"Six hundred threescore and six"  

Extracts and comments from Revelation Chp. 13 



Here is (a)wisdom.  Let him that hath (a)understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a (b)man; and his number is (b)Six hundred threescore and six. 

(b)   Here the beast equated to a "man", and his "number", 666.  Much has been written on this subject, and will continue to be so.  It is almost certain that the identity of the man will not be known until the time of the events.   

However, the principle of the calculation are already well understood.  In Ancient times letters of the alphabet served as numbers, and many and various devices ensued, i.e. riddles etc.  Various attempts at naming 666 in the early Church were attempted including Nero Caesar, by Gematria substitution of numbers by letters of Hebrew alphabet.  In this process the 22 symbols of the Hebrew alphabet are numbered.  The first ten, from 1-10.  The next 8, from 20 - 90 in intervals of ten.  The final 4 are 100, 200, 300 & 400.  If any language can lay claim to valid use by Gematria, it is the original Hebrew.  This is because the language in its original form was given by Almighty God to His people.  Many will cry against that statement, but they are the same people who cannot understand the Holy Scriptures.  The Bible cannot be understood unless a person:

 1)       Reveres God, and sincerely studies His Word, (Isa. 29:11-13).

2)       Must want to know His Word, (Psm. 119:162), and rejoice in it.

3)       Must labour (work at) the Word, as a task (which becomes joyful) (2Tim. 2:15). 

The statement is made by the Holy Spirit in His Word that "it is perfect", (Psm. 12:6), "and purified 7 times".  For such a statement to be made by Almighty God, means He is using the perfect language (Hebrew) to convey His message.  It is a fact that Daniel 2:4 to 7:28 is written in Aramaic/Chaldee, that is to differentiate the Gentile historic section, and to compare it to the Jewish prophetic section (in Hebrew) regarding "the time of the end", (Comp. page 1178).  The fact that the New Testament is in Greek, means the Holy Spirit has refined the use for His purpose, and that therefore the Greek possibly can be used also for Gematria. 

However;  when the "time of the end", is reached, Hebrew and Greek Gematria can be cross checked!  There has been recently a translation from Ancient Aramaic of the "Pshitta", which is reputed to have been held by the "Eastern Church", unsullied by translation to "Western languages".  This was/is being undertaken by an Ancient languages Scholar in the USA, and makes interesting reading.  It can be used for comparison;  See: Ancient Aramaic Manuscripts, Pshitta O and A:    

The argument is presented by some Scholars, that there are many errors in Scripture.  By others that many parts are written after prophetic fulfilment. 

These are inevitable attacks.  Those who are sincere go on to study the Word with their minds and hearts stayed on Christ / Jehovah God, and come to realise that the so called errors are Satanically inspired and conspired over the centuries, by human and demonic interference. 

Where the Bible uses numbers therefore it is extremely important, and careful note must be taken as to meaning.  

It is noteworthy that SSS = 666 in this method, which forms the symbol of Isis, which derived from Egypt; which derived from Babylon; and which the Roman Church adopted; (Isis and Horus) (mother and child), so as not to anger the Roman pagans.  This has led to the major error/perversion in the Roman Church of "Maryology", (worship of Mary), as intercessor for sinners to God, removing at a stroke the unique work of our Lord and Saviour on the cross.  All of which  together with the priestly confessional system totally undermines the truth of access to God through Christ our Lord (Acts 4:12).  SSS is also the secret symbol of the "Old Mysteries", all of which emanate from ancient Babylon.  They spread across the world, to China and the Far East via. India; to Europe via. Egypt, and Greece; to South America via. the mid. - Atlantic islands.  These carriers are now known by genetic testing to be Iberian, the same tests show Siberian and Polynesian genetics in the north and south American Indians, which according to archaeological dating is many thousands of years before Columbus!  Also, in South America there is evidence of an African type "Civilisation", now apparently extinct which flourished thousands of years ago.  The remaining ruins show prolific Negroid facial features!  Latterly to the so called "new world countries", by emigration.  In the case of Europe, the Greek teachings of Plato, Socrates and others entered the Christendom teachings, and have led to many errors now taught in official theology.  Satan heads up all of these false ideas and religions, and in his final attempt on Earth, will bring all of the above into play, as he captures the hearts and minds of people in each country. 

666 was the secret symbol  of the Ancient pagan mysteries connected with the worship of the Devil, and the number has some surprising meanings already known.  For example, the Romans only used six of their letters as numbers i.e. D,C,L,X,V & I.  As shown below they total 666! 


                                           D             =              500)                

                                           C             =              100)        600

                                           L             =                50)          

                                           X             =                10)          60

                                           V             =                  5)            

                                           I              =                 1)             6  



When using the Greek language for Gematria, 666 becomes SSS, the Ancient mysteries symbol, as S = 6.  A special form of S was used called "STIGMA", which means MARK, by branding!!  This was used on cattle, slaves, soldiers etc., by those that owned them.  Some remarkable historic facts are: (Numbers in Scripture: Dr. E.W. Bullinger).

1)   The duration of the old Assyrian Empire, 666 years.

2)   Jerusalem trodden down by Rome 666 years.

3)   Goliath was 6 cubits tall, had 6 pieces of armour, his spear 600 shekels of iron (1 Sam. 17:4-7), (Goliath was considered Nephilim)!

4)   Nebuchadnezzar's "image", 60 cubits tall, 6 cubits broad (Dan. 3:1), and was worshipped when music played on 6 specific instruments.

5)   666 talents of gold brought to Solomon in a year (1Kings 10:14). 

The number of man in Scripture is 6, and where it is at its maximum concentration is 666!  (As 3 in Scripture denotes completeness).  Man has ruled the world disastrously since Adam.  When the 666 is finished, God's rule on Earth begins, and lasts 1000 years, prior to the new Heaven and Earth (Rev. 21:1).  The rule on Earth will have Christ Jesus at the focal point of power and rule (Jerusalem), (Zech.) etc.  There is much that can be said about the number 888, but put simply it is the number of the name of Jesus in Greek Gematria.  The Hebrew (SH'MONEH), from the root (SHAH'MEYN), "to make fat", "cover with fat", "to super abound", is the Hebrew number 8 by Gematria.  It also represents in Scripture, "resurrection", "regeneration", "a new beginning or commencement"!  Hence the perfect completeness (3) of 8 = 888 = Jesus Christ in Millennial.  The number 8 permeates the whole of Scripture, which speaks of CHRIST!


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