Seven Eyes

Extracts and comments from Revelation Chp. 5:6



(a)And I saw in the midst of the throne and of the four Zoa and in the midst of the elders, (a)a Lamb standing as it had been slain, having (b)seven horns and (c)(seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God (Theos) sent forth into all the earth.

(c)  "Seven eyes", "seven spirits of God's"; (THEOS God the Father as revealed, APP. 98, I,1,1).  The "eyes" =  to the seven Spirits of God coincides in timing with Zech. 4:10, which clearly gives the time context.  The true "Menorah", (7 branched lamp Zech. 4:2) comes into play, with the Holy Spirit of Jehovah feeding through the 7 lamps (Zech. 4:6), which is stated again above.  The delivery of Israel is about to start, and as Zech. 3:9 states will be done "in one day," (Isa. 66:5-9).


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