Question:  Does Genesis 10:25 suggest that Pangea was split up only about 3 – 6 generations after the flood?  Also does this suggest that the timeline of the Bible Moses wrote was either incorrect or that he skipped many Generations?


Gen. 1:9-10 shows the world at apparently the "Gondwana and Pangea" stage, and was first commented on by Antonio Snider in AD 1859.  Also Science now accepts that 'Continental Drift' was initially at a much faster rate than presently recorded (1"- 3"/ year); and initially was probably at "a man's slow walking pace".  It is estimated that 'Drift' started approx. between 500 - 180 million years ago, and that fossil remains are similar world-wide on all Continents, due to easy access to land travel prior to the drift of the Continents!

As almost everybody knows, intellectual warfare has existed between Bible Creationists and Evolutionists since at least the mid-1800s, regarding the origin of all “matter”, with one side advocating “Biblical Creation by Almighty God” (Creation by design), and the other side advocating “spontaneous appearing” (arrival by accident from nothing)!

There are a number of important points to examine as far as logically possible in this effort; drawing from available information in the Bible; and in Science.

What is generally not known, is that prior to Darwin's and Alfred Russel Wallace's ideas, a few enlightened Bible teachers had for some time been postulating that the age of the Earth was probably much older than taught at the time, one such being Professor Thomas Chalmers, a Protestant Theologian, and Mathematician.  His teaching was many years prior to Darwin; and therefore he was not trying to accommodate Darwin's and Wallace’s Ideas, but was moved by the wording of Genesis.


Genesis 1:1 Enigma

Age of the Earth Controversy:


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