Seven golden candlesticks



Extracts and comments from Revelation Chp. 1:12 & 1:20



And I turned to see the voice that spake with me.  And being turned I saw (a)seven golden candlesticks.  

(a)  See notes V.20.


The secret symbol of (a)the seven stars which thou sawest in My right hand, and (b)the seven golden candlesticks. (a)The seven stars signify angels of the seven churches;  and (c)the seven candlesticks are seven churches.


(a)  Angels = Divine approval, underpinning, help, at the right hand of Christ. This is what was available to "Ammi Israel". It was however neglected and despised! 

(b)  Candlesticks, "Churches" (Synagogues) = Light, whose light would shine, whilst they "overcame" with the help of the "angel" (star). 

(c)  "Menorah";  the 7 branched candlestick, the Menorah, is exclusively Jewish.  Many Jewish homes have a prominent place for it.  Very few, if any know its true symbolism, (Ex. 25: 31-40), and (Zech. 4.2, where the context shows the lamp (Menorah), linked to the temple in Jerusalem).  This is apparently confirmation that the Jews are in a process of re-adoption, or just before that event to (Ammi = My people) i.e. the time is the 70th week of the vision given to Daniel. 

It is clear that this is now a very special period of time.  The 7 groups (synagogues), (churches), are to give and be given light (meaning), (explanation and empowerment for "overcoming")!  Their light will shine when their "works" to "overcome" are  succeeding.  The close proximity to the groups by Christ / Messiah / Jehovah, each with a special spirit / angel  contact / messenger  / overseer, is reminiscent of ancient Israel, Pentecost, and the time after, prior to Acts 28:28. 

The reason for the location of the  groups, (now in Western Turkey), is that as the apostle Paul knew, ancient Greece produced the most prolific pagan worship system (later adopted by Rome as usual), which needed the most countering at source by the most able minister, Paul.  Also, earlier, the Babylonian priesthood had removed to Pergamum at the destruction of Babylon by the Persians; which affected the Greeks and the Romans and their religions. 

Paul stated that he was "apostle to the Gentiles", (Rom. 15:16) as opposed to Christ the minister to the Jews, (Rom. 15:8), therefore he went to the source and centre of the most  prolific Satanic action in the Gentile world, and was acting on the direct instructions of Christ.  The same epi-centre will be current in the times, yet future, that are here described, (chp. 13) but the 7 "churches" will be sustained by Christ directly, via the "star", when they request the Holy Spirit enabling that is promised by the risen Lord, see above. The earlier chapters of Zech. seem directly related to these events.


Special note:

Paul's ability and learning made him at that time probably the most learned of the young rabbis (teachers).  In fact in his testimony before Agrippa, (Acts 25 & 26), he made a point of mentioning that he had been taught by Gamaliel, who was one of the most revered teachers of the Law ever in Israel.  His head knowledge was beyond dispute, and together with his even more important quality, (his heartfelt dedication), led him to persecute to death the early Christians.  These very qualities, (particularly the Lord’s knowledge of his sincere heart), led to that most favoured of pronouncements from the Lord; "he is a chosen vessel”! (Acts 9:15).  Also, as shown in his testimony before Agrippa, the Lord made it clear at their encounter on the Damascus road, that He would be in constant contact with him, and that later instructions would be forthcoming from Him.  Those instructions were withheld until the Jews had finally rejected Christ (Acts 28:28).  The last seven of Paul’s writings (Eph., Phil., Col., Tim. 1 & 2, Titus and Philemon), give the change of emphasis in the Gentile period, which is from Acts 28:28, until sometime in the future, when the Body of Christ is taken to Him, (The Rapture).  It is the writers opinion that this takes place prior to “Ammi”, (My people) condition of  the Jews, but there is much dispute and difference of opinion on this. 




Paul was a "chosen vessel", (Acts 9:15), to give Israel guidance and understanding, into the "Kingdom Age".  When they rejected, he became 100% "the Apostle to the Gentiles" (Romans 11:13).  This statement refutes the oft made comment by some church leaders and teachers, that "Paul's teaching, and Christ's teaching contradict"! They do in fact interlink, as what Paul said were/are the Words of Christ!  The so-called "conflict", in fact does not exist, except in the wrong teaching of some modern day shepherds worldwide, which will incur eventually the same wrath from God, as the "false shepherds of Israel"!

Different groups were being addressed by Jesus and Paul.  Jesus was sent to Israel only!  When they reject Him as Messiah; (Acts 28:28), the Salvation message was then directed to the Gentiles; and still is at this date (2014).  

In the Acts of the Apostles, Paul and his colleagues continued Christ's mission to the Jews, until the rejection of Acts 28:28.  Christ then gave Paul instruction re. his new mission to the Gentiles, with the Gentile now prime object, whereas up to Acts 28:28, the Jew was prime object.  He also gave Paul new instruction re. his teaching; which is embodied in his last 7 letters; Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Titus, Philemon, and 1 & 2 Timothy.

Those churches that teach that Christ Jesus and Paul's teaching are in conflict, either do not understand the Bible, or are teaching deliberate falsehood!  As so many church teachers and leaders are only in that position "as a job"; they are in danger of severe punishment from Almighty God for their falsehood!

They need to relearn the Scriptures in Truth, to see the True meaning of Israel's "Lo Ammi" position so as to teach God's Truth, instead of "man's wisdom" (which is falsehood as per the Roman Church).  See: The Gross Neglect by Church Teachers of Coming Events:


The numerical symbolism is of interest.  Seven lamps (Groups) with seven branches (7 x 7 = 49) i.e. 40 + 9;  40 = DIVINE ORDER, APPLIED TO EARTH.  9 = FINAL JUDGEMENT.  These two are safe to deduce, (numbers in Scripture, by Dr. Bullinger). 

However, as 10 = ORDINAL PERFECTION, (see App. 10 Comp.) and as the Millennial will be the first time the earth has experienced PERFECT GOVERNMENT, one could deduce (49 x 10 = 490), which would correspond with the Daniel's "70th weeks of years", revealed by the angel to Daniel, which could be taken as an oblique and further confirmation that this period is the 70th week.


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