Prophecy in Matt. 24



Question:  How close is society to Matthew 24:1-45?


The factors that stick in my mind, that are related to what I know in Scripture, but are my own opinion, not a Group’s, although many groups do think and teach similarly, are:

Israel is for me THE signpost to the world, in the sense of timing.  They have been established as a nation again since May 1948, and a critical period in Scripture is the number 70! They passed that mark in 2018, and much has happened already since then re. their relationships with the Arabs, and their deteriorating relationship with The PA!  So; watch that space, and see the Link below.

There is what is known as “Prophetic History” regarding the Jews, and that is related to Daniel 2, and the “image” of a man; see Link below.

The world population growth cannot continue at the present rate!  As we head towards 8 Billion, we are going to hit a crisis point very soon.  It is notable that the world’s population is reduced by ⅔ in the “Great Tribulation”, prophesied in Revelation, and the prophets of old!  See the Link below:

There are many more interlinking factors to the briefs above, which notably all head in the same direction, CRISIS:

In the positive, after the “End Age” events (see Link), the Earth is refreshed/ renewed for the start of the “Millennial Period”; see Link:

Regarding Matt. 24 etc., these specific words of our Lord were directed at the Jews of the time.  However, as the Jews became “Lo-Ammi” (not My people, Hos.1&2), see Link, at Acts 28:25–28, they now by extension relate to all God’s people, IE the Jews and all people of faith in Christ Jesus.  The overriding emphasis from Jesus was/is “to watch”!  The “Figtree” (Israel) has undoubtedly been “tender and put forth leaves” in the last 70+ years, which according to Jesus means all the events described are “at the door”.  In verse 34 is the assurance that the generation that sees those things will “not pass away” until all those things take place!


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