Many ways to God

Extracts and comments from Revelation Chp. 14:5(a)




And in their mouth was not found (a)the lie: for they are without fault. 

(a) "The lie"; the A.V. translates "no guile".  The Interlinear manuscript Str. number (1388) renders "to decoy", "to trick", "deceit", "guile", "subtlety", from a root word (Str. 1185) "to entrap", "delude", "allure", "beguile", "entice".  Dr. Bullinger gives  "was not found the lie", his deduction from Ancient texts.  The N.I.V. has "no lie".  J.N. Darby "no lie".  R.S.V. "no lie".  Revised Authorised "no guile".

Almost everybody who knows of these 144,000 believe that the A.V. "no guile" means that they are just innocent and clean. The writers however are of no doubt that Dr. Bullinger is the most accurate translation, i.e. the lie”. 

Our Lord confirmed that Satan is "the father of lies", (John 8:44), see: Father of Lies John 8:44 and has sought from Eden, since the "foundation/overthrow" of the world, starting with Eve, to pervert and thwart the Loving purpose of Jehovah God.  That purpose is to Redeem mankind, whom He loves (John 3:16), to establish Israel (The Bride), to conquer and destroy Satan and his demons, and to eventually usher in the perfect state, (see notes Chps. 11 and 12). 

So “the lie”; that is, Satan’s great deception, is not in these specially selected 144,000 men; who are (V4) “redeemed by Jesus”; NKJV! 

However, the lie goes on.  It has continued from Eve in various forms, and usually men and women find the lie attractive in the form it is presented in their own life time.  Instead of trusting, studying and teaching the Truth as God the Holy Spirit gives in the Bible, it is perverted, modified etc., to suit the feelings, dogmas, motives and perversions of fallen mankind.  The most prevalent currently is "there are many ways to God".  This one appeases the world religions (all of Babylon), and even the pastors, preachers, vicars etc. in the Western world are now exhorted by their colleges, seminaries etc., "not to create waves", by preaching Christ crucified, and the only way of Salvation, (Acts 4:12 and elsewhere).  See: Acts 4:12.  This is "the current lie", and it, and the one described above is not in the 144,000 of the 12 tribes of Israel, who were sealed in Chp. 7! 


Special Note:

The A.V. finishes V.5; "before the throne of God".  The Ancient texts do not have this.  It is also excluded by JN Darby, NIV, and RSV and NKJV, however the Textus Receptus used by the King James translators includes it.   


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