Millennium Reign Requirements, Revelation Chapter 15 


NOTE: This tumultuous time, with its events prophesied repeatedly in the O.T., and here described in details (many yet to be understood), gives repeated clarity as to the roles of Moses and the Lamb!  The seven angels with the last 7 plagues for Earth and the Nations.  The same also singing the praise of Moses; the Lamb of God; and Almighty God; the Author and Finisher of the Plan to deal with and Conquer Satan's work.  The effect and result in/on mankind on Earth (Chapter 18) and Satan's effect in Heaven, in converting one third of all Heaven's Angels to his evil cause, of self-aggrandisement and power!        



And I saw another sign in Heaven, great and marvellous, (a)seven angels having the (b)seven last plagues; (c)for (because) in them is filled up the wrath of God.

(a)“Seven”, the perfect number spiritually.  The hall-mark of the Holy Spirit’s work.  He is the author of God’s Word.  He is the Author and Giver of life, (Comp. App. 10).

(b)“Seven last plagues”.  (See 9:20).  Seven again! Which occurs 54 times in Revelation. (Comp. App. 197).

(c) Dr. Bullinger comments; "this is the completion of the (Covenant of marvels)", which Jehovah stated to Israel in Exodus 34:10. The word "for" or "because", gives the meaning last, or completion.      



And I saw as it were a sea of (a)glass mingled with fire: and (b)them that had gotten the victory over the beast, over his image, (c)#and over his mark, #and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the (d)harps of God.

(a)(See 4:6) & (see Ezk. 10).  This time however fire is also mentioned.  This may be an ominous sign for Earth’s inhabitants, who are about to experience the wrath of Jehovah Zebaoth!  (See 14:18).

(b)Victory over the beast"; see earlier Chapters and “Overcomers”.

(c)#And over his mark;” #  this statement is not included in the best of the translations.  The Church of England have translated it “and over his mark”, which assumes they have been marked!  The inference is erroneous, misleading, and contradictory to The Word, i.e. Rev. 14:11. The correct inference is given by Interlinear, J.N. Darby, R.V.S., Moffat (Kiddle), Dr. Bullinger (Rev. Comp.) and NKJV to name a few, who did not have Church/ state dogma to satisfy!  The Authorised translators in A.D. 1611, may not have understood that their rendering showed their lack of understanding of Revelation.  However, that lack of sincere effort to seek to understand prevails today!

(d)Harps of God”;  much ridiculed by mankind in the media!  The “harps” are clearly unique and can produce the sound acceptable to God, with the song of Moses”! 



And they sing (a)the song of Moses (b)the servant of God, and (c)the song of the Lamb, saying (d)Great and marvellous are His works, Lord God Almighty; (e)just and true are Thy ways, (f)Thou King of Nations.


(g)Who shall not fear O Lord, and glorify Thy name?  (h)for Thou only art holy:  (k)for all nations shall come and worship before Thee,  (m)for Thy judgements were made manifest.

(a) The song of Moses”; (see Deut. 31:19-22 & 32:1-44).  These wonderful words, for and against Israel, in prophetic mode, and are just before Moses died, and at the end of their “40 years wanderings”.  Moses’ successor Joshua, then led the Jews into “the Promised Land”. Joshua is the Hebrew for the Greek Jesus, and he is about to save his people Israel, (which is a pre-curser of the ultimate saving and leading of Israel as foretold in O.T., and Revelation).  He will lead them/establish them in their Promised Land, to the borders promised by God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  (Not achieved at that time, and yet to be)!

(b)Servant”;  (see Exodus).  The Greek is "bondservant or slave"!

(c)The Lamb”; “of God which takest away the sins of the world”, (John 1:29).  The same “Lamb”, as (Rev. 13:8, and many other references).  “The song of the Lamb”, (see Rev. 5:9).  Clearly the two songs are related and linked to Israel's/Gentile deliverance as "Overcomers", (Rev. 7:14, Psm. 86:9-12, Isa. 66:15-16-23, Zeph. 2:11 & Zech.14:16-17 etc.).  This servant suffered, knowing full well the cost.  (See Gethsemane Matt. 26:38-39).

(d)Great and marvellous are Thy works, Lord God Almighty”; the remarkable witness to the “Song of Moses”, and  “the song of the Lamb”, being jointly exulted at this point, shows the near completion of the plan on Earth of Jehovah for His people!  This also augers the near formation of “the ideal Israel", "JESHURUN”.  What Moses could not achieve, the Lamb did/will, coming as he did “to the lost sheep of Israel”, (Matt. 15:24).  (The blessing for the “Body”, i.e. the True Church) came as a result of Israel’s rejection of Christ (Acts 28:28), and they are taken from the Earth prior to the wrath of God on Earth.  The perfect plan of Jehovah Zebaoth is praised by the singers.  Moses gave the Law (Sinai), Jesus (The Lamb) confirmed it as God's standard but showed that He, Jesus Messiah (the Second Adam) was to fulfil what the first Adam could not, (1Cor. 15:22-45).

(e) “Just and true are Thy ways”; until this point no one on Earth can know this about Almighty God, although people of THE FAITH (i.e. the Body) know it in faith The Earth at this point is soon to experience the direct rule of CHRIST/JEHOVAH and HIS TRUTH and JUSTICE.

(f) “Thou King of Nations:” this event following the beginning of  “The Day of The Lord”, is repeatedly prophesied and predicted throughout the Old Testament writings, and also in the New Testament, especially by Jesus Christ, and the apostle Paul.  When it takes place, with the throne in Jerusalem with Satan doomed to 1000 years in captivity, the rule of man is over.  The rule of God through Christ will have perfect justice and fairness which has never yet happened on Earth!  The question is, why will justice be needed in the Millennial Reign period?  Because man’s sin nature is still in place.  They will still transgress, but Satan cannot be the cause or the blame during this period. Therefore, man’s fall at Eden is being dealt with, and the curse imposed at that time is not removed until the end of the Millennial Reign, (Rev. 22:3), and the justice meted out will be swift, precise, and Divine Such has never been the case on Earth yet, and will lead all who live on Earth to understand and know (Jehovah’s) meaning for the words fairness and justice; and those in Heaven (Heavenly Creation), to see that original sin (Eden), and sin incarnate (Satan), are succumbed to the Perfect Love of Jehovah Zebaoth, and His Justice.

(g)“Who shall not fear O Lord, and glorify Thy Name”; who will not stand in awe, and revere Him, and glorify His Name?  Who indeed? (Fear , Grk. "phobeo", Strs. 5399 = "to be in awe of, to revere".  This derived from "phobos", Strs. 5401 = "to be afraid etc.").  The C. of E. translators probably used the wrong word to reinforce the motive, of King James in C. of E. Kingship control of the then fearful populace!  (I.e. The divine Right of Kingship).

(h) “For Thou only art holy”; this reference to The Almighty as the only “holy” entity is confirmed by Interlinear Str. No. 3741. This of course raises questions as to other Heavenly Creation of which we have no knowledge.

(k)“For all Nations shall come and worship before Thee”; this requirement will be throughout the 1000 years Millennial Reign.  (See O.T. prophets).  If it is not done, sanctions will be instigated against the offending country, (i.e. rain will be stopped).  In the case of Egypt, who do not have rain, they will receive plagues. (See Zech. 14).

(m)“For Thy judgements were made manifest”.  The power of Jehovah Zebaoth made clear in the events of His wrathful dealings with resistant rebellious mankind, and His unequivocal dealing with Satan, and his followers; these have every reason to fear (Grk. phobos) the Almighty, see Chp. 14 : 11, and special note!



(a)And after that I looked and the Temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in Heaven was opened:


(b)And the seven angels came out of the Temple having the seven plagues, clothed with precious stones pure and bright, and having their breasts girded with golden girdles. 


(c)And one of the four Zoa gave unto the seven angels seven golden vials full of the wrath of God, Who liveth for ever and ever. 


(d)And the Temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from His power; and (e)no man was able to enter into the Temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled.

(a)This place clearly of special importance, and its contents “tabernacle of the testimony”.  The “testimony”,  (Str. No.3142, derived from 3144 Greek MARTUS which renders, “martyr”, “witness”, “record”).  The Greek (3144)  MARTURION, renders “something evidential”, “evidence”, “to be testified", "testimony", “witness”.  All of this is easily seen as the record of martyred men and women of God through the Ages, whose testimony and evidence, together with that of the ultimate martyr, Christ Jesus, (see Matt. 21:33-34),  triggers the seven last plagues of the Wrath of God on rebellious human kind!   

(b)These same angels as 15:1, 16:1 and 17:1.  They already have the last seven plagues, but that is about to be augmented with the “wrath of God” (next verse).  "The precious stones", is from the ancient texts, and is consistent with the description of angel adornment in God's Word, (see Dan. 10:6 & Ezek. 28:13). 

The adornment in Heavenly angelic terms, undoubtedly has special meaning in the service of the Almighty.  The C. of E. translators again in error, they translate "clothed in pure and white linen", which gives the impression of connection to the "multitude" of Chp. 7:9. 

The golden girdle speaks of Divine strength and purity, as do the vials (bowls) in the next verse. 

(c)The Zoa (translated beast by C. of E. Authorised A.D. 1611), the text does not say which one.

(d)The imagery of this section indicated the intense event for Almighty Jehovah Zebaoth!  The fact that it lasts until the seven plagues are fulfilled has an intensity and depth impossible for man to understand or fathom.  The long suffering of Almighty God towards His creatures is unimaginable!  

The word translated “power”, (Greek DUNAMIS), Str. No. 1411 translated; “force”, “miraculous ability”, "mighty worker of miracles", “power”, “strength”, "violence"!!

(e)The words “any man”, should be translated no one”, (Int. Str. No. 3762) and translates, “not even one”, (man woman or thing), “none, nobody, nothing”, etc.    

The fact that The Almighty remains alone, and that the Temple in Heaven is so affected can only give us a clue as to the emotions of Jehovah Zebaoth! 


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