Lake of Fire



Question:  What do you understand by the concept “Lake of Fire” in the Bible?


Rev. 20:14. “And death and Hell (the grave) were cast into the Lake of Fire.  This is the Second Death, (the Lake of Fire).

As can be seen above, the bracketed words are the correct translation.

I.E. “and death and the grave were cast into the Lake of Fire. The Lake of Fire is the Second Death.

This gives clearer understanding and meaning and clears up much miss- teaching.

Regarding the “Second Death”:

When Eve, then Adam partook of that forbidden fruit, they unlocked the forbidden knowledge, and became subject to death, which brought on the "Curse" of God to Eve, and the ground cursed for Adam; but also the Promise of Gen. 3:15.  That is all about Christ, and Salvation through Him, which Satan has since been combating, using his lie to Eve "surely you will not die" part of which is the myth of the immortal soul!  Satan saw also that if Gen. 3:15 came to fruition; he also would be subject to God’s Judgement and Punishment as shown in Rev. 20.  That Judgement etc. will be the result of God’s Love; See: Satan's Demise!

In Scripture, the Bible; the spirit is the activating and God given force in all people, whether Christian or not; (Gen. 2:7).

However, the "spirit of life" is added by the "Spirit of Christ" at conversion to Christ!  This goes to be with Christ at death in the writers view (Acts 7:59).  This is the profound difference between the true Christian, and those that reject Jesus the Christ!

The non-Christian's "spirit of life", goes back to the Father at death, (Ecc.12:7), to await the Judgement when reunited with the body; after the end of the Millennial Age; Rev. 20.

The "Christ Spirit" is probably vastly different in the limbo state, (that time between death and the "glorified body") to that of the unbeliever, as Christ said "God is the God of the Living, not of the dead", (Matt. 22:32, Mark 12:27 & Luke 20:38); and the New Testament describes it as “sleep” or “at rest”; as does Dan. 12:13!

In 1Thess. 3:13-18, the great Apostle Paul lucidly describes the condition of those that die in Christ Jesus.  Three times he uses the words "sleep" or "asleep" in Jesus.  In the A.V. translation the word "asleep" has been accepted, and taught by enlightened preachers for many years.  It is interesting to note the word used by the Translator of the Ancient Armenian Pshitta, which has recently been commissioned and predates the Greek translation, and the "Received Text".  He uses the word "repose" and "reposed", instead of "sleep" and "asleep". This carries the added meaning of "peace, security, rest etc.": which in the context of Christ our Lord, feels natural, when considering all His care and love for people of goodwill; as evidenced in the Gospels!  All the incidents of Jesus' love towards people are emphasized by their response to Him and His messages; even when in deep sin!

His condemnation was always reserved for those who corrupted the True Scriptures (The Word of God); and particularly the Pharisees; which is a warning to modern day Pharisees, in Churches worldwide!

The unbelievers on the other hand await "The Great White Throne Judgement", when they are Judged by Almighty God "on all they ever did", and those failing this Judgement are subject to the "Lake of Fire", (Rev. 20:14), called "the Second Death".


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