Song of Moses


Extracts and comments from Revelation Chp. 15:3 & 4




And they sing (a)the song of Moses (b)the servant of God, and (c)the song of the Lamb, saying (d)Great and marvellous are His works, Lord God Almighty; (e)just and true are Thy ways, (f)Thou King of Nations.




(g)Who shall not fear O Lord, and glorify Thy name?  (h)for Thou only art holy:  (k)for all nations shall come and worship before Thee, (m)for Thy judgements were made manifest.


(a)  “The song of Moses”;  (see Deut. 31:19-22, 32:1-44).  These wonderful words, for and against Israel, in prophetic mode, and are just before Moses died, and at the end of their “40 years wandering”.  Moses  successor Joshua, then led the Jews into “the promised land”.  Joshua is the Hebrew for the Greek Jesus, and he is about to save his people Israel, (which is a pre-curser of the ultimate saving and leading of Israel as foretold in O.T., and Revelation). He will lead them/establish them in their promised land, to the borders promised by God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! (Not achieved at that time, and yet to be)!


(b)   “Servant”;  (see Exodus).  The Greek is "bondservant or slave"!


(c)    “The Lamb”; “of God which takest away the sins of the world”, (John 1:20).  The same “Lamb”, as (Rev. 13:8, and many other references). “The song of the Lamb”. (see Rev. 5:9).  Clearly the two songs are related and linked to Israel's and some converted Gentiles deliverance as “Overcomers”, (Rev. 7:14, Psm. 86:9-12, Isa. 66:15-16-23,  Zeph. 2:11 & Zech. 14:16-17 etc.). This servant suffered, knowing full well the cost.  (See Gethsemane Matt. 26:38-39).


(d)    “Great and marvellous are Thy works, Lord God Almighty”; the remarkable witness to the “Song of Moses”, and “the song of the Lamb”,  being jointly exulted at this point, shows the near completion of the plan on earth of Jehovah for His people!  This also augers the near formation of “the ideal Israel", “JESHURUN”.  What Moses could not achieve, the Lamb will, coming as he did “to the lost sheep of Israel”, (Matt. 15:24).  (The blessing for the “Body”, (i.e. the True Church) came as a result of Israel’s rejection of Christ (Acts 28:28), and they are taken from the earth prior to the wrath of  God on earth).  The perfect plan of Jehovah Zebaoth is praised by the singers. Moses gave the Law (Sinai), Jesus (The Lamb) confirmed it as God's standard but showed that He, Jesus Messiah (the second Adam) was to fulfill what the first Adam could not, (1Cor. 15:22-45).

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