O L I V E                                                                                       

O L I V E and its meaning  

 Gen. 8:11.      The dove returns to Noah with a newly sprouted Olive leaf.  The Olive tree had clearly survived under water for 150 days (150 divided by 30) = 5 Jewish months. 

(5 in Scripture signifies Grace).  So the first organic life found after the inundation was the OLIVE!  This would hold true, if the flood was world-wide; however, an alternative is a local flood.  See: Ark of Noah   

The Tribulation yet to be experienced by Israel, and the Nations, will end with the emergence of Israel first.  (See: Rev., Zech. & Daniel etc.), which will be the GRACE of Jehovah Zabaoth to Israel, and to remnant mankind. 

Deut. 28.      This Chapter is explicit in promise, warning, consequence and prophecy, regarding Israel's fate if they do not keep their promise to Jehovah.  In verse 40, the olive trees do not give their fruit (Israel's failure), and therefore Israel cannot be a blessing to themselves and to the Nations. 

Hab. 3:17.      The olive here, together with the vine and fig, represent Israel in failure and decline due to sin and disobedience.  Yet; in verses 18 and 19 the Holy Spirit gives the solution which gladdens the heart of Habakkuk. 

Zech. 4:12.      Here the olive oil is for the anointing of the two who stand by "the Lord of the whole Earth".   As the translation is "ADON", as opposed to Jehovah Zebaoth, this refers to Messiah's portion yet to be in Millennial.  "The two", are the two "witnesses" of Revelation, and their anointing with the olive oil of verse 12 would be for the anointing (authority), and enabling by Messiah/Jehovah in their 3½ year witness prior to Messiah's return.  Anointing in Scripture is always for special purpose, and in the case of Israel as the olive, their oil would have been effective had they not erred and sinned against Jehovah, kept His religious ordinances, and carried out His commands in the Land. 

Judges 9.      Abimelech, Gideon's son by the Shechemite concubine, kills 69 of the sons of Gideon (Jeerubbaal), leaving only Jotham, of the royal seed of the half tribe of Manasseh.  Satan's intention here is clearly to thwart Jehovah's promise to Israel as the twelve tribes, and to mankind in the larger picture.  Jotham appeals to the  people in the parable of the olive, fig and vine trees, which due to their backsliding and adoption of Caananite pagan worship, they reject.  

1Kings 6:23.      "Within the Oracle"; i.e. within the Holy of Holies of the Temple, the cherubims are made of olive.  This would correspond with 2Sam. 16:23, where utterances of the Almighty to Israel are from within the Holy of Holies.  Here is a correlation between oil of olive and the words of Jehovah. 

1Kings 6:31.      The entrance to the "oracle", both lintel and sides were of olive, also the doors.  Christ as the true Israel, (olive), enables access direct to the Oracle, at the moment of His completed work on the cross of Calvary indicating His high priesthood.  The veil across the entrance to the Holy of Holies (oracle) in Herod's Temple was rent from top to bottom at that moment.  Had Messiah been accepted at Acts 28:28, He would have returned, the new larger Temple built, and Christ as High Priest, together with Jehovah Zebaoth dwelling in Jerusalem; and their name as one (Zech. 6:13 & Zech. 14:9).  

The sacrificial death of Christ as the "True Olive" released the Truth of the Oracle to all people and Nations which should have occurred through first Israel (the green olive).  The Truth released is that the God (Elohim) of the Jews (Jehovah), is the One True God, with the associated implications, for all men and women who then would embrace it (see Rahab in Joshua 2).  Latterly, (and currently), the Truth is Christ Himself, and alone, in this Dispensation, (Age). 

Psalms 52:8.      Here David, who is a type of Messiah (Christ), describes himself as "a green olive tree".  The green or verdant aspect indicates healthy flourishing condition.  Verses 1-7 of the Psalm undoubtedly refers to Saul, who here is a type of Satan.  David at this stage is in the presence of Jehovah awaiting his Kingship, and is a type of the "true Olive" (Christ) awaiting His Kingship as Priest King in Millennial. 

Jer. 11:16.      Jehovah here reminds Israel of their first estate "a green olive", and in the same verse the desolation He is bringing on it.  The reasons are given in the whole Chapter, and oft repeated in the Old Testament. 

Hos. 14:6.      Jehovah describes Israel on returning to HIM.  The reference to the beautiful olive tree indicated the return of Jehovah to the central place of His people’s life and lives, with the outward characteristics. 

Hagg. 2:19.      Vivid reminder that the vine, olive and fig, did not fruit. 

Rom. 11:17-24.      Warning to Gentile believers by Paul, not to despise Israel (olive) because they are broken (without oracle), and not to make the same mistakes as them.



The original olive was first Israel (Jer. 11:16), full of promise, and planted by Jehovah.   As Scripture uses oil anointing frequently for service and healing, if Israel had honoured Jehovah and served Him faithfully that would have been their oil of service to Him, and would have resulted in blessing to mankind. 

The Oracle (the Holy of Holies in the Temple etc.) were Jehovah's utterances and His presence was among them, from which they always benefited.  Their religious service to Him, at its best could be described as fruiting, or olive and oil.  Therefore the olive when used to represent Israel in Scripture, could be described as religious Israel. 

It is clear that olive trees represent servants (Zech. 4) and oil, the empowering by the Holy Spirit, and on both counts Israel was an abject failure.  However, in psalm 52, David as a type of Messiah awaits his Kingdom, as does Christ now, for Millennium. 

It is interesting to note that after the flood inundation, the first sign of life Noah receives is a "newly sprouted olive"!  This is probably a sign that after the inundation of Israel the next time, the newly sprouted olive, "the remnant", together with resurrected ones of Israel will be the nucleus of the new Nation of Israel.  It is also significant that in Ezk. 11:23 Jehovah left the Earth via. the Mount of Olives, and that Messiah will return to Earth via. the Mount of Olives (Zech. 14:4).  It is the writers opinion that Israel lost its olive status at the time Jehovah departed, and they will regain it when Christ returns to "save the remnant".  

The fruit of the trees, fig, vine, and olive are what Scripture concentrates on.  The fact that the Holy Spirit in Scripture uses these three symbols relative to Israel, is due to their well-known use in the area of the Promised Land.  When a tree did not fruit after due care and attention by its keeper, it was and is destroyed.  The use of the fruits, vine - grapes - wine, olive - oil, fig - food, and the many variations thereof, are all for food, healing, light, anointing, gladness etc.  

All these were promised to Israel and if they kept themselves to Jehovah, to His commands and away from the Canaanite peoples and their pagan gods and ways.  The fact that Israel was not faithful led to their demise (Lo-Ammi) until a yet future date (Millennial), and the fruits of their blessing could not flow out to the Nations.  When they are re-adopted, (Ammi) their own true blessing and that of the surviving Nations will begin. 

Judges 9:8-14

The Fig tree in Scripture represents “The National Privilege of Israel”.

The Olive tree in Scripture represents “The Religious Privilege of Israel”.

The Vine in Scripture represents “The Spiritual Privilege of Israel”. 

Bramble Isa. 9:14.   This they chose. 

This is prophetic of the false Nation under the rule of the Antichirst, which will devour the Nation.


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