Life Spans!




Why did Noah etc. live so long!



Yes; as you can see from reading Genesis, people lived near to 1000 years!

That seems impossible to the human mind; which is where so much of humanity falls down in its faulty logic, which is fallen human logic!

The Genesis Age was still near to the events of Eden, which was a new start, and a new “creature” event, propagated by Almighty God, following the fall of Lucifer.

Because of the “fall” of Adam (he carries the responsibility), sins affect in the world of humans, etc. is to shorten life spans, due to failure of (age).

Thermodynamics dictates that “all matter is degrading”.  “The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that "in all energy exchanges if no energy enters or leaves the system, the potential energy of the state will always be less than that of the initial state".  This is also commonly referred to as entropy.

As you will have seen (I hope); as you progress through the Bible (prayerfully), Almighty God makes declarations re. the life span of humans.  IE> at present the average age is 70 + years.  Because the above Rule/s are under the control of Almighty God through Christ Jesus, they are part of the “warfare” between God and Satan!

This simple example above is the reason Jesus came to Earth “at the end of the Ages” (Heb.9:26–28); to deal with sin, save many from eternal death (and defeat Satan); as the “second Adam” (1Cor.15:45).

During the “Millennial” period (probably soon to be), there will be a return to hundreds of years life spans (Isa. 65:20); and a child will die at 100 years old, partly because Satan is imprisoned, and the world population will be approx. ⅔ reduced.  There is much happening during that period see: Millennial Purpose.

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