Paul's Malta Shipwreck



Does the Apostle Paul's suggestion to postpone the Mediterranean Sea journey make sense? (Acts 27:9-12)?



Paul warned the ship’s master, and his Captors, that the voyage would not be successful!

As throughout the Acts there was special angelic/holy spirit cover, for those working towards the Gospel spreading in the Jewish world, Paul was given such warning, but as a captive could do no more!

As is recorded, they were shipwrecked on Malta, and none were lost!

When Acts 28:25–28 was reached later, the above-mentioned cover, and special Holy Spirit empowering changed, and the Jews were no longer the main object of Paul’s efforts, as per. the prophecy of Isa. 6:9–10!

The emphasis moved to spreading the Gospel to the Gentiles, which is still in place!


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