Seven Spirits of God 

Extracts and comments from Revelation Chp. 4:5


And out of the throne proceed lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were (a)seven lamps of (b)fire burning before the throne, which are the (c)seven Spirits of (d)God.

(c)  "Seven Spirits",  = Angels or Spirit beings (Comp. App. 101 II 11).  These are called "The", i.e. with the definite article, which gives special status to these seven angels.  (7 denotes "Spiritual perfection", App. 10).



See also;  Rev. 1:4, 3:1, 4:5, 5:6, Zech. 6:5, Rev. 7:1-3 & 9:14-15.

These are all faithful angels, who are in God’s service, and  have special status and work.  That can only be because of their freewill faithful service to God, as opposed to those of Satan, who are numbered as one third of all the angel host, (see Rev. 12:4).

Satan’s angels are destined for Judgement at the end of Millennial, but at present are active against God and humans, to prevent (try) the eventual triumph of God in Christ Jesus, for the world and heavenly creation.

This battle (Eph. 6), will continue until Christ returns to earth in triumph to save “remnant Israel”, and collect “His Body”, (Christians) who are alive, and those that sleep.

When Christ returns in triumph, He will judge the remaining population of the world into “sheep and goats”, (Matt. 25:31-46);  and all fallen angels that followed Satan will join him in the “bottomless pit”; until that time at the end of the Millennial, 1000 years later, that they are released again for a very short time.  The purpose is to remind all Creation, both on earth and heavenly, that they all stand for evil, as they attempt again to annihilate Israel , but are consigned to the “lake of fire” in Rev. 20:10.

Some people are of the opinion that all fallen angels are “demons” mentioned in Scripture, particularly the New Testament.  However; the  comment by Peter in 2Peter 2:4, seems to counter that claim, and seems to indicate  at least two classes of evil entities below Satan; demons and fallen angels.

In Zech. 13:2; which is the start of the 'Day of the Jehovah', and the beginning of "God's Kingdom" on earth (Millennial); the "evil spirit" is removed from the land; which presumably is both Israel and the world.  In the opinion of the writers, they are sent to the "bottomless pit" where Satan has been imprisoned for 1000 years.  Dr. Bullinger defines these as evil angels; which means that they are not the same entities as those Peter writes about in 2Peter 2:4!

Whatever their origin, they are enemies of God and man, and servants of Satan, and will meet the same fate as he!

Another opinion is that demons are evil entities that are under Satan on earth, from previous activities of Satan, prior to the present  Creation of Gen. 1:1.  Nobody knows the truth or facts of these opinions; but as “Christ came at the end of the Ages” to deal with sin (Heb. 9:28); we must assume that demons and fallen angels and Satan are all included as joint or separate entities. See: Angels and Demons!   

The time from the 21st Century to Gen. 1:1-2, is very small (approx. 6000 years), (See: Age of the Earth Controversy:)

We know that the sin question did not start with Eve and Adam; but was a continuation by Satan when he had opportunity in Eden.  (See: Satan's Origins;).


The 7 angels of special service to God, are at highest service for Him in Revelation, and are involved with His Judgements prior to Christ’s return, as seen in the events of Revelation. (

The number 7 in Scripture is “Spiritual Perfection :  App. 10, Companion Bible.


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