Extracts and comments from Revelation Chp. 9.1(a)


And the 5th angel sounded, and I saw a (a)star fall from Heaven unto the (b)Earth; and to (c)him was given the key of the (d)pit of the abyss. 

(a)  "Star"; The  4th angel Chp. 8:12, gave dire warning.  This "star", seems not to be in the same rank as the trumpet sounding angels, (some commentators think this is Satan; but he is hardly likely to imprison himself)!   Also, all these events are Heavenly events, and servants; however the "star", in the translation is Str. 792, with roots in 4766, 4731, 2476, with the meaning of "positioning", "strong", "steadfast", "sure", "solid", "to stand", "appoint", "bring", "establish", "Covenant", "hold up", "set up".   These qualities do not, to the mind of the writers describe the great Enemy of Almighty God, and clearly relate to a reliable, faithful and loving servant!  Also, this angel is entrusted with the “Key” of  Satan’s future prison!   A further comment on the word “fall” (or KJV “fallen”), is that Strongs number 4098 has one meaning amongst others of “to bow down”; which to the writers is the pertinent meaning here, i.e. the angel is bowing to the wishes and order of Jehovah; (in the contrary to Satan in his fall)!



When stars are mentioned in Scripture, they do not generally mean literally stars, unless the context is skyward, and are usually God’s Words indicating His Creation.

So when they are mentioned they are usually conveying a message/meaning to be determined by the reader, which carry considerable force, for example in prophecy; chastisement; etc.

A few examples for study and contemplation are: Gen. 22:17, 37:9, Num. 24:17,  Deut. 1:10, 4:19, Judges 5:20, Job 22:12, 25:5, 38:7, Psm. 8:3, 147:4, Isa. 14:13, Dan. 8:10, 12:3, Joel 2:10, Amos 5:8, 5:26, Matt. 2:2, 2:7, 2:9, 2:10, Matt. 24:29, Mk. 13:25, Luke 21:25, Acts 7:43, 27:20,  1Cor. 15:41, 2 Peter 1:19, Jude 1:13, Rev. 1:16, 1:20, 2:1, 2:28, 3:1, 6:13, 8:10, 8:11, 8:12, 9:1, 12:1, 12:4 & 22:16.


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