New Heaven and Earth



Question:  Is the "new Heaven and Earth" which Isaiah spoke about in Isaiah 65:17,  the same "new Heaven and Earth" that John saw in Revelation 21:1?


There is considerably differing opinion on this point!

My own view is that Isa. 65:17 refers to the “refurbished” Earth, after the “Great Tribulation” (Jacob’s Trouble); when Almighty God makes the Earth habitable again for the survivors, and particularly His Chosen people the Jews, who have just experienced the events of Zech.12:10, and are in a state of “salvaged”, as promised by God through His prophets!

The surviving Gentiles (⅓ of the previous population) will also be in a state of potential regeneration because the Earth will be more able to easily support their numbers.

Satan is “bound” and imprisoned in the “bottomless pit”, so that all the actions of mankind are to their own account, which will be dealt with promptly.

This period of time, known as the “Millennial”, or “God’s Kingdom on Earth”, is for a specific purpose, and it is noticeable that “Satan is released” at the end of 1000 years from his imprisonment “to again deceive the nations”!

The Rev. 21:1 “new Heaven and a new Earth” has no sea, and as we all know all existing life is dependent on the Earth’s oceans!

It is therefore implicit that “life” in the described “new Earth” is a spiritual existence, corresponding with 2Peter 3:13, Rev. 21 and 22!

The New Jerusalem “descends from Heaven prepared as a bride for her husband” (Israel; see Old Testament statements re. Israel’s unfaithfulness, summarised in Malachi).

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