Prophecy and Prophets

Prophecy and Prophets 


This subject is another of the current miss-teachings, in the view of the writers!  The context here is Biblical prophecy, as opposed to all other definitions, such as necromancy in its many forms, which also makes claim to such powers!  More will be said on the latter at a later stage. 

Prophecy in this paper is defined as Biblical Prophecy, and the Prophet as one speaking for Almighty God relative to His dealings with His people Israel and or people connected to them.  This may involve immediate or future events. 

The remarkable fact is that all, or at least the vast majority of Biblical Prophecy relates to Israel, and there is ample evidence throughout Scripture to prove the point to those who will seriously study the Bible!  The very first in Gen 3:14-19, relates to the response from God to the sin of Adam, and in v.15, the statement from God to Satan foreshadows the death of Christ on the Calvary cross!  Satan had attempted to usurp God in his statement to Eve “Ye shall not surely die”!  This attempt of Satan was not only a lie, not only an attempt at usurping the authority of God, but also was an attempt to set a precedent at that early stage of that new Creation!  It is also significant that Satan’s first attempt in the new Creation was with a woman!  The Apostle Paul wrote very clearly and lucidly on this subject in his letters, and made it clear that women should not have authority over men, or to teach them in the context of Scripture, (1Tim. 2:12), and showed that Satan will try to control men through women, (1Tim. 2:14).  This lesson must be very carefully watched in the days that we are now living in, as many religious groups have women in controlling and powerful positions, many claiming to be able to prophecy on behalf of God, and also many are attached to male leaders who are attempting to make a name for themselves, instead of adhering in faith to God’s Word, with care and humility. 

There are religious groups that claim powers now, that almost certainly belong to the yet future events shown in Revelation and were evident up to the end of Acts!  They go so far as to state that they know who the Antichrist is, and various current leaders have been named to suit their ideas, these include George W. Bush, and U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair!  They should know that their attempts at notoriety are doomed to failure, as Rev. 13 shows that the actual person will not be known until the time of the events depicted! 

Almighty God takes a very serious view of false Prophets, and when the events of Revelation have unfolded, and the Millennial Reign of Christ is established, a person who attempts to Prophesy, will be put to death (Zech.13:3)! 

As we approach the end time events depicted in Scripture, we have to expect more Satanic activity as that shown in Genesis.  Men and women in the Pentecostal groups claim to speak for God, and it was noticeable by the writers that the larger percentage were/are female.  However, many of these groups are led by males with male oversight.  They say that the signs following that were shown in Acts, should be evident if a person is a true Christian.  These people require obedience to their will and statement, and claim that all who oppose them are of Satan, and that only they are right!  The fact is that the opposite is true, and more often than not they are the ones who are controlled by the great enemy of mankind and Almighty God, Satan!  

This leaves the question as to how to know a True Bible based group.

To arrive at that point, always remembering that God knows all our true intentions, (our hearts), we must study for ourselves from a good Bible translation.  If we can find a Bible believing group we should join it, for study and worship.  The group organization should allow open discussion on the Bible, and any other subject related.  It should allow any genuine question on the group’s teaching, principles, organization, activities etc.

The group, or leaders should never demand obedience beyond normal good behaviour or manners.  If claims or demands are made which do not appear to chime with reason, common-sense or the Bible, they should be challenged in open forum. The will of the individual should never be "subjected" to a person or group, except in openly approved, Christian "norms and principles" which are common to the group, and posted and known prior to joining.  In such a Christ focused atmosphere, growth of group and individual will flourish, and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter will be in the midst in Truth! 


To Summarize;

>Prophecy in Scripture is nearly always related to God’s intentions regarding His people Israel.

>People who claim to speak for God Almighty in these times need to be handled very carefully.

>People who claim to have special powers such as was apparent in the early Acts, should be avoided, or if a person is able, they should be challenged!

>We have to remember that in the end time events as shown in Revelation, Satanic activity will increase!

>We should if at all possible be a member of a True Bible believing group. 

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