel that the Letters of the Apostles were never properly translated, in any language. I believe most of the controversies in Christianity were caused by the misinterpretation of these Letters. Paul was a brilliant theologian. He wrote at a level that few Western translators could match. I hope you'll appreciate my efforts in translating the Letters of the Apostles.


Now that Iraq has been liberated, thanks to the sacrifices of the American people, I may be able to find some old manuscripts of the Scriptures in this country that was called Mesopotamia until 1926. Of course, the situation is still too dangerous for easy access, but the Lord will provide the right opportunity I'm sure.

--March 13, 04


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