The word alone gives the average person an uncomfortable feeling! This is quite normal in today’s world, as human society has developed over many thousands of years into one of hierarchy, where a top down system gives an individual a knowledge of their own position over time.  This is the case all over the world, in all types of society, (leaving aside the odd hippy commune, all of which break down very swiftly, usually in conflicts as to “who is in charge”)!

There is often room in western modern society for movement of position for enterprising and often “corrupt” individuals; but the majority are stuck into one level most of their lives.

The system is based on the “submission” of people, even if it is not acknowledged!  Some would say that the system is based on “slavery”, defined as “not being able to escape the inevitable”, a forced position!

Others would say that this concept is “too far-fetched”, and point to the western world as “free”.  However, in fair discussion they will admit that it is a “matter of degree”!

Sociologists will say that “order” in society is essential for “civilisation” to survive, to avoid “anarchy”, to which most will not argue.

The Wikipedia definition is: Submission is the acknowledgement of the legitimacy of the power of one's superior or superiors.

The Oxford English Dictionary has: The act or an instance of submitting; the state of being submitted. Humility, meekness, obedience.

We are therefore born into “a position” at birth!  Many will say that is the way it is, “it's natural, what’s the problem”.

The problem is, that it was never intended for God’s created beings to be in this state of bondage!

The question arises, why is the above described situation in the world at the present time?

For the Christian, (and eventually the none Christian), the answer is in the Bible!

It should be stated at this stage that many Churches these days do not adhere to the Bible and its God given wisdom, truth and teachings, and so are not able to understand or give true help to their congregations, and as they are the majority case; mass confusion prevails.  Sincere Christians are in conflict with each other; and insisting that they are right!  The majority of Leaders in Churches will not swallow pride, and seek to know what Scripture can teach them, by the Holy Spirit of God Almighty!  There has to be the suspicion that many leaders are not true Christians (which is definitely the case in the experience of the writers); but follow one of the many false Christ’s that Jesus stated would be prevalent in the times leading up to the persecution of Israel; (Matt. 24:24 & Mk. 13:22).  See: Ecumenical (The) Movement and the Bible: 

It is interesting to note, that this warning was given by Jesus, in the context of the approaching time of trouble for the Jews (and the world), which the writers feel is now not too far away in the future (2014).

The result of this situation all over the world, is acrimony between sincere people, instead of greater harmony, and a greater understanding of the main thrust of the Bible and prophecy. The great message is that Jesus Christ is to return to Earth to save His People Israel from annihilation, and to take to Himself His Body, Christians True; but great conflict and rift exists between people and Churches instead!

The writers have experienced apparently true Christians who prefer to go against Scripture (or ignore it), rather than lose the “comfort” of their chosen Church or group.  They have to our disappointment chosen to hear their leader, rather than to refer to Scripture, and in at least one case in our experience, when the wife has stated that “I do not like prophecy”, the man has abandoned his Bible studies, so as not to upset her!!!  One has to question the sincerity of such people, as true Christians learn to love the Word; the Bible.  See Eve and Adam study below.

The problem started for the present human population of the world, at the beginning of this Creation of Humans, see: Eve and Adam.  The greater problem started apparently much earlier: see  Satan's Origins;  

So we see in the brief description given in Scripture, that Satan, God’s most magnificent Creation, rebelled against God’s love, and coveted God’s own position as Almighty Creator, with his own free will; even though he had held the most high office under Almighty God, as Anointed Cherub!  Satan would not submit to his Creator; and eventually rebelled!

There is considerable reading to be had on Satan in Scripture, notably Job, and also in Subjectindex of

The fact is that at present Satan is the “prince/god of this world (Age)”, John. 12:31, 14:30, 16:11 & 2Cor. 4:4; with all the problems and difficulties that fact presents!  Unless that fact is accepted by Christians, they cannot make progress against the many false and lying teachings in Christendom!

So; what is the solution to this major problem?

When examining the start point from Scripture, we see from Genesis that Satan was active as soon as God had created Adam and Eve!  That fact alone is proof of his prevailing free will, which had not been taken from him when he sinned so grievously against his loving God, (Isa. 14:12-17 & Ezk. 28:13-15).  See:  Satan's Motivation:   and  Satan's Origins; 

Satan’s successful assault on Adam via Eve, produced the fact that Eve did not submit to Adam’s headship/knowledge given him by God; and Adam did not submit to God’s clear instructions given to him earlier; which meant as head, he carried the responsibility of Eve’s sin, as well as his own!

The result is well known (but not much understood), death (especially the second) of humans was the result, which is still the case for people that will not submit in truth to God’s present solution embodied in Gen. 3:15!                              

Why Gen. 3:15; because that is the Promise of Messiah Christ Jesus, who was to be born some 4000 + years later! 

Submission of people to God’s loving will and provision, has a very long and varied history in the Bible, but what stands out is that the will of people is never forced by God, which points to the fact that the free will of all people, is precious to God!  Also outstanding is the fact that those that do submit produce a blessing not just for themselves, but for many, often over a very long period.

A few examples will suffice to illustrate.

Noah built an Arc, was ridiculed by the corrupt populace; but saved the seed of Adam, for the eventual generation of Christ Jesus Messiah, from “the seed of the woman”, “the second Adam” (1 Cor. 15:22, 45 & 47).

Moses (reluctantly) eventually submitted to God’s requests; and saved the Jews from Egyptian genocide.

On the contrary, Deuteronomy shows clearly the blessings that would flow from God if Israel honoured their vows to Him, and what would happen if they did not submit; which prophecies have come about, as evidenced by their current and previous dispersion. See: The Jew, the Gentile, and Christ.  

The most excellent example of Daniel, and his fellow Jews, who would not submit to Nebuchadnezzar’s demands, at various times in their captivity in Babylon, produced that greatest of praise from God, “thou greatly beloved” (Dan. 9:23, 10:11 and 10:19), and the prophecies of the “End Times” (Dan. Chps. 7 to 12); so relevant to the future of Israel and the world.

There are many more to be found in Scripture, but the greatest of all examples of submission is our Lord Himself, who in the garden of Gethsemane, whilst suffering the greatest of mental and emotional trauma at the knowledge and prospect of His impending torture and crucifixion, stated “but not My will, but Thine be done”, as that submission would allow millions of people to be freed from submission by default to Satan’s tyranny, vicariously, by simple submission to the gift of God in Christ Jesus!    

What therefore now is the main course of action for the sincere Christian, in this present world of “nominal Christians”, where the Churches and groups are rampantly heading for Ecumenical conformity, and where the teachings are increasingly in error, or even downright evil!   The “many ways to God” mantra has reached a high volume, and true Christians are often literally shouted down!

There is an urgently required submission now, that of submission to the Bible, and God’s Holy Spirit, so as to be armed with the Truth of Scripture (Eph. 6), and the power He gives to proclaim it as it is required!  This is now more often needed in the Churches than outside, such is the corruption now prevalent!

There is the frontline of the worldwide battle against Satan; and his worldwide control by the means of “Mystery Babylon”; see: Mystery Babylon:                                  

The fight is not always pleasant or easy, but is very uplifting, by the power of God’s Spirit, which is given in measure for each occasion.  We; the Lord’s people have the duty to be ready, willing and able.


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