Extracts and comments from Revelation Chp. 5



And I saw and perceived upon the right hand of (a)the One (b)sitting on the throne a (c)scroll / roll written within and on the backside, (d)sealed with seven seals.  

(a)  "The One"; clearly "Lord God Almighty", referred to in V.8 etc., of Chapter 4. 

(b)  "Sitting"; the King James translation gives the meaning in the past tense, the correction (Companion and Interlinear) show the present tense, and confirms that the Almighty is always in control on The Throne;  despite appearances to the contrary. 

(c)  "Scroll", "backside"; this document, "on the Right Hand of the Majesty", (the same side as the #V.5 risen Lord) with much detail contained within, is clearly of huge import to events about to take place in the prophetic timing.  This written, sealed document, on the right hand of Jehovah Elohim (God in covenant relationship with Israel) and under His control; is the last written by the Almighty in Scripture.  The first, (Ex. 32:15) is also written on both sides on stone tablets, and was broken in pieces almost immediately, (representing the breaking of the Law by Israel).  In Ezk. 2:9-10 the scroll is also written on both sides, with words of  "lament, mourning and woe", from Jehovah to Israel, who were still in rebellion against their God.  The third in Zech. 5:3, also double written, is also against the Law breakers, but this time with effect to the whole earth as opposed to only Israel.  In this book, God's title is Jehovah Zebaoth (God of all Creation and created beings), and the time context is yet future, and deals with Israel and all mankind, because they have been exposed to the Salvation and message of CHRIST (MESSIAH).  The scroll here in Rev. 5:1 is the detail of the Zech. 5:3 reference, and the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Lamb of God, the risen Lord, is alone worthy to open the seals.  The only one of the above writings in the hands of men was the first, with the inevitable outcome, as well described by Paul, Acts. 13 & 15 and Rom. 2, 3 & 4.  The rest are in the Hands of the Almighty (and His control), where they cannot be sullied by men or Satan.  The fact of the double written, may mean no room is left for alteration or addition, showing that Jehovah Zebaoth knows the end from the beginning perfectly

(d)  "Sealed", "seven";  the fact of the "sealed", document shows that much earlier in the past, (see Isa. 29:11), the actions known to the Almighty were closed and sealed till a precise moment in time had been reached.  The fact of seven seals (Comp. App. 10), with 7 representing "spiritual perfection", shows the timing is perfect, and is the Hallmark of the work of the Holy Spirit.  As has been seen in Chps. 1,2,3 and 4, the objective is working towards the re-establishment of Israel in their role as the chosen people with the lost inheritance and Isa. 29 gives a summary of that.


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