Lamb's Wedding Feast


How do we explain Matthew 22:14?



It must be remembered that when Jesus spoke here, he was talking To the Jews (“I am sent only to the lost sheep of Israel”) Matt.15:24.

This was the case throughout His whole Ministry!

That did not change until Paul took over in Acts.

That explains the question above from Matt. 22:14.

What is being referenced by Jesus in all the verses from Matt. 22:1 to 14, is the wedding feast of the Lamb, (which is now yet future, see Rev.19), because as the Bride, Israel refused the Bridegroom (Jesus), finally at the end of Acts (Acts 28:25–28)!

At that stage, Paul declared the prophecy of Isa. 6:9–10; which placed the Jews in the position of Lo-Ammi, (not My people), as per. the prophecy of Hos.1 and 2!

All the Jews were invited to the “wedding feast”, (many called), but few chosen; which will not transpire until the time of Zech.12:10; which will be the beginning of the “chosen”, fulfilled in Rev.19!


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