Nephilim, who were they, and why?

Discussions are conducted occasionally, however quite infrequently, on the subject of Nephilim.  Usually the subject is raised by a new Christian (Christ-One), after coming across the subject of giants in Scripture, and seeing the references in Genesis 6:2-4, and also others in the Old Testament, (OT).  

In Gen.15, Abram is told by Almighty God the lands He will give to him and his seed.  Some or all of the people named in verses 18 to 21 are considered Nephilim and had to be displaced by Israel at a later date, when they took possession of those lands under the leadership of Joshua. 

To treat the subject seriously, three main questions need to be addressed.

1) Who were they?

2) How and why were they produced?

3) Are they still on Earth?

Who were/are they?

In the earliest reference to them, and using only Christ Authenticated Scripture, in Gen. 6:2, "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them women of all that they chose".

The statement, "sons of God", has been, and is much discussed, as to meaning.  As on occasions the term "angels" are interchangeable with "sons", and the original Hebrew can be either word, according to context.  In the case of Gen. 6:2, the Septuagint translates "angels", (the PshittA translates "sons of God" looked on the "daughters of human beings", see: Ancient Aramaic Manuscripts, Pshitta O and A:).  This states that the "sons of God" were not human!

In the case of Adam, he is described as "a son of God", (Luke 3:38); (see Companion Bible, page 1441); so by implication all angels are created beings, by Almighty God!

This means that either in the form of angels, or other form, they took human women, and had children by them!  The implications of this, is that they could procreate at will, after they became Satan’s servants; and did so!  The fact of their free-will, is borne out by the accounts in Revelation, showing that one third of all angels follow Satan (Rev. 12:4)!

Resulting from those relationships, the creatures that were born, (Gen. 6:4) were called "Nephilim".  The KJV translates to the word "Giant", but the Hebrew is "nephiyl", which is from the root "napha"”, which means (“to fall")!  This means that the Angelic act of procreation, was in their case a fallen act, as they were using their free-will outside the scope given to them by God; but mandated by Satan, as god of the Earth! 

As they mated with human women, they clearly were human or near human sized; however their offspring were large in size, both male, female and children, and called Nephilim, which has been confirmed archaeologically; see listings on Google. 

So, the "sons of God", (angels), had progeny by human women, which were fallen creatures.  Fallen from what, is the main question?  Jude 6 states; "And the angels that kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgement of the great day".

So, by their own free-will, they left their own habitation!  There are of course many interesting points and material for discussion in this statement from the Word of God, but sufficient for the subject in hand to say that what they did, was not within the Will of Almighty God, and that they had the free-will to decide, and that they had a sphere of activity, and dwelling, which was their own. 

The Nephilim were of great size, according to much evidence, between 9ft. to 15ft. even over 30ft. tall, of great strength and prowess of all sorts, which would have been daunting to ordinary humans.  The tombs of the Marduk kings of Babylon were approx.14 ft. in length, which together with other evidences from Scripture, such as Goliath, shows the size and physical power of these creatures.  It has been speculated that the Greek Mythology writings, were probably originated from their existence; and their remains have been uncovered in Greece, and many other Countries.  Some are hoax; but others not! 

It has also been speculated that they may still exist in smaller size.  The reason for this idea, is that both King Saul and King David, did not eliminate them completely, as they had been ordered to do, by Almighty God!

The order from God to eliminate Nephilim, has been misunderstood by many Bible Scholars, Christians, and Bible teachers, as it seems to conflict with “a God of Love”!

When the order was given, it was understood by the great men of God, what was at stake, and who they were to kill!  In today’s world, even though men kill many more than the Biblical slaughter of Nephilim, many people hold up their hands in horror at the 'Just' request of Almighty God, and use the Biblical account as reason to criticise God, and to ridicule Christ-Ones, (Christians); because they are ignorant of the evil spiritual forces at play under the control of Satan, at present!

The land promised by God to the Jews, was populated by various tribes.  The Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaims, Amorites, Girgashites, and Jebushites.  These were all termed "Canaanites", and had spread from Babylon into Canaan and elsewhere, possibly after the Babylonian Priesthood removed to Anatolia (Pergamum).

They were known collectively variously as; Anakim, Rephaim, Emim, Horim, Zamzummim, and Avim.  They had infiltrated the local tribes with their seed, and also their abominable pagan practices, and sexual perversions.  These were invariably practiced in their “high places", and "groves", which are the euphemisms used by the translators.  It is interesting to note that sexual perversion of all kinds, specifically forbidden by Almighty God, were used in the takeover of the local tribes, and also latterly, the corruption of Israel, (see: Ezk. Chps. 20-25).

The question as to whether they still exist on a smaller physical scale, is undetermined, but there are vague clues to that possibility.  It is a fact that the populations of the world “downsize” to an average over time, but the more important question is why they existed/exist?  The last verse of Zechariah,14:22, speaks rather strongly in this context, "and in that day there shall be no more the Canaanite (Nephilim?) in the house of the Lord of Hosts"!  (Note the statement is "house", not land)!

As this statement is made in the context of the yet future glorious Millennial Kingdom, it may speak the answer to the last question!  

Why were they produced?

This is the most interesting point, from the aspect of understanding Scripture, and the plan of Almighty God.

After the successful temptation of Eve (Adam), at Eden, Sin entered the scene/World.  See: Eve and Adam.    

From that point onwards, all mankind was/is subject to the death of the flesh, the First death.

It is implicit in Genesis, that there has been previous Creation/s.  We are given no detail on these, but recent worldwide discoveries tend to back up this idea.  See: Old Strange Relics Ignored by Science: (By Dr. J.R. Jochmans, Litt.D.) and "The Genesis 1:1 Enigma".

Gen. 1:9-10 shows the world at the "Gondwana and Pangea" stage, and was first commented on by Antonio Snider in AD 1859.  Also Science now accepts that 'Continental Drift' was initially at a much faster rate than presently recorded (1"- 3"/ year); and initially was probably at "a man's slow walking pace"; quickly slowing to todays 6-12"/year.  It is estimated that 'Drift' started approx. between 500 - 180 million years ago, and that fossil remains are similar world-wide on many Continents; including giant humanoids!

These discoveries, and many others have been hidden and ignored by Scientific Institutions and Governmental Authorities; so as not to interfere with the teaching of Evolution.  A particular accusation is made against the American Smithsonian Institute in this regard, but thus far it has denied complicity.


The Smithsonian Institute was subject to a Supreme Court action in 2014, that ruled in 2015 that documentation of the destruction of thousands of Ancient humanoid giant skeletal remains in the 1800s be “declassified”.  The destructive actions were “apparently” taken, to not conflict with the new Evolution "Theory" of Charles Darwin, and others.  The age of the remains is so destructive of Darwin’s theory embodied in his book “Origins of Species”, that Governments and Scientific Authorities conspire to “Deny and Destroy” the conflicting evident at the time.  They have since denied their destructive actions; but are now not believed by the world’s educated populous.

Their actions are made worse by the many further finds of very Ancient giant humanoid fossils on all Continents, including recently Australia!

It is clear from Scripture, that God Almighty has only the objective of relating to a people, His own Creation, in Love, the like of which is almost impossible for us to understand!

It is also clear from The Word, that God is opposed in this Plan, by one of His own Creation, Satan, who, is recorded in Scripture as the most magnificent of all God’s creatures; and states in Scripture, that "he would be as God"; i.e.: he (Satan) wishes to usurp God!

In the drama that unfolds from Eden, the contest, for such it is, sees Satan constantly trying to gain advantage over what he perceives as the Plan of God to salvage a group of human beings, for fellowship and relationshipby their own will; both short term and more importantly, long term, in Eternity!

Most of the world’s peoples are aware of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and the various teachings relating to that event.  But, very few are aware of the background leading up to that momentous occasion! 

Satan’s apparent success in Eden, at the very beginning of this human Creation.  See: Age of the Earth Controversy: seems to set the scene for the downfall, irretrievably, of mankind. 

However, as soon as 'The Fall' in Eden had taken place, God states a solution to the failure of humans under temptation by Satan, and therefore their sin nature, and sinning; this same solution also defeating Satan!  (See: Satan's Demise!). 

In Gen. 3:15, God declares that Satan’s actions with Adam and Eve were to have consequences: "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her Seed; It shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His Heel".  (It is important to note that the Promise is via the "seed of the woman", not the seed of the man)!

The seed of the woman is here prophesied to deal a deadly blow to the aspirations of Satan!  This "seed" is none other than Jesus The Christ, who is the seed of Mary, conceived by the Holy Ghost.  (His Birth, Luke 1:26-38); Death, and Resurrection, were at that stage yet to be revealed in more detail.

Satan at that stage planned to prevent the “Seed of the woman”, all the way from Eve to Mary the mother of Jesus, from coming to fruition.

At the stage of the prophecy Satan only knew of "The Seed", so he decided to try to corrupt all seed from Eve onwards, via the use of "fallen angels", who were/are at his bidding, and the result was Nephilim!

So successful was Satan's strategy, that God states in Gen. 6:9, that only Noah and his family were free from Satan’s corruption of the Adamic seed!  The word translated "perfect" in the AV, should be translated  "without blemish", (as to breed or pedigree).  The Hebrew word used is 'tamim'.

The well-known flood account, was the follow through, which killed all the Nephilim infiltrated humans, approx. 1000 years after Eden.

When it became known that the "seed" was to be through the line of Abraham, a further eruption of Nephilim took place (Gen. 6:4).  The object of Satan on this occasion was to populate Canaan ahead of the "children of Israel", (Gen.12:6), and so to contest for the "Promised Land" (Gen. 15:15-21), and if possible again corrupt the "Seed line", and also divert the Israelites from adherence to the One True God, Jehovah, (Isaiah 45:18-19)!

In Gen. 21:12, Jehovah (God in Covenant relationship with Israel), makes known that His promise and Seed will be through Isaac.  In that knowledge, Satan immediately endangers Isaac’s life, but the "faith" of Abraham, is established in his trust of God!

The following is a list of some of the attempts of Satan after that, to destroy the seed of the chosen family, Jacob:

By famine, Gen. 50:20.

The destruction of the male line in Israel, Ex. 1:10,15, Ex. 2:5 & Hebrews 11:23.

The destruction of the whole Nation, in Pharaoh’s pursuit, Ex.14.

When it was known that King David’s line was to be the line of Messiah, (2Sam. 7), Satan attacked the Dynasty repeatedly, without success! 

There are many more examples of the Satanic attacks on the Royal Line, all the way up to Mary the mother of Jesus, and her newborn, but as shown in the Gospels, they were thwarted, so that her Child, Jesus the Christ, could fulfil His mission, and go to the Cross of Calvary; (to be raised up for mankind to look upon and be saved (Num. 21:8-9)!

Jesus, (Jehoshua) as he was to be called, by order of the angel to Mary, means; "The Salvation of Jehovah", or "Jehovah the Saviour".

Mary, as is well known, did not conceive Jesus by her husband Joseph, but by the Holy Spirit of God Himself, (Matt. 1:18 & 23); and as in this case only the Father’s blood is in Jesus; His blood shed on Calvary is God the Father's blood!

We see now the fruition of the preservation of the "Seed of the woman", as promised in Gen. 3:15, in the Blood Sacrifice of Christ Jesus!

We know that "God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life" John. 3:16. 

So, the preserved Seed of Eve, by the dint of the Love of Almighty God’s action of Self Sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary, has become the "Way of Salvation", for all who will receive it, as a Gift, not for the "worthy", as none are worthy, but by "The Grace of Almighty God"!

Nephilim in the Future?

It is conjectured by some commentators, that the effort of Satan via Nephilim is not yet finished, and that attempts to annihilate Israel will be made prior to, and at the end of Millennial by the use of Nephilim.  This speculation is referred to by Charles Welch in his book 'This Prophecy'; in particular referring to Rev. 20:7-8 which describes Satan’s release from bondage, and his new deception of the Nations "Gog and Magog"!  (See: Gog and Magog).  

He also refers to Deut. 3:1-13, which showed Og king of Bashan, king also of his own brood of giants (Deut. 3:13), as being used by Satan to try to stop the fledgling Nation of Israel.

Mr. Welch shows that at each critical period of the formation and/or continuation of the Jewish Nation, Satan’s people (whether Nephilim or not) are prominent in the attempts to thwart Israel.

Restored and converted Israel in Millennial are singing to God in Isa. 26, and they refer to Nephilim:

In Isa. 26:14, "They are dead, they shall not live"; they are *Rephaim (Nephilim), they shall not rise:

*This is the corrected translation of the A.V., which uses the word "deceased", instead of Rephaim!

This again links Rephaim to Gog and Magog! 

He refers also to Numbers 24:7, where Balaam refers to Israel’s ascendency in the Millennium, "And his King shall be higher than Agag, and his Kingdom shall be exalted".  Mr. Welch makes the point here that the Samaritan Text reads "Agog" instead of Agag, and that the Septuagint gives "Gog".  Dr. Bullinger makes the same points.  On the assumption that these verses do indeed refer to the future, of which there seems little doubt, then serious consideration must be given to the inclusion of Nephilim in the end Age events at end of Millennial.  (1000 years after the 2nd Advent of Christ Jesus).

A further point to be considered, are the words of Jesus when talking about the ‘last days’; (just prior to the Millennial, Matt. 24:37-39).  Here, Jesus is talking about the conditions which will prevail again at that future time; and the careless disregard for the important things in life, such as regard for God, regard for behaviours, lack of, or deliberate disregard for the important things and questions in life.  Instead, regard for all the elements of life that Satan, as the god of this world (2Cor. 4:4) has blinded people with; including giving false gods (Religions) to satisfy them with.

If the Nephilim survive, or are reintroduced by Satan at that time in the mode of Gen. 6, then their purpose can only be to destroy Israel, which has been the purpose of Satan since their inception.  Satan’s failure to thwart the birth of Jesus, leaves him with only one option; the annihilation of Israel, see: Satan's Motivation:  

As Gog and Magog are prominent in plain Bible quote, particularly in Ezk. 38 and 39, before the Millennial and at its end, there is clearly a meaning for their prominence.  Dr. Bullinger gives lucid comment in Ezk. 38 etc., and a brief but lucid description of Nephilim in Appendix 25 of the Companion Bible. 

If the Nephilim theory is correct in the future as in the past; then the statement in Zech. 14:21, "there shall be no more the Canaanite in the house of the Lord of Hosts", may have special significance!  As Nephilim collectively were known as "Canaanites", that verse implies that they may have at some stage infiltrated the Priesthood of Israel, and also corrupted the original "Biblical Torah"!  (See: Changes Made To The Old Testament).  This comment certainly seems confirmed by Jesus when addressing the Pharisees in John 8:44, where He states you are of your father the devil”!  (This is the verse that the great Martin Luther mistakenly used to condemn all Israel; instead of  just the Pharisees)! 

This could have been pre. or post the Babylonian Captivity, as the children of Israel did mix with the surrounding Nations, and under Ezra they had to try to cleanse their bloodline. 

This then would show more of the scope of our Lord’s cleansing work, because as He had created the solution to the "Fall" of Adam at the cross of Calvary; He also will deal with all Gog and Magog via. Michael and his angels at the end of Millennial, and then hand the "Finished Work" to God the Father, as a major part of the dealing with the "Mystery of Iniquity" (2Thess. 2:7). 

See also: Noah and the Cursing of Canaan. 

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