Repentance and Salvation


Question:  2Corintians 7:10 is a core tenet stating that repentance is still a requirement for Salvation, but most people are too proud to repent because it’s an admission of their fault and their mistakes.  Do you agree or disagree?


A person MUST repent to be saved!

There is no question re. this statement, as pride itself, is the cause of the downfall of Lucifer, and the present state of the world!


Hebrews 11 gives a list of the men of faith who are well known, including Rahab the harlot.

Abram trusted God, and by faith left his household in Ur, on the word of God alone!

About 1500 years later, Habakkuk, stated, “The just shall live by faith”.

So: there is warfare between the flesh and the Spirit, as Paul described in Rom. 7, but, the solution is in the victory of Christ Jesus:

1Cor. 15:57: “but thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”!  This is the victory over death in context, but, is code defacto for victory also over Satan and his eventual destruction by the Hand of God directly; Rev. 20!

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