Satan and The Flood


Where was Satan when God destroyed the world with a flood in the days of Noah?


You need to read Job; you will see there that Satan has a long leash, which is granted to Him when God allowed the warfare between them to start!

Satan’s Strongholds:

There are many fanciful ideas regarding evil spirits, demons angels etc.; which in the case of Christ-ones should only be authenticated or otherwise, by study of the ‘only source of Truth, the Bible’!

We know from Bible record (which is there for our knowledge and search) that Satan’s evil strongholds are on Earth.  A notable example is a case in Daniel 10, where the angel sent from God to answer Daniel’s great prayer; was delayed 21 days (3 weeks) by the “Prince of the Kingdom of Persia” (now called Iran).

This evil servant of Satan did not want Daniel to receive a reply to his profound prayer (which was for Israel), and concerned prophecy (v. 21); but when “Michael” arrived (v.13) the specially commissioned angel for Israel (Rev. 12:7) & (Dan. 12:1), Daniel received his reply in Chp.11 and onwards.  This incident is also a very good lesson to us, when we pray for certain things, to remember that if it is in God’s Will the answer may be long in coming, as the great enemy Satan and his servants, both human and spirits will endeavour to stop the answer.  Also, God sometimes takes years to respond, because of our good, and other circumstances, but can be seen in retrospect.  God’s Wisdom always shows in these circumstances!

This example is a lesson for all of us, as to the importance of the Truth of Scripture and prophecy; and the future of Earth and its inhabitants!

Other examples are scattered throughout Scripture, notably King Saul’s referring to a “medium” regarding Samuel (against the instructions of God) and the profound warning in Deut. 18 etc!

Scripture’s examples are there to warn people (especially religious people) not to dabble or even be interested in evil activity, New Age Movement or “Necromancy”; even Ouija Boards; because they are all from the great Enemy of God and man; Satan; and Ouija Boards activity is especially for hooking young people!

Some religions (even so called Christian religions) have teachings which verge on Satan’s teachings; such as powers attributed to inanimate objects, which are made of stone, wood, etc.  This is not so; as Scripture Truth shows that only humans or animals can be possessed; and animals do not welcome such possession, and will die very soon after; see below.

In Matt. 12:43-45, Jesus described what happens when evil spirits do not have a dwelling place in a person.  They wander in “dry places” looking for “rest”, eventually returning to the person it had left with 7 more evil spirits “more wicked than itself”!  This was a severe warning to pre-Lo Ammi Israel (see Acts 28:25-28).  The lesson being for now, is that evil spirits will enter and control people, but only if they allow them to; and they are very hard to expel!  There are many so called Christian Groups that claim to do this work, but in truth only the individual Christian in conjunction with Christ Jesus’ Spirit, have any hope of success, using the wisdom given in Eph. 6:10-18!

Human’s however, seek and can welcome Satanic possession and become empowered, and eventually escalate into madness or other extreme manifestations.  These have by their free-will given their wills to Satan’s evil spirits; and his control! (See below).  Some of these belong to Secret Societies, which on the surface are respectable.

We know from Zech. 13:2 that evil spirits will be active until the end of this Age time; when the Lord Jesus Christ will return to Earth in power and great glory.  So, until then Christians must know how to discern and deal with them; but not “dabble” with them!

We know from Deut. 18:10-12 that Israel was forbidden to be involved with Satan’s servants, human, invisible or animate in any form; and we can be sure that also applies to present day Christians.

There is a fascination for some Christians in these things of Satan, but it is a dangerous sin to show interest or be involved with such; as it is tantamount to interest in Satan, for the wrong reasons!  It is however healthy to now about Satan; see: Satan's Motivation:

True Christians refer to Christ as “their Lord” and wherever people who say they are Christians, but refer constantly to “God”, and seem unable to say “my Lord”; care must be taken when dealing with that person; especially if they also show signs of aberrant behaviour, such as uncontrollable rages or worse!  There are many agents of Satan in Church groups, often in high positions.  Priests and Pastors themselves are in the main not teaching from the “Right Division of Scripture" (2Tim. 2:15 AV Version) which means (correct understanding of Scripture); but from their Seminary training; but only at this AGE end will their true colours show!

Some Christians show interest to the extent that they consider inanimate objects to be containing the power of Satan, which does not coincide with Bible information (Exodus 20:4; 34:17; Deut. 4:28; 28-64; Psm.135:15-17; 115:4-8; 96:5; Isa. 37:19; 44:13-19; 44:9-12; 30:22; 31:7; 40:2; 2:20; Habakkuk 2:18; 2Kings 19:18; Jonah 2:8; Hos. 8:4; Lev. 26:1; Rom. 1:21-23; 1Jhn. 5:21; 4:3; Ezk. 20:32; Col. 2:8; 3:2-6; 1Chron. 16:26; 1Cor. 6:19-20; Acts 15:29; Job 22:21-28).

Church groups that teach such are clearly not well informed from the Bible; and are at great risk of being “false prophets”; with all the condemnation that Scripture prophecies for them!

All Christ-ones that are unsure as to action, should turn to Eph. 6 as a start; and seek prayerful help from the rest of Scripture and the Holy Spirit, instead of to deceiving spirits of people!

There is recorded in Holy Scripture, in 1Peter 3:18-20, the fact that some “spirits” (i.e. “fallen angels”), are held in “prison” until the future event “of judgement by Christ Jesus”; (see: Eph. 1:22; 3:10-11; 6:12; Col. 2:9-10; 2:15; Rom. 8:38; 1Cor. 15:24; 2Peter 2:11 & Matt. 25:41).  They apparently committed their rebellious sin in the time following Eden at the instigation of Satan, see: Age of the Earth Controversy: and after the pronouncement of Gen. 3:15; which was the prophetic appearing of Jesus the Christ of the “seed of the woman”, Who would "bruise his head” (Satan); (leading to his eventual destruction by God the Father in Rev. 20)!

However, it is thought that angels may have fallen much earlier in time; (see: The Genesis 1:1 Enigma), but that's speculation.

The reference in 1Peter refers to the record in Gen. 6:2-4; 2Peter 2:4 & Jude 6.  These show that “sons of God” (i.e. still sons of God in this Creation), angels, “left their first estate” (habitation, or principality); and by their own free-will, disobeyed God; to produce with the “daughters of men” creatures of great size and gross behaviour, called “Nephilim", meaning in Hebrew “fallen ones”. (Gen. 6:1-8).  See: Nephilim, who were they, and why?

The Bible reference in Gen. 6:2-4, shows that there was an eruption of these rebellious angels both before and after the Flood of Noah!  Both eruptions were intended to sully the seed of Adam, so that the prophecy of Gen. 3:15 could not be completed, and Jesus could not be born “of the seed of the woman”!  However; through Noah’s seed and family, the Adamic line continued because they were unsullied by Nephilim!

The question arises, why would these particular fallen angels be held in “prison” for future judgement by Christ Jesus; whereas it is clear that other servants of Satan are at present free to do the bidding of Satan, and to cause great trouble in humans, especially when they take possession of a person; Luke 8:2 & 36, etc.?

The servants of Satan are called in the KJV of the Bible “devils”; but the correct translation from the Hebrew and Greek is “demons”.  So, why are they free at present to work against human kind; and especially Christians?  It is clear that they possess people and animals (see Luke 8:26 – 39), as is evidenced in Mark 1:32, and many references in the New Testament (NT) but not inanimate objects!

It is also clear that they were troubled when Jesus was near to them, and that He had superiority over them, even in His flesh state, (Luke 8:26 – 34).  This is highlighted by their plea not to be sent to “the deep” (the abyss=Greek Abussos); which is where Satan and his angels will be for the duration of the Millennial; but after which comes their demise!

To try to understand the difference between the latter group (Satan’s demons) above, and the angels in prison; it is necessary that an understanding and acceptance of Dispensations (Age times, or Administrations, ministries or messages; 1Cor.12:5) of God is needed.  For example, the dealings of God with His Created human kind at the beginning of the Bible, is not the same all the way through to Revelation; but, the theme of Salvation in the Christ of God “Jesus” is!

To begin to try to put the various elements into place regarding fallen angels and demons, for understanding, it is necessary to ask why there are “good” and “bad” angels.  It is clear that evil and good exists in the world; even devout Atheists concede that point.

Satan’s origin was as a “created” being; and one of high honour.  See: Satan's Origins; from this link it is seen that Satan used his free-will to rebel against God, and to try to raise himself into the position of God, Isa.14:12-14!  His name was then changed from Lucifer (meaning “morning star”, or “bearer of light”) to Satan (Adversary) (see: Why Lucifer became Satan!).

Undoubtedly he had many angels with him in his rebellion (presumably some now called demons), who chose to join him with their own free-will!  It is those angels (in the opinion of the writers) who are referred to in the Gospel accounts and Old Testament (OT), who are now known as demons!

As Satan was not destroyed by God at his rebellion and will not be until much later (see Rev. 20), it follows that his demons also were not likewise destroyed in that previous “Age time”.  If this thinking is correct; then they are clearly going to be dealt with by God at that future time (see: Rev Chapter 20; and Eph. 3:10); by the One appointed by God to be the “Only One Worthy” to be able for such a profound action.  See Rev. 5, and link; “CHRIST; Rev. Chps. 1 & 12”.

They have the Mandate from God to do the bidding of Satan at present, as Satan is the “prince of the power of the air”, (“the god of this present world”, 2Cor. 4:4); Eph. 2:2; John 12:31; 14:30 and 16:11; their activity is under the command of Satan, who empowers them for their tasks for maximum effect!

This gives the sense to Eph. 6:12; and shows the antidote is only in Eph. 6:13-18; which armour is only in Christ Jesus!

So; Satan’s angels/demons are free to try to destroy and damage humankind except those who are under the power of the Holy Spirit, by their being in the “Body of Christ”, ie. The true Church (Christ-ones), described by Paul.  They will use all means to that end; which when looking at the world scene; all is evil and degraded!  They clearly wish their master to win his conflict with Almighty God; which they then would hope would lead to great reward from him. See: Mystery Babylon:

The fallen angels of Genesis, (of this present Creation time) now imprisoned are the ones the Risen Christ proclaimed His glorious victory over death,1Peter 3:19; contrary to their efforts with the “daughters of men” (Gen. 6:2); which would have corrupted Eve’s seed (Gen. 3:15).  These will be judged at the “Great White Throne Judgement” of Rev. 20, together with Satan and his human servants and spirits of the previous time/times; of Satan’s dominance and rebellion!

It is clear that a state of war exists between Almighty God and Satan; see: Satan's Contest with God, instigated by Satan when his pride in his position of “covering cherub”; and in his free-will, he challenged God’s position (Isa.14:13-14) to try to supplant Him; and that has been/is his endeavour since!

The fact that God is allowing this contest to continue is in itself surprising to the human mind; but, in the context of Gen. 3:15; properly understood; is remarkable in the extreme in its Wisdom and depth, as is sketched in the example of Job, Chapters 1 and 2 etc.!  See: Ultimate Lovebelow!

So; there are two titanic opposing forces at play at the present time:

1) God and His righteous angels including the archangel Michael, of special commission for Israel; and His Risen Christ Jesus sitting at His right hand, awaiting His enemies demise, and His return to Earth; when His enemies become “His Footstool”; (see Isa. 66:1, Psm. 110:1 & Luke 20:42-43).

2) Satan and his spirits and human servants on Earth (of whom there are many) and in all allowed domains; with the mandate to try to thwart the message of Salvation in Christ Jesus, through faith alone (see Martin Luther)!

The demons are allowed to possess and control people who are not committed to Christ; (these people cannot refer to the Saviour as “my Lord”); and to if possible affect the actions and decisions of Christians in the wrong direction; but they cannot undo the Saving Blood of Christ in the life of a true Christ-One, because it is sealed/locked in Heaven!  See: Salvation; can it be lost? & The Judgement Seat of Christ;

As “the god of this world [Age]” (Eph. 2:2 & 2Cor. 4:4), Satan is at present organising and orchestrating much evil action in rulers and Nations on Earth as is evident in the news daily; leading to his final assault on Israel in this Age time; in an attempt to undo what God has said is fixed in prophecy; the fact that Israel will never be destroyed from the Earth (Jer. 31:36-37)!


The angels of God in Gen. 6 committed the sins of lust and rebellion, when they by their own free-will chose to mate with the human women they liked; and in so doing by the design of Satan put at jeopardy the seed of the woman of Gen. 3:15.

Satan’s angels committed the sins of avarice and rebellion by their own free-will, when they thought they would be richer and more powerful with Satan!

Satan committed the sins of pride, avarice and rebellion (at least) and became “the father of lies” (see: Father of Lies John 8:44), when by his own free-will he challenged his loving Creator; and now wishes to supplant Him!

Almighty God; who loves the world; (John 3:16) has only one chosen solution for all this malefaction; LOVE”; which He is showing in Jesus the Christ; and which leaves in place that most precious gift He has given; the free-will of every person on Earth, and which He gave also to angels, and to Satan!  That is where the problem started; and shows the importance of free-will!


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