Paul (The Chosen Vessel) Explains His Purpose


What encouragement do you derive from the Apostle Paul's counsel to the Hebrews?


Paul reiterates the fact that Jesus is the Messiah of Old Testament prophecy.

That as “incarnate man” He was to suffer and die, rise from death, as God’s substitute Sacrifice, for the fall of Adam and Eve, and all mankind!

The letter is addressed to Palestinian Jews, and the Diaspora.

Although not signed by Paul, the style is his, and as the date of writing is AD 53–4, it is at the maximum height of the hatred of Paul, due to his being a convert to Christ, and regarded as a “renegade” by the Jewish elite.

The great Apostle Paul, had a specific purpose as the “Chosen vessel” that he was.

He was chosen because of his great knowledge of the Old Testament, and his fierce loyalty to Almighty God!

When he persecuted to death the “Christians”, he did so because of his love for his God!

This very drive in him was what God in Christ Jesus wanted to harness to convince the Pharisee leaders of Israel, to get them to join the work of Christianising Israel!

As Paul questioned the “apparition” on the Damascus road; “who art thou Lord”; the reply was “I AM Jesus that thou persecuteth”!

So Paul, after a sojourn in Arabia, became the “Apostle to the Gentiles".

This continued in Acts up to the time of Acts 28:25–28 (approx. AD 64–65); but as the last of the Roman Synagogues rejected Paul’s salvation in Christ's message; Paul was instructed to declare the prophecy of Isa. 6:9–10, which triggered the end of that stage of Israel’s prophetic progress, and they became “Lo-Ammi”; “not My people”!

In the years left to Paul, he wrote Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1&2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, these writings differ in emphasis to his previous 7, and look to the function and growth of the “Body of Jesus”, which is still valid, and will remain so until the end of this “Age Time”.

He was executed by beheading approx. AD 68–69.

At the same time approx. the Temple at Jerusalem and Jerusalem were destroyed; which stopped the animal sacrifices for sin, which Paul had so lucidly proclaimed!

They have stopped ever since; as the Jews “corporate” had rejected the great Sacrifice of Almighty God in Christ Jesus!

That is still their condition and will remain so until Zech.12:10, and the next Temple is built in Jerusalem!

Regarding John’s work and calling on Patmos in Revelation, that was to detail the events which will bring about the great changes that will affect the whole Earth, and lead to the 2nd. advent of the Lord Jesus Christ.  That could have been much earlier, as the repeated statement by Jesus made clear, (Matt. 11:14); but God, as always will leave the decision to the ‘free-will’ of individuals and /or groups; in this case the Jews corporate!

When watching all the current happenings worldwide, the events of Revelation may be soon in time, as we understand time!


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